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Get Personalised Gmail Label Notifications on Android Mobile

Gmail Label NotifierIf Gmail is your primary email client that you would be going through a lot of email daily and for a better management of those mails you would be using labels. I try to keep my inbox clean with minimum unread mails and some important mails I sent it to Labels with Unread status on it.

Gmail Label Notifier

Gmail Label Notifier just gets simple as the name suggest. It gives you notification for all the labels that are not in your inbox. Once installed and setup, open the app. Now select your Google account or add another Google account and you would be taken to a menu that will show all your labels. From here select the labels for which you would be notified one by one, and then customize your settings for each label.

You can send some certain labels to blink the LED when a message to that label arrives and you can also set for vibrating the phone, playing a notification sound. So you can change your settings depending on whatever condition that you want. You will get notifications on the following types

  • Vibration pattern
  • Notification sound
  • LED color notifications
  • Icon color notifications
  • Repeat notifications
  • Override silent mode
  • Multiple account

The Gmail Label Notifier also includes customized icons in which you can select image from your gallery as your home screen widget. Also you can use a selection of normal mailbox in a multitude of colours.

To install this app on your Android device you need to make sure that you are running Gmail app for your mobile, sync enable for labels under the main Gmail application and no task killers running.

Moreover you can pick a colour for each label’s Gmail envelope.

This application is available for download at and it runs the latest version v 0.9998 for almost all the Android mobile phones regardless of their versions.

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