Gmail will now warn with a Red Question Mark if the sender is unauthenticated

Google is updating its Gmail interface which would be applied to its Web version and Android Gmail App. With the updated app, now you will be getting a big red question mark replacing the sender’s profile photo or the first letter of the sender name. This would help us to a great deal to identify the emails from Unauthenticated Users without even opening them. These days we get many emails from unknown senders, and many are not even meant for us which means they don’t even send to our email IDs particularly, but yet those mails end up in our inboxes.

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With the red question mark, we will get to know that the email is sent from an unreliable source which could be unsafe to open. As it could have a link or attachment which would further lead to unwanted sites with potential threats of exposing identity, getting malware, unwanted software and even viruses. These warnings will work as an extension, like many browsers today have the “Safe Browsing” protection built in it. Upon clicking the link, you will start seeing the warnings which would more or less look like this.

At Google’s Apps updates blog, they have mentioned that every email with the Red Question Mark may not be dangerous, but one should be careful opening such emails, or at the least should be aware of the consequences and how to resolve the issue once affected. This update will also help to make decisions while accessing the Gmail to avoid unwanted emails and to come out of the issues if you are affected.

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As per the blog, everyone will be getting this update, but gradually they will roll out the update. So in the case of the Web version of Gmail Client, it will take more than three days to see the effects, but we will get to know when it comes to the Gmail App for Android. So let us find out when you get the update and get to see these changes in the Gmail, web client.

There is also a report about Google Drive integration in the Gmail. And Gmail’s Inbox team is also working with Trello, a project management application, and GitHub, an open software collaboration platform, to improve the Email Notification system in the Inbox. If you don’t know, Gmail is experimenting many features on its Inbox app first and slowing bringing them to the original Gmail interface if they are successful.

The Gmail interface is also getting few new features, now one can drag and drop contacts between ‘to’,cc’ and ‘bcc’ while composing an email on the web version, which will help easily changing the contacts if decided to send the email as’ Blind carbon copy’ instead of ‘Carbon copy’ or ‘To’. The delete option is also getting easier to delete an email. We will update more on this once we get to experience these features. Stay tuned.

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