Google Docs on Android

There is no stand alone app pre-built into the Android operating system that allows you to directly edit Google Docs. Sure, you can jump into your browser and just edit it via your browser – however this uses up your data allowance. I am specifically referring to a method to edit your Google Docs offline. That is where GDocs steps into the fray. GDocs allows you to download, edit and upload Google Docs from your phone – yes, I know, I did say offline; it does allow you to edit the documents offline! It also allows you to view PDF files. Although it is not officially a Google app as such, it seems legit and I have used it myself so I can attest to the fact that it works and all my data wasn’t compromised when I used it. Once all of your Google Docs are downloaded you can edit them one by one in an offline manner instead of relying on being online on the Google Docs website.

Google Docs on Android

It probably isn’t the best solution for those of us who want a fully integrated cloud driven solution to altering our Google Docs while mobile – however, it works. The best solution is generally one that works and even though this one might seem a little sloppy it does add an extra element of functionality to your phone. It also doesn’t mess around in regards to eye candy and a flashy interface. The app is purely functional and is pretty easy to get your head around. You will need to insert your Google account details into the app to get the most out of it. If you can’t trust it then just use it as an editor. Just makes sure your documents are accessible without having to log into your Google account – and even if they aren’t you can just download them via a browser then open them up with GDocs.

You can add documents via the intuitive interface pretty easily. If you just want to use GDocs to sync Google Documents to your Android device then this works as well. If you have a preferred word processing app, download the document after syncing to your SD card from there you can mess around with the document and resync it using GDocs. It is a pretty flexible solution so it is not all bad. It doesn’t only allow you to upload and download word processing documents, spreadsheets and graphs – because Google Docs now has support for any file type you can use GDocs to sync any file on your phone to your Google Docs account.

So GDocs certainly has its place. Even if you are not using it as an editor – it is a great little app to pull your Google Docs off the Google Docs server for editing elsewhere. You can use it via WiFi as well so you don’t need to be directly connected to the internet with your phone to access them (as long as you have set your phone up to poach internet through a WiFi connection). It is just a nice way to get all of your Google Docs in a single place other than Google Docs itself.



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