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Google Instant comes to Android 2.2 devices

Google instant, the next gen search technology, where you don’t need to reload the google search page and it keeps suggesting you the search terms and even AJAX-refreshes itself with every alphabet you enter, has now entered the mobile devices. It was earlier limited to the desktop version of Google but now the Android and iOS device users can take the advantage of it too. For Android, its the 2.2 version (froyo) which can use it.

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Google instant works well in 3G or WiFi enabled devices, as it needs a faster internet connection and that’s not well possible in the GPRS and EDGE connections of mobile. The AJAX and HTML5 technology together prevents the reloading of page, and makes the search faster, predictive and better.
Google recognizes the software version of your phone and does not automatically switch on the Google Instant, but you can choose whether to turn Instant on or off. just go to google.com from your mobile browser and you see an option just below the search box.

Check the official video from Google, explaining more about it -

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