Rent, Watch or Buy Movies On Google PLAY Movies, Now in India – Download APK

After launching PLAY Books & Nexus 7 its time for Google Movies which arrives in India. Users in India can now rent and purchase movies in both English as well as in Hindi languages and can rent the movies for as low as Rs. 50 and buy a movie for a minimum of Rs. 190. The best part is that you can watch the movies either on Desktop or on your Mobile screen. Movies can be streamed over Wi Fi or from 3G directly from Google PLAY Store on the device or on computer by visiting the link Also, users can download movies to their Android device for offline viewing purposes.

Movies and TV shows can be downloaded on five devices at one time which are purchased from Google PLAY Movies, while movie rentals is limited for download for only one device, and when downloaded, streaming of the movie rental will be disabled on the user’s computer and any other devices. Just in case, if one removes the download of the movie rental from the device, it gets re-enabled for streaming or for downloading into any other devices. We have mentioned the screen captures of Google PLAY Movies above.

Just in case if you would like to compare the Google PLAY Movies with the Apple iTunes offerings then surprisingly some movie titles are cheaper in Apple iTunes than compared to the Google PLAY Movies. Last but not the least, after the launch of Google PLAY Books. Nexus 7 and now Google PLAY Movies it’s clear now that Google is looking at Indian market seriously and we as consumers can expect more such services which are not yet launched in India.

To access Google PLAY Movies, you can directly head over to the Google PLAY Store where you will get to see the “Movies” tab. Alternatively, you can download the Google PLAY Movies App from the below link,

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