Google’s Duo video calling app to get audio call support soon

Finally, Google is rolling out the Duo app. Though here in India I can’t find it in the Google Play Store yet, you can download it here and use it for One on One Video calling, and as stated on Google+ by Amit Fulay, Product lead of Communications for Google, Audio-only call feature is also going to be added later in a week or two. Google announced it three months ago at Google I/O 2016 event. And now it is slowly rolled out to the users worldwide. And the messaging App, Allo is at “Pre-registration” for me at Play Store, and we don’t have any news of it as of now.


Duo has a simple interface, only to have One on One Video and Audio conversations. Unlike Hangouts, it doesn’t have unnecessary extra features. So now on Hangouts can be used for business purposes as an enterprise edition. To use the Duo app, you need to register a mobile number just like WhatsApp; then you can have a Video Chat with anyone that has Duo app registered in their phone, be it Android or iOS, and of course you need an internet connection. It will be like any ordinary call to initiate the video chat instantly with just one tap. And you will have the option to customise how you want it to use. Android users will have the option to use it even if the app is not open, but iOS users need to open the app to access it. And when someone initiates a video call, you will get to see a live video feed of that person before answering it.

A protocol named as QUIC is being used in Duo which gives better video quality than other Video calling apps out there. Duo app can detect poor quality Wi-Fi network and switch to Mobile data if needed for smooth video chatting. And the Audio-only call feature which would be coming soon will be helpful in case you have limited data in your account, or having bad reception, or simply you prefer Audio calling over Video chat.

From yesterday, the SMS verification is working to register the app, though the app is not available on the Play Store yet. I am unable to install it, as my device doesn’t have a front camera, yes as it is meant for video chatting, you need a front camera to install and use the app. So download the app here by selecting a suitable one for your device and experience the Duo. Let us know here how well do you like it?

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