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Get GPS for Kindle Fire by Using Android Phone’s GPS

The Amazon Kindle Fire has brought back Amazon fame (top provider in ebook reader devices) and its now among those top-selling Android tablets though it’s not the best rated tablet in terms of features and specifications concerned. The Kindle Fire doesn’t come with A-GPS support hence you can’t use it for navigation or as a pathfinder. So does that mean that you can’t use your Kindle Fire for navigation? The direct answer would be no but there is quick fix to it. There is one ambiguous solution to it; I hope you would love to use it.

GPS for Kindle Fire will require to have two separate apps each individually installed on your Android phone and other on your Kindle Fire tablet. So that means that you should have Kindle Fire and an Android tablet and without absence of Android phone you can’t get GPS on your Kindle tablet. And although you have Android phone it should be supporting ad-hoc i.e., Wi-Fi tethering. So you need to install WiFiGPS Server for Kindle Fire on your Kindle device and GPS for Kindle Fire Android application on your Android phone. Both the application can be downloaded from Android Apps Labs.

Kindle Fire Navigation

Once you have installed both the application you need to configure it. It’s quite simple to connect your both the applications. You need to go with the following –

  • Start the program on your phone and active GPS.
  • While GPS is ON, also activate Hotspot by click on ‘Open’ on your phone.
  • Now come back to your Kindle Fire and open ‘GPS for Kindle Fire’ app, provide the IP address which is listed in the Apps windows.
  • Now open Google Maps and check whether the navigation i.e., GPS been available on your device.

Kindle Fire Navigation

So with that you would be able to use your Kindle Fire as car navigation with certain limitations as well. The problem will be, as you have your mobile phone Wi-Fi tethered, the battery will drain out quickly on your mobile phone. So, this will find limited application and moreover this will be more limited because you need to have another Android phone.


  1. The processor is extremely fast, perfect and smooth. I have not had any lag what so ever with the tablet. I play a lot of games on mine and they all run perfectly. With the original Fire the memory was partitioned but with the new device you can use all the user-available memory for anything you like; books, video, music, photos, etc. That is a huge improvement in my eyes.

  2. I personally have noticed that the Kindle Fire responds faster than the original Kindle when streaming video on websites such as YouTube. Download times are also faster than my original Kindle. Many other Kindle Fire reviews have expressed the same experience. If you bought the original Kindle and are looking for a mobile device that performs faster on the web, then upgrading to the Kindle Fire is a sure bet.

  3. No matter what I try I can’t get your app to work! I have sent you a number of e-mail messages but you haven’t replied. Please help me with this app.

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