Guide: Install Adobe Flash Player – Samsung Galaxy S

Note: Do this only if you are using the latest version of Android, i.e. 2.2 the Froyo version. The flash player won’t work with any other previous version of Android. So don’t try out any tricks to make it work.
And for the Samsung Galaxy S users, here is how you can upgrade to Froyo in Samsung Galaxy S.

One big thing to boast about, Android has got the Flash player into its devices and you can play any flash videos, any flash movies and games through the mobile devices now. And for those who have the Froyo update in their mobiles, might be already getting the taste of the flash (or you can try it out by checking for any example flash videos and see if they load in your mobile).
For those who couldn’t find it working, try installing the Flash player again. Here is how to install and use the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy S

Download the Flash Player .apk installation file from here. (the link requires a password for you to be able to download the file. Password –

Install that flash player application in your android phone, as the screenshots below show the steps that would happen in the process. The flash player gets installed and you can check it by opening any flash site or just to check if any flash videos load.

adobe flash player install android adobe flash player android installing

adobe flash player android installed

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    ihave’n this bvice in my mob

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    I’ve tried to download this flash player but it did not work with my galaxy pls…

    • NeaL Pradeep

      as of now the flash player is not supported!

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    i tried to do it for my samsung galaxy tablet, it went to the said ‘application installed’, but when i try to open a flash program, my tablet said that no program installed for this….please help…thank you

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      have you followed instructions!

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    I tried installing it and it came up wit item not installed!!

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    it doset work on my i5500 what should suppos to pls help thanx

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    drax, I did the download on the PC and then transferred to the mobile. And it worked well. So you too should do the same.

  • drax

    i tried to download the file with my samsung galaxy s but i couldn’t open it.. is it because of the download? shouldi download it from the pc first?