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How to Hard Reset Phone when you Forgot Lock Pattern

In the previous article we have gone through how to password protects your Android mobile phone with different lock options. In Lock Pattern you are asked to provide the combination of dots which are arranged in grid to unlock the device. This trend is available in the smartphones which have touchscreen input.

It’s fine if you remember which dots to use to unlock, you can get in but what if you have forgotten the lock pattern on your Android handset? But still you can have a try with the lock pattern until you remember some or atleast a part of it. Try to use the combination possible. If you have entered the wrong pattern five times then you need to wait for another 30 seconds to unlock the device.

Pattern Unlock

If you forgot you screen unlock pattern then you need to reset it. The simple procedure is mentioned below –

    1. Continue to enter the unlock pattern five times until you are prompted with forgot password (forgot pattern in some handsets) at the bottom right side of the screen.Forgot Pattern
    2. Tap on the Forgot Password option and you would be prompted to sign in with the existing Google or Gmail account information. You need to provide the ID when you first register or activated your phone. If you have that, it would be easy to get in for you and then change the unlock pattern (atleast by now you would be remembering your unlock pattern).Forgot Pattern Gmail
    3. If you don’t know the Gmail ID or the password is wrong then there is only one solution to hard reset your handset. The data present on the added SD card will not be wiped out but you would lose your personal data or information or contacts stored on your phone memory.
    4. The procedure for hard reset is mentioned clearly at Reset Android mobile.


  1. I need help to unlock my device. I set a password for it yesterday, but forgot it today. I tried plugging it to the computer via Mobogenie to download Screen Lock Bypass.

  2. I NEED HELP!!! i need to reset my haipad mid 1689 0S : 4.2, stuck on android logo. i need tha firmware. where can i get it? can anybody give mo.. thank you in advance

  3. I have tried that step on my Samsung ace S5830i because my son put a pattern and dont remember it and I can’t remember the Google adress it was set up on.

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