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Hide Picasa Web Photos from Galaxy Tab Gallery

Samsung Galaxy Tab logoThe Samsung Galaxy TAB is the tablet to go with and we have put forth 9 reasons why Samsung Galaxy TAB is the best tablet. The craze for the Android Honeycomb tablet is at its best. Since we cover most of the things related to Android we have put forth some of the basic tips while working on Honeycomb as it is still in early stage of its start. Tips like Disable Google & Facebook auto sync, customizing your Galaxy Tab, using Clipboard and Google Maps driving directions are among the few that we have gone through. Interestingly you can use your Galaxy Tab as a Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV and supports watch live TV in HD.

The Google Services covering Google Picasa, YouTube, +1, Orkut, Gmail,etc., with just one Google Account login has made possible to get all the things possible and Android powered by Honeycomb you are not far away from your personal information available to you at any time. With Sync settings in Galaxy Tab you can easily sync Calender, Contacts, Gmail and Picasa web albums with your local cache and make it available all the time. Now for some reasons you would like to stop Sync of your Picasa web albums then you can just stop that particular services whenever required. Here is the article which would explain you how would you do that on your Honeycomb powered tablet.

Hide out Picasa Web Photos in Galaxy Tab Gallery

  • From your Galaxy Tab you need to go to ‘My Apps‘.
  • From ‘My Apps‘ click on ‘Settings‘ option and then further into settings click on ‘Accounts & Sync’ option.Galaxy Tab Account and Sync
  • As soon as you open that that you would see your Gmail account sync and when you click on y our Google Account under the Data and synchronization, untick the ‘Sync Picasa Web Albums‘.Galaxy Tab Gallery
  • As soon as you do that your Gallery in Galaxy Tab will not show the Picasa Web Album pictures.

By doing the above setting you will now not see any pictures synced from Google Picasa Web Album.

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