How to Access New Android Market Place in India

New Market Place LogoSeems like Google is on an update spree as in the latest Google said that it will be rolling out the new and improved Android Market Place so that users can now get a streamline experience by which users can access all the information right on the single page itself without having to flip through different tabs for more information. Also this update is termed as a developer friendly update as the refund window period for the users which was 24 hours earlier has now been reduced to mere 15 minutes as most of the users initiate the refund process within minutes of purchasing the application.

New Market Place

Also for developers, the new file size limit has been increased to a new cap of 50 MB, this has mainly increased to encourage developers to design richer games which also indicates a good move with the start of Gingerbread. Also the, on tap support for better device targeting is now embedded to further fine tune the user experience in terms of better displays and densities.

In a recent release, Google said that it will be releasing the new Android market Place within a spread of 2 weeks but you need not wait for that much of time as the curiosity levels might have already raised to a huge level to get the same. So, here it is, you just need to download and install the New Android Market Place apk file from here into your device and there you go you have now got the new Market Place which will be rolled out in the coming weeks.

  • Power Click

    I wanted to thank you for this great read!!I have been looking for this kind of info on other blogs and none of them went into the details as you did.

  • Maverick Rox

    Automatically rolled back after installation :(

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  • Cirtex Review

    I liked the carousel view in the revised version of Android market but it has got quite slower than the previous market. Still the new market is quite good with the related apps in the app pages.