How to Auto Reply SMS & Calls on Android Phone

Cant TextAndroid Applications are helpful ways to make your work easy and this has led to quick popularity of Android. Last time we have explain about app which reads the message automatically and this time we are going with something like auto reply when you can’t answer a phone call or can’t reply to a text message.

At times I find the auto reply (generally called as Vacation ON or Vacation OFF) feature available in Gmail in which whoever sends me mail, they would be quickly notified with the a custom message set by me, that works only when I have Vacation ON turned on in my Gmail settings. I was thinking of something similar on my Android mobile phone in which I am in the middle of interview, I would like my mobile phone not to disturb me and also notify the calling party about the same. This is only possible by setting up custom reply with automatic reply to person whoever calls me or send me message at that particular time. Wait for me was over and I got the Can’t Text Android application installed on my Android device then and there itself.

Can’t Text Android App

Can’t Text is a free Android app which provides a smart way for auto replying needs to text messages and missed calls. With a simple user interface you would be able to auto reply needs.

The interface is very simple and easy looking with three buttons at the bottom makes provisions for the users to activate auto reply for text messages, missed calls or both. Enabling the auto reply for calls will lock the Ringer Volume to Zero for as long as the app is active and if suppose someone calls you or message you they will get the custom message that has messaged you or called you.

Can't Text App Can't Text App

Tapping on the current Message text field in the app will bring up the Select Message list and now you can choose from several predefined auto replies. You can also set your own custom message.

The free version of Can’t Text contains text advertisements. There is also availability of ad free paid version of this app which is available in the Android Market for $ 0.99. Download Can’t Text application for Android.

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