How to disable Update notifications in Android device

android market place logoIf you have downloaded many applications on your Android device and every time you connect to internet then you may get irritated with the constant update notifications for the downloaded applications from the Android Market place time to time.

Though some times it is not necessary to update every time till the major update comes in but if you are the one who has a limited internet plans or connectivity then its recommended that you should disable the updates. If any application doesn’t run properly and if you believe there are some bugs in it, do check and install the updates for the same. So, now let’s see that how simply you can disable the notifications easily.

Procedure to disable the update notifications:

1. First you need to open Android Market place by tapping on the application icon which is generally located in the applications.

2. Now, select the Menu key which is located in the left side and select Downloads.

3. After selecting the Downloads, again select the Menu key and select the option Notifications.

4. As soon as you tap on Notifications, all you will have to select is the Do not Notify Me radio button and finally tap on Ok to set your preferences and there you go, you have successfully disabled all the update notifications easily.

So, in just four simple steps you have successfully learnt on how to disable the update notifications in your Android device.

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