How to Increase HTC Droid Eris Battery Life

Droid Eris LogoFor all the owners of HTC Droid Eris you would surely want to know on how you can increase the battery life of your HTC Droid Eris as many of the users have reported lower battery strength. With a 3.2 inched screen and a 1300 mah of battery power company claims that it will last for 214 minutes of talk time or a standby time of a whopping 373 hours but wish it would last for such a long time. With repeated tests, even a new phone couldn’t last for such a long time as company always gives the values on ideal conditions which are ideally impossible to replicate at the user level but not to worry though we can’t increase the battery power or something like that we can optimize the usage so that we can increase the battery life of the HTC droid Eris by a fair amount of time. With such a decent power of battery life you can easily make the most out of it, so let’s proceed and see what are the things you should consider while using your phone.

Optimize the battery Power:

Basically to optimize the battery power there are several factors which needs to be considered right from the signal strength to the network configuration to the environmental temperatures to the settings and features which you select or opt as the usage pattern of every single user depends and varies a lot which in short decides the battery level or the battery pattern and not to forget the data and voice pattern too decides a lot in the battery power. To increase battery performance you can turn off Bluetooth, GPS, Mobile network, Wi-Fi, notifications and other options that you may not frequently use. You can also decrease the screen brightness, the Screen timeout time. These are just few core and important things which you need to follow to optimize the battery power.

Usage Pattern:

Like it’s mentioned that lot depends on the usage pattern, one has to ensure that the longer the use of multimedia and voice or data usage the faster will be the battery drain. So, this doesn’t mean that you should completely turn off the usage of your phone and keep the phone in the idle mode but some of the core functionalities like camera, Blue tooth, WiFi, GPS and with the use of continuous data you are sure to be at the end of battery life as with the simultaneous usage of such usage pattern the battery life tends to drain the fastest.  Many of the users have the tendency to put the phone in the full brightness mode but such usage pattern actually degrades the battery life very quickly and also its either recommended to set the brightness level to either automatic or to the minimum level as per your requirement.

Wall Papers:

We all love setting up the wallpapers which are either rich in colours or have the motion wallpapers like Live wall papers but actually this is the biggest battery drainer as what happens exactly is due to continuous motion on the screen of the Live wallpapers, the screen tends to move and hence which eats up the battery power to the maximum as it’s a continual process. Also, it’s recommended to use the darker wallpapers rather than lighter wallpapers as to glow up lighter wallpapers it will require more battery life and with darker wallpapers it requires less battery life as there’s not much to glow up in the darker wallpapers.



Also, it’s very important that you always make use of the original accessories for charging your phone like original Charger and the original battery as the duplicate accessories may even spoil your phone as the ratings are compromised with. Also, it’s not advised to charge via the USB charging as in fact this trickles the charge which is not good for the battery and always use the AC Chargers. It will take a flat 3 hours of time to charge your HTC Droid Eris, but it may take longer when you charge with the USB charger.

Use Power Widget:

With the help of the power control widget you can control host of things with just one simple widget you can control 5 different things which are Wi Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Sync and also the brightness can be controlled. If the battery is less then you need to ensure that all of these options are turned Off so that there is no way that the battery is wasted by these core features which eat up most of the battery charge.

Power control Widget

Use Smart App:

The app My Settings will give you numerous little toggle switches and let you turn auto-sync on and off easily, if you like the idea of having a whole screen full of power-saving icons. With the use of advanced and simple apps which is in the form of “My Settings” you can easily keep an eye on all the parameters which eat up the battery as you can see that with the help of an intuitive interface you can easily manage all the battery drainers right on a single screen as you can see in the below screen shot. This smart app can be easily searched and downloaded from the Android Market Place.

My Settings

No to 3G

With 3G just in place, most of the users won’t be using it, and so does if you are not the one who will not make either video calls or even access the data at 3G speeds due to higher tariff then there is no sense in choosing the 3G Good old 2G is perfect for calls and texts, so kill 3G unless you’re planning a bit of emergency web browsing on your phone. You’ll also benefit from the general feeling of increased calmness that follows naturally once you’ve stopped staring at the 3G icon every two minutes and fretting about what your mobile network connection state is. So, until and unless you are not using the 3G services, it’s not recommended to set the dual mode of network.

So, by following the above mentioned tips and tricks you can not only save on your battery life but also can experience in the increase in the overall battery life of your HTC Droid Eris. Do, let us know if you got any other tips apart from this so that other users will be benefited from those tips, do let us know about the same in comments section below.

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1 Comment

  1. Maurice Westad

    April 14, 2012 at 7:15 am

    I obtained the T-Mobile version your day it arrived on T-Mobile. Like this phone.

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