How to Increase Samsung Galaxy 3 I5801 Battery Life

Galaxy 3So, how many have you felt that there’s something wrong with your battery, as many of them feel that their battery life was less than that of the previous phone? Yes, quite a few people agree with me and the fact is that in most of the cases there’s no fault in the battery but it’s just mere a perception that there is a problem in battery, but the actual fact is there are some tips which need to be followed so that you can increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy i5801 (Apollo) phone.

Since, Android is the latest entrant in the market, i assume that you probably might have moved from either a Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung or any may be another phone where you might not have faced any battery issues but like as i said since Android is something new and the battery consumption dynamics are quite different from the other operating system phones. So, to increase the battery life you will have to go through some of the important and simple tips due to which you will be easily able to optimize your phone’s battery power and also you can increase the longevity of your battery life. To increase the battery life you can also flash your phone with the latest Android 2.2 Froyo Android version.

Smart Charge your Phone:

Your battery charging pattern too matters a lot in keeping your battery efficient due to which your phone’s battery can hold the charge for longer period of time, so always ensure that you don’t charge your battery frequently. Unless and until the battery hasn’t reached the level below 10% it’s not recommended to charge but yes if it’s urgent and you are planning to go out then you can charge it even in between that’s because if you are not allowing to discharge your battery below let’s say below 30-40% the battery charging slot inside the cell between 0-30 or 40%

Use AC Charger and not USB Charging:

Many of us have computers and Laptops with us due to which we want to make the most out of USB ports so that the phones can be directly charged with the help of USB cable but since the USB charging is done by trickle charging phenomenon it’s not good for the battery and specially its very harmful when you put your phone for charging via USB method as it will damage your battery’s capacity over the long period of time.

Quick Battery maintenance Tips:

There are many quick battery tips which you can follow as mentioned below so that you can increase the battery power in your phone.

  • Don’t pull out the battery frequently,
  • Ensure that you turn off Wi Fi  when not in use and which can be done by going to HOME > MENU > Settings > Wireless & Networks and then turning Off the Wi Fi
  • If you don’t use 3G regularly then it’s better to switch to the GSM Mode than selecting either dual mode or the WCDMA Mode as in 3G the battery drains faster by 25%.
  • Ensure that Bluetooth and Sync is turned off when not necessary.
  • Most importantly the brightness selected should not be full until and unless it’s not required which can be controlled from HOME > MENU > Settings > Display > Brightness and Screen timeout.
  • GPS as well as the camera eats up the most battery  so it’s always better to use them wisely and also when not required you can close the GPS as well as the camera. You can control the setting by the widget shortcut on the home screen itself, touch and hold on the Home Screen in the blank area and not on any app icon and select Widget>Power Control. Add this Widget to your home screen to choose the express settings.

So, just by following the above tips you can easily save on battery power by which eventually you can increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy 3.

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