How to Increase Samsung Galaxy Ace Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy Ace LogoFor all those who bought a brilliant looking phone which almost looks none less than Apple iPhone but when we talk of battery life it’s really in comparable to an Apple iPhone as iPhone is an iPhone. Despite having fair enough battery life of around 1350 mah of battery power, this battery power is not enough for Galaxy Ace to withstand the usage even for a day, so for this reason all of the Galaxy Ace users feel that its sported with an under powered battery, but the fact is it isn’t. Only thing which is the key here is the optimization. With the adoption of few tips, one can easily increase the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy Ace. So, let’s check out the same in the due course of this article.

Tips to increase battery on SAMSUNG Galaxy Ace:

  • We always neglect the way we charge our mobiles, it’s very important to equally take care of your phone’s battery along with your phone. So, when it comes to the charging then you will have to ensure that you never overcharge your phone which means that never put your phone for charging over night as this may hamper the battery’s life very badly due to which you may even end up spoiling battery sooner than expected. It hardly takes 3 hours for phone to fully charge, so never charge your phone more than this time.
  • Also, many of the users tend to charge their phones regularly, like even if battery goes below 50-40% people tend to haste and put the phone up for charging. So unless and until you are going away from the charging point, it’s not a wise decision to charge it way ahead than the battery zeroing point. Make use of the AC chargers rather than using the USB points for charging the phone as basically the USB charging does the trickle charging which is not good for often charging the phone.
  • All batteries has the Golden color notch pins and with frequent pull outs these notches become loosely fit and are rubbed with the pins which leads to the wear and tear of the contacts and hence it decreases the life of the battery and the effective charging of the device is not passed on to the phone as the contacts in the form of pins gets loosen up. And also last but not the least never make use of the batteries which are not as per the prescribed specification chart which comes along with the phone and always use original batteries which can be purchased from Samsung.
  • Never put additional sim cards or anything like that in the compartment of the battery as this may cause some serious issue with the battery and may even explode at an extreme situation as every battery generates heat and it requires space to dissipate that heat and if its interrupted then it can be dangerous for batteries.
  • Unless and until you are not using the actual 3G Service, it’s better to choose the GSM Mode network rather than selecting Dual mode or the  WCDMA Mode which drains the battery faster than the GSM mode.
  • Make sure that you set the brightness of the device to automatic and not to the fullest which is set by default, since it’s a touch screen phone back light should be not more than 15 seconds as that’s more than enough which can be done by going to HOME > MENU > Settings > Display > Brightness and Screen timeout.
  • Power control Widget

  • Make sure that You Tube, music listening, programs which runs in the background including the Sync option along with Bluetooth should be turned off whenever necessary as these too constitutes fair amount of battery drain.
  • GPS as well as the Camera eats up a lot of battery, so always remember to switch these both off when not in use or necessary and specially when battery is low then it’s advised to not to use these features which can be quickly done by setting the widget shortcut on the home screen itself, touch and hold on the Home Screen in the blank area and not on any app icon and select Widget>Power Control. Add this Widget to your home screen to choose the express settings.

So, by following the above tips you will be easily saving the battery power which eventually increases the battery life by a margin of around 20-30% in all. Also, additionally do let us know if you too have some tips to share when it comes to battery life as you too can spread the word about the same in the comments section below.

  • lukesh DK

    is it safe to charge for 3 hours…
    the battery wont spoil rite…?

  • Angelina Mary

    Never use usb charging way…it simply spoils battery

  • Bogdan

    Internet 20 minutes max. in 6 days!!!

  • Bogdan

    I use this just like a normal phone,calls 4-5 times a day,sms a lot,internet 20min. max.Last recharge was after 6 days ,don’t remember exactly how many hours and minutes.I got Android 2.3.6 on it!I got this phone for 2 weeks now!

  • dinesh

    my galexy dues fasing battery beckup problum and also heatup during charging.

  • gymwalter

    can i increase the ampere rating of this unit???

    • Pradeep Neela

      its not advisable to do so

  • expatks

    The easy answer is to get a second battery which you keep charged up. When your “charge now” sign flags, just change to the new battery. Make sure you check & then reset time & date as even with network update it’s never right (on orange anyway). I keep a charged battery in my pocket thus don’t need to worry. Get a 13A plug charger too when you buy the second battery then you can keep both batteries fully charged. All available on EBay. Get high capacity 1350mA battery.

  • Johanvictord

    please battery beak up Samsung ace pleas cod send me

  • pankaj

    Thanks for these tips .. My Samsung Galaxy Ace plus battery can be used two and half days !!!!

  • dan

    love dis fon

  • Sajid

    Guys, what’s the use of smartphone when you turn off “smart” features? You might as well turn off the phone.

    I have now installed juice defender and andriod booster, and turned off 3g. lets see how that goes.

  • cmd

    my first smartphone
    love it but was surprised how quickly battery goes down
    am told this is normal for smartphones?????
    anyway i am a light user so great phone for me

  • AkshaY

    comm’on guys its a cheap phone comparing with other smart phones and battery issues are negligeble if u dont play games . i usually prefer playing games in my aCe indoors.and one more thing is android 2.3.4 the lastest firmware in the market released officially??

    • victor

      please battery beak up ace pleas cod please

  • ET

    Hm…apparently it was a USB issue or a fluke. Back to charging with the outlet, and I’m back to an average of 5days between charges.

  • DJ NYK

    Thank you, quite nice post.
    •• D I G I T A L – L I F E •• |


  • Luis Aveiga

    Thanks Victor sS Mkwachari! I think you are right. What you said really makes sense to me… Thanks! Hope this works :)

  • ET

    Originally when I bought the phone the charge wasn’t that great. Then I used it for a few days and decided to turn off everything I didn’t need, so I got rid of the 3G, only turned on wifi and bluetooth when I needed it, and used it to text, talk a couple minutes a day and do mundane tasks like checking the weather or my email. Furthermore I run task manager to make sure that I don’t leave any needless programs running in the background. For a little while my charge was lasting anywhere from 4-7days, which by that phone’s battery standards was apparently astronomical (though it’s what I had come to expect to be normal).

    When I had to change locations though, I brought the Galaxy ace with me and only had the USB charger. So I used that to charge from 20% (which is when the phone tells me to plug in for charging) all the way to 100%. When I unplugged it though the charge drained in 18 hours and I didn’t do anything with it at all in that period but send a couple texts. Again I charged with USB, and it drained even faster. I’m hoping it’s a USB problem, but I fear that it likely isn’t.

    For a splendid phone it really is a pain to have a battery that doesn’t do a very good job at all.

    • jellyfiishy

      oh i totally agree! its fantastic but the battery is really annoying!

  • Victor sS Mkwachari

    i bought this Galaxy Ace and i should confess i liked it. but then a week latter, i was nt impressed with my battery life despite a complete charge, it would last me no longer than 6 hours lest it goes to zeroing point, fortunately, i noticed if i disable the 3G, I could go at least 36 hrs with 4-5hour on the phone. adjusting the brightness of the screen is not of much significance. now am enjoying my device once again :)

  • Jerry

    I purchased a Samsung Ace 2 month ago, I hardly use it since I live in a rural area with no cellphone reception…just 15 Km out of Town, anyhow I knew this when I bought it, so when I’m home I turn the phone completely off. a fully charged phone not turned on, will hold a charge for barely 5 days, is this normal? my Telus dealer says it is the charger, but the phone shows fully charged, he also suggested I buy a new battery after 2 month and 12 minutes of phone usage ( I don’t text, play games or use it as a camera)
    any ideas?

    • Pradeep Neela

      just take the phone to gallery and tell them to fix the same!

  • Colin

    I am very interested in buying this smartphone but am quite worried about the battery life. Through all the comments above it states that it’s quite hard to extend the battery life. With texting for about 2-3 hours a day, plus a half hour of games and an hour of youtube how many times would I have to recharge or could it last that long. NEED ANSWER ASAP PLEASE

    • Yogesh Patel

      The work you have explained will last for a complete day usage.

  • Gig

    does it drain more of your battery life if you play/use it whilst its charging?

  • maria

    hey all, just 1 question please:
    i have used my galaxy ace charger to charge a blackberry for about 30 minutes. does it affect the battery of my galaxy ace or i can use the charger normally? thank you

  • maria

    hey all, just 1 question please:
    i have used my galaxy ace charger to charge a blackberry for about 30 minutes. does it affect the battery of my galaxy ace or i can use the charger normally again? thank you

    • Pradeep Neela

      you can use the charger normally

  • maria

    hey all, just 1 question please:
    i have charged a blackberry phone with my galaxy ace charger for about 30 minutes. does it affect the battery of my galaxy ace or i can use the charger again normaly? thank you

    • Pradeep Neela

      no it wont affect the charger, be rest assured!

  • veekay

    To improve battery performance on the Ace, do the following tweaks:

    0. Switch off Wifi, 3G (EDGE/HSPDA), GPS, GPRS (2G), Bluetooth, FM or other wireless stuff, when you’re not using it.
    These are primary causes of battery drain (especially wifi & GPS); apart from multimedia playback & too bright display.
    Uninstall “Juice Defender” and other similar apps, as they actually are just a strain on your device!

    1. “Screen Filter”:
    Install this app app from Market!
    It helps to reduce the screen brightness by 40%! Remember, screen power is a major cause of battery drain!
    Even the default minimum settings for display brightness is too bright for the Ace,
    so the Screen Filter app is perfect, if you are mostly using the Ace indoors.
    You can drag its shortcut icon to the home-page, to quickly toggle it on or off (say, when you go outdoors).
    It is especially useful for night-time viewing — reading of ebooks or watching movies on your phone!

    2. “Link2SD”:
    This is much better app than any Move2SD app. It really helps to reuse and manage
    the crummy little memory Ace comes with. The fewer apps you have running always,
    the more the battery will be saved.
    It can help to clean out the dalvik cache or junk cache files from old, uninstalled apps too!

    3. “Startup Auditor”, “Droidwall”:
    These can help you to determine which apps run automatically at startup
    (so you can selectively disable that behavior), or connect to the internet.
    Monitor your running apps and see which ones cause more drain.

    4. “Avast”, “Lookout”:
    These are the 2 best Antimalware apps.
    Avast has best features (everything you can expect!),
    though Lookout is more established player in the mobile segment.
    Both are free (Lookout disables its privacy advisor, after initial period, but it is still good),
    so please don’t spend money on buying antivirus apps for Android.
    Neither of these apps affect battery consumption too much, from my own testing.
    Actually there’s no need to worry about viruses on Android, it just has a few rogue apps sometimes
    so you should be more careful of the permissions to be allowed on apps you install, than any viruses.
    Unless you install non-Market apps (which could have been hacked), or connect to spurious websites,
    or use memory cards without scanning them on PC, then only you may need mobile antimalware.

    5. “BatteryLife”, “Extended Controls”:
    Normally you should avoid having too many widgets, as they keep running in the background,
    hog precious internal memory (they won’t work if you move them to SDCard), and can chew battery.
    I use only these 2 widgets — Extended Controls is not free, but it is best in terms of customizable
    shortcut buttons), and BatteryLife is a tiny battery-stats icon (hardly any performance hit, and is quite accurate).

    6. “File Manager” (Rhythm Software), “ES File Explorer” (Estrongs Inc.):
    Best file manager apps. Better than Astro or the rest.
    Rhythm’s File Manager has the fastest browsing of files (can show a folder filled with hundreds of files,
    in just a couple of seconds), while ES has best features (including syncing to PC).
    I use both, and they don’t drag down my mobile’s performance.

    7. “MX Video Player”, “Seaman Player”:
    Either of these 2 video players will play back any of your media files!
    Like I indicated earlier, cut down on your multimedia enjoyment, if you want to save the battery juice!

    8. I usually charge my Ace every other night, and it gets fully charged within an hour.
    I prefer not to trickle-charge it (use the supplied charger, rather than through usb port power),
    and I think that’s better in terms of battery longevity.

    If you follow the tips on this page, you can surely use your mobile for prolonged periods and have fun!!

    • rohit

      ‘m unable to downlod any market app nd dont knw how to do as i’m nw to it..
      so wil u tell me hw n frm where i cn gt most of my apps..

      also i don use my phone as net..
      so hw cn i downlod it on pc n den instal..??

      • Pradeep Neela

        you need to find for the apks in Google and then probably you can installed but its not recommended. you need to download the apps from play store! get the data connection in your phone!

  • yen

    hi. just bought galaxy ace a week ago and was so disappointed with the battery. is it normal that when you play in this phone,it seems that it overheats?

  • Serge

    Not only are this advices useless, some are harmful to your battery!
    \Make sure that you set the brightness of the device to automatic\ -> Gio doesn’t have nor that sensor, nor that setting.
    \… you will have to ensure that you never overcharge your phone …\ -> Li-Ion battery is protected from overcharge twice – first, in-phone controller. Second, controller in your battery, as a safety measure. You can leave your phone on charge overnight safely, it wouldn’t be overcharged. It’s not a question of user interaction and timing.
    What level of incompetency is that – author doesn’t even know that overcharging Li-Ion leads to explosion or fire with great probability!
    \…it’s not a wise decision to charge it way ahead than the battery zeroing point.\ -> Read some competent article about Li-Ion batteries instead to ensure that discharging to 0 is very destructive to battery life, and isn’t advised to anything except battery calibration once a month. Frequent charging is not only recommended by manufactures, it’ll prolong your battery life.
    \…basically the USB charging does the trickle charging…\ actually, Li-Ion chargers _never_ do _trickle charging_. You can read tech papers from any battery manufacturer concerning recommended charge schedule to understand why. Back to Gio, no difference between charging from USB and AC adapter, other than lower maximum current and greater charging time, therefore.

  • Deepak kumar

    hey is it okay to install a new battery with higher capacity like 2000mah or more ??
    and kindly tell me which companies battery should i buy ?

    • Pradeep Neela

      yes but samsung doesn’t recommend that!

  • Dev

    Pl. Give The Perfect Link of DDKQ5 (GingerBread Version)……!!!

  • JB

    I tried upgrading my friends galaxy ace through Kies..It took too long and got struck.. I have tried it several times..Please help

    • NeaL Pradeep

      you need to restart the whole process!

  • Eazaz

    I tried upgrading with kies. it mentioned some code like cbk:kb8/ etc. I have 2.2.1 atm. I upgraded it. Took me 40mins, but when it was done and when my phone restarted but when i checked my firmware, it was still 2.2.1 :(
    What should i do. i am new to android and almost know nothing.

    • NeaL Pradeep

      kindly follow the instructions to apply the update once again!

  • Zubin Thakore

    Hey NeaL,

    I have upgraded the firmware to Gingerbread DDKQ5 after following your instructions from the other article.

    Now I want to root the phone also after following the above instructions.

    However before rooting I have 3 questions:

    1. Is there any article available to undo the changes already so that the warranty remains intact?

    2. Will I be able to install the Cyanogen Mod after rooting? If yes, could you help me with it?

    3. Will this decrease the battery life in any way because its not that good anyways?

    Eagerly awaiting your response.

    Thanks a ton buddy!!!

    • NeaL Pradeep

      yes you can install CM after rooting,
      bATTERY LIFE Won’t be affected!

  • Bear23

    Had my Samsung Galaxy Ace For a week now. Really enjoying this phone. Probably one of the Best Smart Phone at this Price range. Its feature Packed and easy to use. Very responsive touch screen..Very nice. Good Value for Money.
    I Just feel that the Battery if not up to task. Wish that Samsung fitted it with a more powerful battery or make available a battery upgrade kit, Like what the did on Galaxy S2. A 2000mah battery seems nice!

    Really Enjoying my new Galaxy Ace phone. The only weak link is the battery. Without using Wifi,3G or Playing Games it will last about 2 days with 3 hrs calls and just messaging. That’s what I did. Yes it did survived for 2days on a single charge.

    • Gopal

      Could you pls say about the battery back up while for music alone? how many hours can we use it for music with one time charge?

      • aliff_nasir

        10 hours

  • Gopal

    I am new to Smartphone’s and want to try Ace. I am very much impressed about Ace features. Whether is it worth for money? Can i go for it, or any other mobiles available with the same specifications?
    Pls suggest!!

    • NeaL Pradeep

      yes its worth buying this phone!

      • Alan

        Worth buying this phone?

        No. As a gadget it is brilliant. As a phone it’s battery life is so poor as to make it unusable.

    • Bear23

      Its worth every penny…Its That Good. Enjoying my Galaxy Ace…

  • Ford

    The article seems very complete. I do have some doubts. First, I understand that the new ion type batteries are better maintained if charged up often. Second, the phone should have a cut off switch that when battery is complete it goes into a trickle mode so you can´t really overcharge the battery. I never turn my Blackberry off and simply charge it during the night. Now I have bought the Ace and am being told to charge it for around 3 hours. This would mean 3 hours before I go to bed. So next morning the battery will be half depleted. By noon it will be dead. I wish someone could clarify this for me. I did want to try out the Android but this battery is really disappointing. I do receive calls sometimes at 2 or 3 am so I need it on and if what the gentleman who wrote the article is true this phone is truly a disappointment. I am a Android newbie and hope someone can make this clear for me.

    • NeaL Pradeep

      you need to optimize the battery use as android is still lacking in optimization of the battery!

    • Jess@Apex

      Prolonging battery pack life
      – Avoid deep discharge and instead charge more often between uses, the smaller the depth of discharge, the longer the battery will last.
      – Lithium-ion batteries should never be depleted to empty (0%).

      Leaving a Lion Battery on the charger can decrease it’s life, but a good charger can limit that.
      – If a lithium-ion battery must be left in the charger for operational readiness, some chargers apply a brief topping charge to compensate for the small self-discharge the battery and its protective circuit consume. The charger may kick in when the open-circuit voltage drops to 4.05V/cell and turn off again at a high 4.20V/cell. Chargers made for operational readiness, or standby mode, often let the battery voltage drop to 4.00V/cell and recharge to only 4.05V/cell instead of the full 4.20V/cell. This reduces voltage-related stress and prolongs battery life.
      – Some portable devices sit in a charge cradle in the on position. The current drawn through the device is called the parasitic load and can distort the charge cycle. Battery manufacturers advise against parasitic load because it induces mini-cycles. The battery is continuously being discharged to 4.20V/cell and then charged by the device. The stress level on the battery is especially high because the cycles occur at the 4.20V/cell threshold.

      I’d actually like to use a battery monitoring program to see how good my charger is.

  • Rahul

    How to upgrade ace to android 2.3. Gingerbread…

    • NeaL Pradeep

      you can search for the article on our site,

  • DC

    I’ve recently upgraded to Gingerboard from Froyo hoping that battery life will be increased but not being able to see any drastic change.

  • S Thiruvengadam

    Dear Neal

    I have upgraded my ACE to 2.3.4. What happens when it arrives officially?

    • NeaL Pradeep

      once it arrives manually, we will surely write an article for the same!

  • S Hussain

    When working internet then battery time not more than 4to 5 hour in Gallexy ace .it is very short time.

  • jagdish janbandhu

    The composer of the above article is no doubt an expert of batteries. But regrettably it is not the true story of Samsung Ace’s battery life. Whatever option you select, it is an inevitable fact that Ace’s Battery life is lower than Nokia’s.

    Without doing much, I cannot see its life more than a day. Rubbish !!!

    • Neal Pradeep

      its a firmware issue, it will be optimized in the coming firmware updates

      • Luis Almeida

        Hope it’s really a firmware issue, because it’s a great smartphone, bought it 1 week ago, but battery really is disappointing..

        • ovidiu glk

          does anyone know when the new firmware 2.3.4 is going to be available on kies?

          • Neal Pradeep

            it will be soon released, no ETA!

    • James

      Agreed. I had a Nokia, which battery could last like 2 weeks at a time. I got a samsung galaxy ace, she just hated it cause the battery was so poor. She had to switch me. It’s cool, but a pain in the ass, with horrible battery life!

  • James

    Touchscreen phone tends to drain battery quickly. I use it just for indoor use. For a lot call and texting or outdoor activity, old phone is still good for me ;)

  • Rahul Tiwari

    Awesome!!!! dude but whats new i hve tried out all this!!! bubaa ka bubiiii….,.

  • Sue Burkhardt

    I disagree with setting the brightness of the screen to automatic. I found this really drains the battery. Instead I set the brightness bar about a quarter inch in from the left which is bright enough and I find a definite increase in battery life.