How to Increase Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Battery Life

There are many other features which are there in this phone for which the battery needs to be supported. Though this phone comes with the 1650 mAh of battery strength, this phone lacks the longevity of the battery compared to the other devices. By now all the existing Android users must have known that the Android phone’s are less in the battery performance compared to other mobile OS. So, in the due course of this article we will see on how you can optimize your usage so as to extract the most out of your device. There are also some techniques like Rooting with which you can further play with your phone so as to further customize or set the battery levels as per your needs.

Wallpapers and Brightness:

Wallpapers and brightness constitute more than 40% of the overall battery consumption, so it’s very important to optimize these parameters. Since the Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with the Froyo 2.2 Android version, there is an option of Live Wallpapers, with the use of Live wallpapers battery tends to drain faster than later as due to continuous movement of the wallpapers it becomes very difficult to contain the battery life which in turn results in battery drain. Also, it’s very important that brightness is set to automatic rather than selecting to manual and full as this too will drain the battery faster. Always ensure that you have set the darker wallpapers and not the lighter wallpapers as with the use of lighter wallpapers the battery tends to discharge very quickly.

android phone live wallpaper selection

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