How to Increase Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Battery Life

Battery Maintenance:

For an increased longevity of battery life it’s very important to ensure that battery is maintained which can be done by following the below steps,

  • Clean the battery contacts which are generally in the Golden in colour with a piece of dry cloth in every 3-4 months of time period,
  • Ensure that you don’t pull out the battery more often as this will spoil the battery contacts as this makes the battery contacts loosen up.
  • Never put battery in extreme temperatures like in extreme cold or in extreme hot like in sunlight or other places as this will spoil the battery immediately.
  • Never place anything above or below the battery shelf in the phone as many times we tend to place an extra sim card below the battery or above, by doing this the battery may get spoiled and may also result in battery bulging which is very dangerous.
  • Unless and until the battery charge prompts you for the low battery it’s not recommended to put your phone for charging as since every battery can be charged only for a particular number of times like say only for 1000 cycles or times after which the battery will have to be replaced, so charge it wisely so that you can save on the new battery purchase.
  • Never charge your phone with the USB when the charge is below 20% or less as basically USB charging employs trickle charging concept which is not good for battery especially when the battery charge is less than 20%, always make use of AC Power chargers to charge your phone.

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