How to install Google Android in a Windows mobile phone?

Windows Mobile Android LogoIf you have Windows Mobile phone and wish to taste Android Operating system for your Windows based mobile then let’s see what all the requirements you need to first furnish are. We will guide you in this on how you can install Android on your Windows based mobile right from which phone can run Android to what all you will be requiring to how you can install Android on your Windows based mobile.

Even after the excitement of Windows 7 operating system platform, Android still rules the charts when it comes to the adoption numbers. If someone purchases a smart phone today then he will at least consider for opting Android operating system than any other. There are some parameters which are stated below will guide you to install Android on Windows based mobiles.

Which Phones Can Run Android?
Not many phones are capable of tasting Android operating system platform but mostly the mobile devices from the manufacturers like HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and specific Samsung models which ship with Windows Mobile operating system can run Android. Most popular ones which already have been tested with and got successful are HTC HD2 and other HTC mobiles have been rotted to run Android OS. Some phones can run Android from within Windows Mobile, although these devices aren’t likely to run apps like games, and might suffer from poor battery life. The one site which deals in all this is XDA Forums which develops the firm wares for most of the devices. Though there is a substantial amount of risk involved in this process as this basically voids the warranty and also if the procedure is not followed carefully then you may even end up bricking the mobile phone. So before you proceed, check on installing any Android based firm wares on your Windows based mobiles that whether it has been fully tested and optimized or not.

What you will be requiring for installing Android?
Some caution, some knowledge and most importantly you need to carefully read in the instructions mentioned in XDA forums web site before you proceed to flash any firm wares on your device as half knowledge or part following the procedures may brick your phone. Many times choosing an appropriate ROM can be difficult, so take a read through the sub forum FAQ to find which one might be the most suitable for your needs. Make sure that you empty up your SD card so that all system files can be accommodated easily.

How to Install Android on Windows Mobile Phones?
After selecting the ROM and downloading the same from XDA Forums website which are usually sized around 100MB in size, you need to first unzip the firmware which you have downloaded from the site and need to copy the same to the root of your Windows Mobile microSD card. If you plan on running Android permanently on your phone, you might opt to perform a factory reset, achievable via Settings > Clear Storage. Now, when the Windows Mobile loads back from the reset, Go to Explorer and find the file called HareT.exe in your SD card and select the same to run this on your phone, as soon as flashing is done, your device will reboot and you will find that Android is running on your Windows based Mobile Phone.

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