How to install Voodoo Lagfix on Samsung Galaxy S with XXJVP 2.3.4

Samsung Galaxy LogoFor all those who want to Speed up their Samsung Galaxy S devices, here’s a great news for all of them as recently Voodoo has come out with a Stock XXJVP 2.3.4 Gingerbread along with the EXT 4 Kernel which basically eats up the lag giving rise to the faster experience. With the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S2, you might feel that you are using an under powered device but it’s actually not the case how it’s differentiated as we will now check out on how you can fasten up your phone. Please note that you will have to carefully follow the below mentioned pre instructions followed by the instructions to apply Voodoo on your Samsung Galaxy S or else there is a high risk of even bricking up of your device.


  1. Hey, will you have a lagfix out for 2.3.5 soon?


  2. Ive put a firmware of you on my phone how do i remove it to put a original firmware back on so i can connect to kies

  3. When i give start it says FAIL!! what is wrong?
    message window says

    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  4. before lagfix : 1862 quadrant score.
    After lagfix : 1862 quadrant score. Help me ! what’s wrong ?

  5. can i choose not to restore factory settings after this lagfix ?

  6. Can i choose not to restore factory settings after this lagfix ? And also, after doing this lagfix , my phone does not seems to be rooted at all.

  7. Would like to install the Voodoo lagfix, but i already have a speedmod install (which still uses the rfs), would i be able to install the voodoo lagfix over it?

    thank u

  8. i want firmware for my galaxy s i9003. someone help me please!

  9. Bartender…..get this man a drink…Hell….get him anything he wants. Neal…thank you so much for the step by step walk through. I no want to sing lullabies to my phone at night it runs soooo smooth and fast.

    One Question I have for you though……I didn’t do the clear cache step in the recovery mode. I didn’t want to do a factory reset which I seem to recall you mentioned to do. Is this bad? What benefits are there from doing it, and what will I be missing out on…..extra battery life? I did a quadrant test as scored a 2253!! for me…that was unheard of before!! I just was wondering if I could leave it the way it was.

    Cheers and thank you very much again. To anyone reading….don’t even think about doing it….just do it. Follow Neal’s explanation….and you will be a very happy androidaholic.

  10. Hassan Faizal Thariq

    Heyyyyyy ur tutorial was worth it……..Thank a lot…….Keep posting up with new tricks……will be a frequent visitor to ur site…..

  11. Hi neal,

    When will you release the voodoo lagfix for xxjvr??

    Please update us…

    Thanks for your hard work to speed up our phone.

    ur team was zo great!!

  12. Thanks for the good work Neal,

    I’m a little confused. Initially you said “Only JVP”, a week later “JVQ”, and a couple more weeks “JVR”. I have JVQ. Is it the same Voodoo lag fix for P, Q and R?

  13. my phn switches off automatically and sme robotic female sound starts saying estimated time left 2min and phn restarts and nothing happens………….while on the odin screen comes reset and below in procedure comes removed ….. my phn restarts that time………please help

  14. what is password ?
    for this itam

  15. Can i install this lagfix on 2.3.4 xxjvr?

  16. Actually I dont have at all installed voodo lagfix, what is your suggestion..
    Do I need lagfix installation for fw XXJVR 2.3.4 (currently from quadrant, full benchmark 1450-1700)
    if yes then, should I wait for updated voodoo lagfix version/ or there is another alternative to enable lagfix.
    Thank you

  17. hi Neal
    can I use this Voodoo Lagfix XXJVP 2.3.4 on Samsung Galaxy S with XXJVR 2.3.4 ?


  18. didnt work for me with odin3 1.0. Had to use 1.83 and everything worked fine. Anyway, nice guide and especially download source ;) cheers

  19. after having voodoo lagfix can we connect to samsung KIES ?

  20. piyush shivnarayan

    It show program wants to close.

    • I don’t even have kies in my laptop. I don’t need that any way. I can backup my files, contact and apps elsewhere and don’t depend on kies for firmware upgrade.
      just flash manually, why you need kies for upgrading to xxjvq?

  21. piyush shivnarayan

    Hello i use galaxy s i9000. My problem is when i connect my ph to kies it detect but when i get upgrade the connection is lost to kies. Error shown that kies wants to close. And upgrade process continue. I reinstall kies many times but same rusults plz help me out. Plz

    • INSTALL xxjvq 2.3.4 and your issues will be sorted out!

      • piyush shivnarayan

        Thank for reply;
        Hello experts,
        I use galaxy s i9000 in india. My problem is when i connect phone to kies it connect but when i got msg that upgrade found,and click the upgrade my phone lost the connection. Process of updation still running. (upgrading componants are downloading).after downloading 100%,( kies prepare upgrading componants for installing). Then kies crash(error shown kies wants to close). reinstall kies so many time but problem is still there. What can i do? I want upgrade my phone to jv9. Plz help me out? I cant upgrade my phone to jv9.

  22. I am trying this on my 2.3.4 xxjvq but its stuck on File analysis..any idea?

  23. Hi Neal,

    Will I be able to install voodoo lagfix with XXJVP 2.3.4?
    My Phone is:
    I9000DDJV4 root@SE-S605 #2

    Thanks in advance :)

  24. Hi,
    I couldn’t access recovery mode….

    Here’s what i did to my Galaxy S (Eclair):
    Flashed to Gingerbread XXJVP 2.3.4 Firmware, wiped cache partition & factory reset.
    It worked awesome.
    Wanted to make it faster hence Flashed with Voodoo lagfix as said on this page… but i forgot to kill the Kies processes. The process occured but my phone couldn’t start…. and the robotic voice kept saying wipe cache partition or something…
    So, i switched off by removing the battery and switched on the red recovery mode and managed to Wipe cache and factory reset, but the robotic voice came back to haunt me with the same message.
    I freaked out and entered download mode again and again flashed to XXJVP 2.3.4 Gingerbread…
    Phone switched on fine… but now i couldn’t enter recovery mode…
    I thought reflashing the Voodoo lag fix might fix it… but still can’t enter Recovery mode(download mode works fine)
    Overall phone is way better than before but just for the sake of procedure, i wish to access recovery mode and wipe cache partition and factory reset.

  25. hi Neal, thanks for the comprehensive overview of speeding up the phone. I havent done it yet as I need a few questions answered as there seems to be a number of “upgrades” and Im unsure which one I should do.
    My phone : GT-I9000, FrmWr 2.2, Baseband I9000HVJP3 , Kernel root@SE-S604 #6 , Build nmbr FROYO.HVJP4
    So ALL applications get removed ? And Im with Vodafone. Does the startup screen with the VF logo disappear ?
    Look forward to your response and ALl help here appreciated.

  26. Hi,

    ive already rooted my phone with the latest gingerbread 2.3.4 XXJVQ Firmware.

    is it safe for me to install voodoo lagfix, or do i have to re-flash my phone??

  27. I installed the lag fix, ODIN says GREEN (PASSED), phone rebooted, did the data wipe, cache, but quadrant did not improve at all. Is my kernel supposed to have a different name than the one on 2.3.4 gingerbread? After I installed the lag fix, kernel did not get changed.

  28. Where are the installation steps, I don’t see it, on all HOW TO links. Please help

  29. hi Neal,

    I am running I9000DXJV9. According to the old post, this lagfix will only works on XXJVP version. Do you have any suggestion what should I do to install lagfix on it? To change my Kernel to XXJVP?

    If so, how could I do that? Or do you know any other sources for me to get lagfix for JV9?

    Sorry I am a noob with my SGS and it’s performance has just disappointed so much.

  30. Hey Neal, What should my benchmark score be at now? thanks

  31. hi there,

    just a few questions.
    after i did all according to the instructions, i come to the recovery mode
    when i tried to wipe data/factory reset i waited for quite some time but nothing happens after that.
    in the end i just took out the battery n on the phone back
    i can still manage to on my phone without fail but is the lag fix done?
    fyi, when i open the recovery mode it is actually different from your screen shot above. mine is in red fonts n vodoo lag fix word is in place? any help?

    • Voodoo lagfix changes the recovery mode screen, the selection key is the “power key” unlike the default “middle button” The middle button turns the screen off and on upon press… Clear the cache partition and reboot your phone…

      FYI – the lagfix should be installed successfully if you can see the red recovery screen…

      Sri Lanka

      • voodoo doesn’t change the rebooting screen and there is nothing like that the lagfix should be installed successfully if you can see the red recovery screen…

  32. kristian mendoza

    Hi Neal,

    I would like to ask if this lagfix can be used for 2.3.3 with kernel ver. JV6 (this is the arabic version)?

    Hope this will be OK.

  33. Thank you so much, I did lag fixing.But how come still I have my 2GB ( system storage) left out without using for lagfix file extension ???

  34. can i just ask though, is it necessary to run the lag fix many times in the future. I have noticed that after a while , my quadrant score jumps back down to 900 from the 1900s. Can you explain why this happens?

  35. Thank you Neil, the simple instructions were a breeze to follow and I look forward to receiving more tips/updates from you

  36. Hey guys,

    Will this also work on Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 with android version 2.2.1?

  37. Thanks for this!

    It seems that is not being updated anymore.. Where did you get the lagfix from??

    I’m running JVQ – will the JVP lagfix work or will it brick my device??


    - Please only comments from ppl who know what they are talking about

  38. Hi Neal,
    great tutorial, great lag fix, great job.
    My benchmark (Quadrant) on 2.3.4 Gingerbread was 1303, after applying your lag fix it jumped up to 2031. Thank you.

  39. Neal,

    M8, I have a SGS- I9000 with gingerread 2.3.3 with kernal version XXJVK..Is it possible for me to implement whatever you’ve said in the above post? Coz I really need to see some performace..

  40. Yup , did exactly what was being told to, but battery drain just takes away all the joy ! any other method ? i had to download and install all the apps again

  41. Hi Neal,

    i followed the instructions and now my device is running very fast and smooth , but the problem of battery drain has come up , cant keep gprs on , as it just eats away my battery and i have to charge my cell twice in a day !! Any solutions ? any other software to try ? BTW i also have tried using task killers but no use. Please help

  42. I have installed the lagfix according to your instructions but the benchmark hasn’t improved after the installation(still shows 1375). Should I install the lagfix again?

  43. Hi Neal. Thanks a lot for your tutorial. I have flashed voodoo few days ago, everything is fine, my galaxy s is working like a charm. But I have a question, it may could be little bit irrelevant here but its the problem in samsung galaxy s with every firmware till date (or I don’t have any clue?), problem is that while making video call using yahoo messenger its rear camera turns on, front camera doesn’t. I haven’t tried video call using 3g yet. Is the application faulty or something wrong with galaxy s?? I hope you reply
    thank you..

  44. Hi Neal,

    Its about 10 mins since i started the firmware update…it is still not completed. Is that normal??

  45. hi Neal
    i am using a galaxy s I have gingerbread 2.3.4 installed and lagfix and rooted.
    the problem is that every time i call any number and they don’t answer the message “com has stopped unexpectedly” appears..
    is there a solution to that?


    • Hi neal,

      I have the same problem :(
      but it happens once in 2/3 days after drop the call … com has stopped unexpectedly” appears.. network signal crossed and after few sec it works again ….

      help !!!

  46. I have gingerbread 2.3.4 installed. After doing that upgrade, I had to restore all my installed appllications and the even the phone book. Will this be the case here as well. Do I need to re-install all my application after installing Voodoo lagfix.


  47. I have already rooted gingerbread 2.3.4 on my Samsung Galaxy S .

    Can i proceed with the installation of Vodoo lag fix directly or do i need to reflash unrooted version of 2.3.4 gingerbread again.

  48. Hi everyone.

    I strongly recommend this upgrade and voodoo lagfix.

    Not only it makes your phone work faster but also BATTERY LIFE has increased significantly.

    I have been using this for last two days. Before my battery would not last more then 10 hour with noraml phone use + bit of gaming + wifi on.

    Now it last for 10 hours with 50% battery. No I can play games and browse web and keep animated wall paper on without having to worry about battery.

    Thanks Neal. You guys are too good. Thanks heaps for this update and easy to install procedure. :D

  49. Nice stuff, Neal!

    Everything works perfectly!

  50. @neal how can one uninstall the lagfix ???

  51. Hi…please help.
    I installed voodoo lagfix on my 2.3.4 Android. Everithing went fine until the wipe data/factory reset.
    In recovery mode the options are in red, not blue like it was before installing the lagfix. More than that i cant select any option. I can navigte up and dawn with volume +/- keys but when i press home button to select the option the screen turns off. It’s like i would press the power button. Press home button again and screen come sback. But the option is still not selected.
    Pls pls help.
    PS: Do i need to wipe data and clear cache for lagfix to work?…or after instalation it’s already running and wipe data / clear cahce it’s an optinal step?
    Please reply!

  52. quadrant score is 2298.. my previous was 1700 something on 2.3.4 version without lagfix..

  53. Hi Neal,
    after applying Voodoo LagFix (all ok) when i restart in recovery mode first of all the options there are in red, not in blue like in your screenshot.
    I gues the lagfix is installed now because i have an option there “voodoo lag fix” or somthing like that.
    The problem is that when i press on whipe data/factory reset the screen go blank and nothing is happening. I need to restart the phone after that.
    Am I missing something?

    • Actualy…any of the options there is not working. It’s like the home button instead of selecting an item si turning the screen off. If i press home button again the screen comes back…but i cand select the desired item. Not even reboot now. Any sugestion please.

    • if your phone is working perfectly fine then dont do any modifications, while if your phone is not getting switched ON then just reflash the XXJVP 2.3.4 firmware to solve the problems!

      • Actually the same thing happened to me… but I figured out that the button to select an option isn’t the ‘Home Button’ anymore, its the ‘Power Button’!

        Worked for me.

  54. Hey Neal….

    I would like to call you the android GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 updates and Voodoo Lag fix done ….every thing i do from your post just makes my phone better…

    thanks a ton!!!!

  55. Can this be installed on 2.3.4 XXJVP which is already rooted with ClockWorkMod

  56. Got it sorted. You guys are just awesome…!!!
    On stock 2.3.3 Quadrant reading was 977.
    After upgrading to 2.3.4 + voodoo lagfix, reading is 1735.

    Thanks Guys. You guys are too good. You make it much more fun to play around with Galaxy S.

  57. Hi there. I have upgraded to 2.3.4 JVP.
    Now when I download voodoo hacks, it gives me two files. One is that odl thing and another one is a zImage. I can’t use zImage right? What should I do?

  58. Hi Neal

    My Galaxy S is with the 2.3.3 and it still seems to have a lag, can I install this lagfix on it?

  59. Thanks Neal, it was a great experience, my SGS is now very fast, more than twice the standard quadrant rate for Galaxy S.

    Buenos Aires

  60. Hi there I have Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    Firmware 2.3.3

    baseband i9000SRJV1


    Would this lagfix work on my phone? Thanks

  61. Hey neal, may be i broke my phone, while updating for voodoo lagfix i disconnect the usb cable because it took too much time to update. Now it is not booting and when i try through Odin in downloading mode, it show in ID:COM but after selecting the file then START it says ; “Enter CS for MDS” “Leave CS”.

    Please HELP :(

    shrestha sam

    • restart computer and phone to refollow the instructions!

      • It worked !!! now again im with 2.3.4. Thanks :)

        u r great n i luv ur posts n trust on that ….

        But now im afraid to try again for Voodoo Lagfix ………. Is there only single file “Gingerbread-GT-I9000-XXJVP-stock-kernel+hacks.tar” and for PDA only ???? (im zero in this topic so asking :))

        2.3.4 Problem;
        “The process phone has stopped Force close”
        and suddenly my signal meter is disappears but after few second its fine….. Whats the matter ????

        Thanks Neal …….

      • Hey Neal,

        Thanks man it worked and again im with 2.3.4 :)

        U r really doing great and helping those who have no idea for firmware like me ….. :)

        But now im little afraid to try agin for Voodoo Lagfix :( is there only one single file “Gingerbread-GT-I9000-XXJVP-stock-kernel+hacks.tar” and only for PDA ????? i really trust u shall i try again ???

        I found one problem in 2.3.4; “The process closed often ….. and my network signal meter change as no signal , but after few second it works again. Whats the problem !!!

        Thanks Neal

  62. I haven’t got a 2.3.4 for my device yet. Can I install this lagfix in 2.3.3?

  63. Thanks Neal. Best update! Voodoo rocks

  64. a must need installation for the phone because I lost the lag which I experienced after upgrading from 2.3.3 XXJVO to 2.3.4 XXJVP… you can feel the difference in performance when you open the gallery and scroll down through heavy web sites… the lag when scrolling down the contacts is gone for good and it is as smooth as silk… the quadrant score goes easily beyond the 2000 mark to prove the performance and I would highly recommend this installation to all users who are not worried about warranty… the phone gets rooted automatically and installs the super user app which works only on rooted phones… if you know how to get back to your previous firmware then this wouldn’t be a problem to try… the Galaxy S II will have to wait for sometime before she meets me because my Galaxy S is being so good to me lol!!!

    Sri Lanka

    • Imran, is everything ok with this voodoo fix, is there anyproblem u encounter after the installation, how about the camera and android market?

      pls reply. coz i am going to try it also.

  65. Hey Neal,

    First of all thanks for the last update 2.3.3 XXJVK . I was planning to upgrade it to 2.3.4 and the use the Voodoo lag fix for the same released . I want to know if there are any risks involved and what are the differences from the 2.3.3

  66. The device seems to be super-fast and when I scroll down my contacts it is as smooth as silk… I felt there was more lag in my 2.3.4 XXJVP version when compared to 2.3.3 XXJVO but now it is gone for good… I would advice people to install the voodoo lag fix because after my installation the quadrant scores goes pass the 2000 mark easily and you can feel the difference when you open your gallery or scroll down heavy websites… The phone is automatically rooted and installs the super user app and this process will void your warranty, that is if you don’t know how to roll back to your previous version… Check this site about going back to your previous version, Neal has posted it already… Galaxy S II will have to wait before she meets me because my Galaxy S is being so good to me ;)

    *2767*3855# — do not try this code on your phone, it does a factory reset and wipe without prompting the user… I just did and I am bloody pissed @ the moment…

    Sri Lanka

  67. The phone seems to be dual core or should I say quad core after the installation lol… the quadrant scores have increased passed the 2000 mark easily and scrolling down my contacts is as smooth as silk… The phone is automatically rooted and comes with the super user app installed… Those people who are worried about warranty, please don’t proceed if you do not know how to roll back to your previous version because you would void it… In recovery mode, the power key becomes your selection key and not the home key, the home key would only switch your screen off… Thanks Neal, great job…

  68. Hi neal
    i have already rooted my latest gingerbread 2.3.4 on samsung galaxy gt i 9000 . now can i proceed for installation of vodoo lag fix directly or do i need to reflash unrooted version of 2.3.4 gingerbread again

  69. is this normal? my galaxy s is talking on recovery mode. :D LOL. XD

  70. Paddy Padmanabhan

    HI i Completed the procedure as described above. But I am not able to get into recovery mode. Please advise how to get in there and wipe cache data etc.,


    paddy Padmanabhan

  71. OMG, that’s a BIG difference:
    - On stock Froyo 2.2.1 my quadrant score was around 1100
    - The upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.4 – score was 1175
    - Now with Voodoo Lag Fix my score is 2003 !!!

  72. hi neal ,
    works just awsome.thnx :D

  73. After installing the voodoo lagfix on my galaxy s, my phone doesn’t work, i followed all the instruction. Why? Can someone please help me

    • what do you mean by not working??? Did you have 2.3.4 version when you installed vodoo?

      • Yes, its currently on version 2.3.4 baseband version I9000XXJVP, i followed all the instructions carefully and until now its not working, it only shows the samsung logo after opening and nothing is happening after that, total darkness on the screen. This is the first time i failed to update my galaxy s

        • can you get into download mode??? i think you need to re install the 2.3.4 and install the lag fix again. Please try to check carefully if you have kies running it should closed/ or the process should be stopped before doing anything.. hope this help. just let me know if you have still problem with your phone.

        • I kept on repeating the procedure but there is this robotic lady voice message that kept on repeating this phrases, “convert data partition, not enough space on partition, estimated time 2 minutes”. And still nothing happened

        • just wait for a few minutes then the phone will restart.. it would take around3 to 5 minutes

        • I just repeated the upgrading and this time i have waited about 3 minutes to reboot, my galaxy s is now working perfectly. Thanks donskie for the big help. i really appreciated it a lot.

        • no problem buddy.. enjoy your phone…

  74. guys…

    i installed this but now my android market and samsung apps are just erased(it says: this app is not installed..)

    anyone who can help me with that??

    i would really apreaciate it!!

  75. guys…

    i did what it says above, but now my android market and samsung apps is just removed/erased?!?

    anyone who can help me with that??

    i would apreciate it a lot!!

  76. Hey Neal,

    What do I say, you just keep getting better by the day, I’m always looking forward to that update from ‘androidadvices’ in my mail. Neal i have a question, after lag fixing, i have the superuser app installed by its own. Is this of any use bcuz i’ve not rooted the phone…


  77. Neal…after installing the voodoo lag fix, is it possible to flash my device again with another firmware? or when I don’t need voodoo can I uninstall easily? thanks

    • @Anil he doesn’t reply this question, look above I asked already the same question and waiting for a reply.

  78. Hi neal.
    I want to know that i have updated my galaxy fit 2.2 with ur 2.3.4
    can i use this option on my phone

    • Venkat Ramana Dodda

      This is only suitable for GT-I9000 version.

      • omg…. dude help me, i accidentally flashed this on my galAXY S 4G AND NOW my phone wont start up and i guess i brick the phone already.. T_T pls help me guys.. my phone keep showing a different samsung model in start up and it keeps showing the boot logo…

  79. Venkat Ramana Dodda

    Thanks Neal, Great work!!!

  80. hi neal… how to check quadrant score????

  81. Hi Neal, after installing the voodoo lag fix, is it possible to flash my device again with another firmware? or when I don’t need voodoo can I uninstall easily? thanks

  82. @neal what are the quadrant scores after applying this ?

    • could not wait so did it, found quadrant scores to be between 2320 – 2400

      + the best thing is it does not require backups or anything whatsoever

      • Ei i got a question before doing this to my galaxy s 4g, when i extract the zip file it has a zImage file on it… am i doing it right? pls check the voodoo lagfix link in this page.. Tnx Bro!!

  83. Francis Lim Panaguiton

    thanks neal… u are great!!!! just done mine and the phone seems to run even faster…cheers

  84. Voodoo Lag fix done !! thanks neal

    • hi i followed all the steps and everything was going to plan. i followed all the steps. but it seems like there is no difference. im still getting scores of just 1300, i know this is ok but it seems most ppl get over 2000.

      when i try to run the odin thing again and follow all the steps again it just says removed after it reaches the “zImage” part and my phone reboots.

      what should i do ? can anyone help?