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Android – How to move applications to SD Card by default

Apps to SD LogoFor all those who wanted to transfer all their applications into the SD cards by default on their Android 2.2 Froyo operating system, we will check out the same on how you can do it. Many users recently reported that they were unable to transfer the applications to the SD card despite making use of the tool called Apps2SD which is one of the popular applications to transfer all the applications to the SD Card but it has failed to deliver for some of those who have HTC Desire and many handsets it doesn’t support. Though there are many ways for increasing the memory space marginally if you want which can be done by clearing the cache memory from the “Managing Applications” option from any Android phone.

But the real memory increaser is the only one if you manage to store all the apps in your SD Card, so let’s check out the same on how you can push your all applications which are stored in the phone to the SD card of your phone effortlessly. Considering the fact that most of the Android handsets now run on a minimum of Froyo 2.2 version, many apps don’t provide functionality to directly store the same on the device’s SD card until and unless Application requests you to select the same. So, we will check out on by default how you can transfer all the apps directly to your SD Card.

Procedure to store applications in SD Card:

  • First and foremost, from your phone you will have to ensure that the USB Debugging is ticked which can be done by going to the Settings > Applications >Development > then tick both Allow mock locations as well as the USB Debugging options over there.

USB Debugging

  • After this you will have to download and install the Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) on your computer and after that once you download it, you will have to extract the package to the folder  and then from that folder just run the application which is named as “SDK Setup.exe” and then simply click on the install selected option which is just located on the right bottom of the screen and follow the on screen instructions.

Download SDK

  • Now, connect the phone with the computer with the help of USB cable after which the OS will prompt you to install the set of required drivers which are missing which you can install from the path android-sdk/usb_driver folder, please note that you should not mount your device as you will have to plug in the cable.

command prompt

  • Next up, you will have to run the Command Prompt and then you will have to go to the path Android-SDK/tools folder. Please note that, in Windows operating system , the Command prompt can be started by either pressing Win + R from your keyboard or alternatively you can click on “Start” tab from the main home screen and then can choose “Run” option and enter in the string as “cmd” followed by enter to enter into the command prompt. After entering in the command prompt, you will have to type in as “CD android-sdk” to get into the file via command prompt.
  • Now, in the android-SDK/tools folder, just type in the command as “adb devices” after which you will be getting the serial number which will be starting with the “H”. After this you will have to enter the command as adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2.
  • That’s it there you go, you have now successfully configured your Android phone successfully to store all the applications into the SD card. But please note that all the applications installed on the memory card will also be unavailable to the system each time you mount your phone as a disk drive and also the application performance is always better when stored in the phone as it can render quickly and also can run better in the background. So, unless and until the memory of internal SD card is not full, it’s not recommended to go for this method as this may partially slightly slow down your phone.

So, all the core applications which you use more often should be stored in the internal memory and the ones which are less used should be placed in the memory card. Do let us know if you face any issues while configuring all the above commands. Just in case if at any point of time you are unable to configure or encounters with some sorts of issue then you will have to again follow the procedure from the start.


  1. is this work on android 2.1? i havent upgrade it yet….

  2. I have a Samasung Galaxy S and I moved all the applications to the sd card (unfortunately not like this) before update-ing the software. Is it possible to get them back somehow? I have a folder on the sd card with the name of .android_secure with the apps, but I don’t know where to put it back.

  3. hey neal. i wanted to ask 2 things:

    1. Most importantly, my internal memory keeps shrinking without any addition in apps or mails.
    And i need to know if the method above is in reality a way to root the device or is it just a minor tweak

    2. Where and how can i upgrade to 2.3 from my froyo 2.2.1 on Galaxy GIO. And regarding the possiblity this could root the phone, can i upgrade after this method above??

    Urgent need of help!!

  4. Hi ,
    I am using Samsung Galaxy fit Android 2.2, me too facing the problem regarding the saving of the apps on SD Card, can u suggest any guideline so that i can manually solve the problem.

  5. Hieee Neal……….
    I tried a lot to connect my android fon Samsung ace and galaxy pro to adhoc network of my pc but it didnt able to connect :(
    I even tried connectify n mhotspot but not able to do so….
    i also read tht if we replace wpa_supplicant file to system/bin… but it says the file is read only.

    So can u please just let me know how can i connect my fon to adhoc network…..

    will b very grateful to u.

  6. this shit dont work man, dont waste your time nothing works after the adb, you cant even find the dam thing. You have to be descriptive when you creat tutorials, PEOPLE DONT WASTE YOUR TIME.

  7. hey this is about fyro what about the htc wildfire s we have to do the same procedure in case of wildfire s
    guyz plez help…………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. hey Neal…
    i am using samsung galaxy pro with android froyo 2.2v
    can i use this way in my phone or not??
    and pls ….
    my phone can play divx and xvid videos???

  9. Hey neal…….
    i am using samsung galaxy pro with os froyo 2.2v
    n jst can move my apps frm fon to sd……………….but the thing i want to know is can galaxy pro could be upgraded to Gingerbread ??????
    plz do reply i really want to use ginger bread.

  10. Hey Neal Greetings!
    Rishi here ,
    M observing your blog since 2 weeks i bought Samsung galaxy ace with 2.2 :) all newbies are getting gr8 response from you! I appreciate it!
    I have one major questions request you to reply one by one.

    1) I need to move apps internal memory to SD , will it do ” without rooting” if I upgrade to 2.3 ???
    in short 2.3 supports all apps to move SD without rooting???

    Please reply asap , so may be i ll be able to get more support after yr response :) .

    Thanks in advance !!!

  11. hey neal , just a question which is out of this forum…can i connect my samsung galaxy ace to laptop and browse internet using my galaxy ace as a modem…if yes how since in kies we dont have that provision and in in samsung pc studio , the new smartphones are not getting recognized…so can you ple let me know if u have any idea…

    Thanks in advance

    • as on my galaxy popS5570 and galaxy fit (2.3 upgraded) just connect usb cable.
      goto settings>>>>> wireless and networks>>>>>>>tethering and portable hotspot>>>>>> USB tethering..
      just tick it and see you are connected to internet via your smartfone without doing anything in your laptop/pc.

      please check out it may be helpfull.

  12. does this method effect the phone perfomance, what should we do to reverse the process and is this a crack like trick or is aproved by android developers? plx answer my question so i can proceed to the method safely!!!

  13. Something is wrong either in syntax or software.
    downloads stopped worning.
    no brainer, changed location 2 to 1 and restarted to the normal way.
    then found the card was dead, revived it in the pc memory stick slot
    guys, wait to it is sorted out.

    • Quote
      That’s it there you go, you have now successfully configured your Android phone successfully to store all the applications into the SD card. But please note that all the applications installed on the memory card will also be unavailable to the system each time you mount your phone as a disk drive and also the application performance is always better when stored in the phone as it can render quickly and also can run better in the background.

      may be the key is to unmount and mount the phone – means power off and on ?

  14. Hi Pradeep,

    I have followed the steps whatever you mentioned in this article. When i open the command prompt and type cd android-sdk it is showing system can’t find the path specified. Please can you help me in resolving this issue.

    • hey neal while writing the command adm setInstallLocation 2, m getting permission denied.

      can u please let me know if i am missing anything

    • and one more thing neal, after giving the command android-sdk\platform-tools\adb devices command, m getting serial number starting from S. its S5830d6a3826a. its not starting with H. can u please tell me why its not coming up with H

    • dude first type cd \ or cd /……it will go to c-drive then follow the steps

      • Hi Rushank thanks for the reply.

        After your reply i was able to reach till the following step

        C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk>

        When i enter adb devices now i am getting the following message.
        ‘adb’ is not recognised as an internal or external command,
        operable program or batch file

        Please tell me what i should do to solve this issue.

  15. hey neal if i update my samsung galaxy ace to android 2.3 can i move my apps to sd? I can’t move my apps having android 2.2 so i want to know from you…

  16. does this cause void of warranty in any manner ??
    does it cause rooting of phone in any manner ??

    reply ,soon

    thanx in advance :D

  17. hi i bought new samsung galaxy s2 last week… internal memory of 16GB is not sufficient to use more multimedia files… so i bought 32GB micro SD card… after inserting the card i checked the memory space but it is showing 00.. i checked whether i inserted properly or not but still my phone didnt detect the external SD card…..

    Please help me guys……..


  18. HI! I have an LG Optimus S. I did everything, but I get a number that starts with A. I still did the adb shell pm IsntallLocation 2. all I got was a $. when I reboot my phone i still can’t move the apps. I need this, I only have 200 mb internal memory and nothing fits on it, I always have to unistall everything so that I can get my Texts. :/

  19. how can we reverse this process if we don’t like it

  20. I have samsung galaxy Ace GT-S5830,bought from my friend from U.S.A..I am user in Nepal.
    Current version is 2.2.1.Should i go for the gingerbread update?? I mean what if it it gets locked somehow , how would i then unlock the set??
    I don’t want to brick this set, becoz i love this set.

    Also i would like to ask one question,if i set factory setting in my set, will it be locked?
    PLz answer

  21. hey guys,
    plzz help me my samsung android phon memory is full and i have 8gb memory card. but it was not so in move to sd in mannage application .

    plzzzzzz reply me

  22. Hi Friend

    I am using Samsung Galaxy with android 2.0 version

    my problem is that if am installing any application in phone memory its running fine but the same time if i m moving it to SD card and doing mobile switch off to on its icon goes missing from main screen.that’s why i could not excess that application.now please suggest the solution.


    • I have Samsung Galaxy GT-S5570 mobile. But I have problem with the management of it’s phone mamaory. After downloading any application it get automatically installed on phone that’s why phone mamory get full. So anybody please tell me how to move that application to mamory card by using any application,or by doing any setting in phone.

  23. Hi

    I have a quick question. By ‘SD Card’ in this article, do you mean the external micro SD card? Or the phone’s built-in SD card? I always confuse these two.


  24. Guys please help me…

    I have an HTC chacha and I kept on getting the low memory message when trying to install apps (I have only 17.8MB on the internal memory and I am trying to download angry bird which is 25MB).

    I installed SDK and ran the commands on this thread ( cd\
    cd AndroidSDK\program-tools\adb devices\adb shell\pm setInstallLocation 2) without any problems. When I restart my phone and try to download Angry birds again it still says low memory. So I guessed it was still trying to install it in the internal memory since I have more than 12GB of mem in the SD card.

    I then entered the following commands:
    cd AndroidSDK\program-tools\adb devices\adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

    But it still didnt solved the problem. Can You please help me on that? You can even pm me if necessary. Please it’s been over a week Im trying to sort this out…

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am Gingerbread BTW..~


    • Hi Hugues, I recently got an HTC chacha and am encountering same problem. Were you able to resolve this issue? :-(

      • I’m having the same shitty problem with this phone HTC Cha Cha and I’m sick of it!!!

        When I try to download any app from Android Market, it is downloaded to the internal memory of the phone and there is no more free space there, therefore I cannot download anything anymore!

        And I tried to free some space but all apps that are stored inside the phone’s memory (not SD card) cannot be moved. Practically, from 512 MB, you have only 150 MB that can be used for apps, and the apps that came with the phone when bought occupy 140MB!!! And on top of that, there is no setting to store a app that I want to download to the SD Card!

        It is outrageous!!

        I’m tired of searching the internet and finding 0 results about this.

        • have you rooted the phone? if not then we will soon come up with the article!

        • we will soon come up with the update!

        • I’m so glad you replied.

          I actually got so upset and irritated that I deleted all data and choose to apply “factory data reset” for the internal memory only..
          I lost everything as you can imagine, even apps that were (apparently not!!) stored on the SD Card. And got REALLY mad after that…

          Oh well, as the story continues, now I seem to have a lot of internal memory (87 MB used and 63 MB free), although I reinstalled approximately all my previous apps on it.

          And now a thing of beauty: it seems all my apps were in fact stored on my phone’s memory, because this is how they appear now, when trying to see where were they stored after the resetting. When I tried to move them to the SD Card, first it gave me this error saying that the item cannot be moved but when trying again, it worked.

          I gather it was the phone. It had some major crack because in fact it didn’t move any app although it said it did.
          Well I’ll see how it goes from now on when I try to download from market. It better move them for real the the card or else I’ll go out of my mind.

          Just in case I need it, can you tell me how can I root my HTC Cha Cha?

  25. A. S. Bhasker Raj

    Good guide that will help many people like me looking for this information.

    I have HTC Wildfire and installed SD Card to store programs not regularly used.

    Also downloaded Aps2SD, but was unable to move app to SD card.

    When trying to move app to SD card, only move to Phone bar is highlighted, move to SD Card is blank

    Will try the method detailed in this article.

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