How to Root Galaxy S on Android 2.3.3 XWJVB Firmware

Samsung Galaxy S Blue LogoFor all those who have installed the latest 2.3.3 Gingerbread XWJVB version which is a stable version as compared to all other previous versions like XWJVK or even all other 2.2.1 versions would now want to know on how you can easily root your Galaxy S GT I 9000 device. Due to immense requests and demands by users, we have decided to come out with a simplified tutorial on how you can easily root your Galaxy S device who have recently updated their devices with the latest XWJVB 2.3.3 firmware.

Please note that you should only proceed to root your device on after updating Galaxy S GT I 9000 with latest Gingerbread 2.3.3 XWJVB version as if you are applying this method to any other method then this may not root the device and also has a potential to damage the device. To check on which version you are on then you will have to just tap on the Settings > About Phone > Firmware Version where you will find the version of Android OS where it will show the version number as shown below. Please note that for users who are on Gingerbread’s 2.3.3 XXJVK firmware don’t proceed with this guide and follow the rooting process which is mentioned here Rooting guide for 2.3.3 XXJVK.

XXJVK 2.3.3 version


  1. bro,

    i need to root my sgs 2.3.3 ddjv9. base band I9000ddJV5. can you please advice me the easiest way to root it. your help on this would be highly appreciated.


  2. I took off the battery and now it is stuck with the warning icon between the phone and the pc.
    Any ideas ?

  3. Hi,

    I started the rooting and got a black screen using Odin with my Samsung Galaxy S. Now I cannot even turn it on, neither in download mode nor in “normal” mode.

    Does anyone know a way to restore it to its “factory state” ?

  4. now phone will not let me on clear cache page at all however will go on downloading page i’m completly loosing it someone plz help me sort this out phone will not turn on will not go to clear cache page and shows me constanly the phone to computer error.

  5. after rooting my phone has got into infinite switch off/on loop as soon as i turn on the airplane mode phone gets out of this loop. and woks normal. but when it is in network mode wifi is automatically on and phone keeps turning on and off. please tell how to solve this issue. is there a way to unroot my phone.

    my phone is galaxy i9000, with gingerbread 2.3.3.

  6. well during rooting my phone got switched off…and now it’s showing small image of mobile and pc in the center of the screen and nothing is happening.

  7. My phone keeps rebooting. How to stop this? Galaxy S I9000

    HELP! :(

  8. Hi! When i rooted my device, it only rebooted. I found out that in this post its because of apps that are encrypting the sd card. Is there any way i can solve this problem?

  9. Hi
    read through the first pic “Firmware version” my phone is exacly the same soo….

    Do i have XWJVB version or the Gingerbread’s 2.3.3 XXJVK

    sorry if i seem slow. i just want to get it right cus i love my phone.

  10. Dear,

    I have the Samsung
    Model number : GT-9000
    The Firmware Version : 2.2.1
    Build number : FROYO.XXJPY
    So please I want from You how can I upgrade my Samsung to the Arabic Version 2.2.1

    Best Regards
    Elie Hajal

  11. Hi Neal Pradeep, I bricked my phone , now my kies did not recognise my phone anymore . Please help me in a simple way so that i can use my phone again . I sent you comments and all my phone details . I wish to have a latest program on it . Now is bricked i reckon. When i turn it on it display a small mobile , one yellow ! mark and a Computer icon. Please send me something on my email adress I can Pay you for that. Tell me what to do ? Please help me.

    Bye Parmeshwar.

  12. hi neal i have managed to complete the rooting but can you tell me what to do in the cwm mode what to flash etc would be gratefull for some adice …cheers janmax

  13. Just for you guys to take note, if you are running any apps that encrypts your SD card, the rooting will not work. You will go into infinite rebooting loop and they only way to recover is to reload the firmware, deleting all user data and cache via the the recovery mode. After the SD card has been decrypted, you can then root the device. One application is when you are using Exchange 2010 which pushes down policy to encrypt your data. The workaround is to use Touchdown 2.0. That works for me. Good luck.

  14. does neone kno how to unroot in this firmware??

  15. Alright Neal, once again THANKS. really appreciate your dedication.

  16. Neal got one more question for you, just got my SGS 2.3.3 XWJVB rooted, its running smoothly. Do you recommend to installing CYANOGENMOD ???

  17. Thanks Neal, you ROCK.

  18. Hey Neal how are u man,, is there any update for TOUCH WIZ 4 for SGS?

    • @Umer touch Wiz 4 can be ported to Galaxy S but its very unstable, so i don’t recommend to the normal users, it may even brick your device in the process. So, once there is a safe way we will surely cover the same! We care about our readers!

  19. its not working for my sgs i9000 i just recently updated into 2 3 3 xwjvb. i dont know how to root my device in correct way.

    • @jeremy just follow the above procedure to root, if there are any issues we will help you!

  20. Thanks for making this available!!! Took me a few attempts to get to the Download screen, went to recovery a few times and then a few goes at the firmware upgrade but all good. I was on Froyo 2.2 & the lag times were really bad, but seems all good now! Excellent!

  21. Hey!
    is there any way to unroot my galaxy s?
    i’ve updated to gingerbread, installed what i need and wish to give the device to my brother, unrooted.

    • @YUVAL JUST UPDATE YOUR DEVICE with any of the firmware version for Galaxy S and your device will be un rooted!

  22. Thanks! Update and Root worked smoothly! Thanks! :)

  23. Hello just updated today an found the right files to root here thanks for the help!

  24. Can someone tell me what the password is for the complete rooting package. Thanks

  25. Hey Neal, How can I downgrade to Android 2.2 Indian version from Gingerbread XWJVB version?
    Please help

  26. after installing the 2.3.3 on my samsung galaxy s i lost the data connection with my gsm operator. what is the reason? can this be fixed? otherwise how can i go back to android 2.2?

  27. hi guys I am on jvb tried to root but it said failed just as a point of interest I bicked my phone last night you know the pic of a phone and pc but I got it back i didnt think this was posssilbe but its running gingerbread xwjvb a treat do i need to unzip the tar file so as to get the zimage i left it as is and used it in odin as the pda file thanks mal

    • hey man, did not get you. Do we need to unzip the tar file as well to get the zimage? OR do we just need to use it directly means without unzipping?


      • @umer just unzip the file and feed in the files in Odin, and you are ready for the updation process

  28. Hi Neal ,,just update my SGS to XWJVB, its really smooth. want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of rooting??

    would appreciate your reply.