How to Root HTC Droid Eris – Tutorial

Droid Eris LogoSo, how many of the users have HTC Droid Eris, quite a few people right? So, if you are one of them then let’s check out on how you can easily root your HTC Droid Eris. If you have missed out the last two posts on your HTC Droid Eris then we have earlier discussed on how to install Gingerbread 2.3 on HTC Droid Eris and also we discussed on how you can increase the battery life of HTC Droid Eris so that you can make the most out of your Droid Eris. There are many techniques which are reported by various forums about many ADB Shell root methods and other super click root methods but the one which we will be checking out will be very simple and will not be having any ADB rooting method as Droid Eris can be easily rooted. So, just follow the pre rooting instructions and the procedure after which you will be easily able to root your HTC Droid Eris.

Pre Rooting Instructions:

Ensure that you have created a backup of all the applications, messages, contacts, images and also multimedia files along with the call log too as in an unlikely event you may lose all the data after rooting the device.

Rooting basically voids the warranty, so ensure that you are ready for it and also most importantly proceed to root your device you should know what rooting is and what are its benefits, if you will make use of those then its recommended to go ahead and it’s not recommended for the newbie.

Ensure that your battery is charged with an at least more than 50% as the higher the battery life the lesser will be the problems as this process will require some of the battery as it will drain battery a bit.

Procedure to Root Droid Eris:

  • First up you will have to ensure that you have downloaded the HTC Droid Eris Root APK from your computer after which you will have to unzip the same and extract. Please note that while extraction if password is prompted then you will have to enter the password as “”.
  • Now, next up all you need to do is to just connect the Droid Eris to the computer and need to simply mount the SD card. So, after mounting the SD card, you need to copy the apk file which you have downloaded in your computer.
  • Now, you just need to tap on the copied application so that this application is installed in your phone which is nothing but the Armon Recovery tool which will first induce in the recovery mode for your phone with which you will be able to go into the recovery mode.
  • After the recovery mode setup in the Droid Eris, you will have to now turn off the device, take out the SIM card if any and then you will have to turn on the device in the recovery mode after which you will have to select the file which is named as which will be there in your SD card root.
  • Now, next up you will have to install the custom Froyo or the Eclair ROM of your choice after rooting successfully which will be done just after selecting the apk file. This process in whole will take approximate of 3-4 minutes in all.
  • Now, as soon as the rooting is finished you will have to turn on the device after which you need to first turn on the USB debugging mode and need to uninstall the file which you have installed in the form of apk file.

That’s it you have now successfully rooted the device successfully. Do, let us know if you come across any problems while you root, we will help you to get out of any problems while rooting.

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