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How to Root HTC Incredible S – Tutorial

HTC Incredible SWhile Samsung chooses to simplify its products when it comes to Android by keeping things open to its users in terms of customization Motorola and of the latest HTC too joined to bandwagon to strengthen their phones thy making it difficult for its users to root or customize their phones. If you are some what creative and wants to try new things or customize your Android then Motorola with its thunderbolt and Incredible S will disappoint you. Though there’s no permanent root solution available for the Incredible S users, we have managed to bring on a temporary make shift solution with which you will be able to root your HTC Incredible S.

Please note that rooting voids the warranty, though the warranty can be claimed back once the device is un rooted, as it’s just a temporary root, the Incredible S can be un rooted just with the help of a simple restarting of the device. Basically there are two types of rooting methods, one is the permanent root and another one is the temporary root. In the permanent root even if you reboot the device the device will stay rooted but whereas in the temporary rooting process with the help of a simple reboot, the device will be un rooted. Though both has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, as of now since only temporary root is available, we will see on how you can temporary root your phone. Please note that this process is only applicable for HTC’s Incredible S and to not any other phone, if you apply the below mentioned procedure for any other HTC’s device then there’s a high potential that you may end up bricking your device.

Before proceeding to the procedure on how to root the HTC Incredible S, make sure that battery is charged to a minimum of 50% or else your device will get switched off in the middle of the process due to which the rooting process will not be completed. Also, additionally its recommended to create a backup of all the data which is there in your phone in the computer as in an unlikely event you may lose all the data which is present in your phone. Rooting has its own set of advantages and disadvantages the major advantage being that it unlocks the potential of device.

Procedure to Root HTC Incredible S:

  • First up you will have to download and install the ADB in your computer which can be done by following the instructional procedure only after which you will have to proceed, but before that you will have to turn on the USB debugging in your incredible S which can be turned ON by pressing the “Menu” key first then “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development”. Now here you will find an option of “USB debugging”, select the option and just accept the warning which it will pop up. It’s very important to put the device in the USB debugging and also important to go through the ADB setup process without which it’s not advised to proceed.
  • Now, next up you will have to download the Rooting package which you will have to unzip the same and need to place in the location path c:\adb after which you will have to connect the phone to the computer.
  • —–loop—–

  • Now, open the command prompt and key in the “cmd” and then you will have to make use of the change directory command so that the directory in which you have placed the rooting file can be accessed.
  • Next up type in the “pushroot” and enter the same, basically this will push in the pushroot.bat file.
  • After this type in adb shell /data/local/tmp/getroot and after that type in adb shell and press enter.
  • After typing in the above commands, you will now be prompted as # after which you will have to type in /data/local/tmp/pushroot.

That’s it you have now successfully rooted the HTC Incredible S, so from now whenever the device get un rooted, you will have to just enter the commands from the —-loop—- which is mentioned above. Do let us know if you get stuck anywhere as we will help you to get out of from there. Please note that as soon as we find a way with which you can Permanent Root HTC Incredible S, we will sure update with an article on how to root, so stay tuned to androidadvices.com.


  1. seems like an old tutorial but im hoping this is going to work OK. will attempt in the next week. i have htc incredible s s710e from optus australia, stacked with optus bloatware and in need of a new lease of life

  2. What is the password for the zip file??

  3. hi, for me it says ‘mount:permission not permitted’ how do i fix this?

  4. I followed all your steps and when i arived to the rooting package it asked for a password to unzip it what is it please tell me??

  5.  Dude, it works on my phone!

    Good job, great tutorial, you don’t know how happy I am LOL

  6. Can you email me your Skype name so you can walk me through this, cause i cant seem to get it working: jshuttle69@gmail.com

  7. Will you be posting an updated tutorial to root and install ROMs for HTC Incredible S?

  8. i got this phone for the looks and it being within my budget for a 3g, but after ONE day i was severely disappointed by it’s insufficient battery life and tiny screen

  9. Hey, i am having trouble getting my computer to install the hardware for the phone when i plug the phone in debug mode in. I have followed all the proceedures closely. My computer’s OS is Win 7 64bit, phone is Incredible S android version 2.3.3 (sg)

  10. is this really working tutorial ? im afraid if my phone will be damaged.. pls answer me.

  11. Okay this is weird, i have done it all and didn’t get any errors..
    But when i check my phone it haven’t been rooted :S

    Anyone know why?

  12. when i enter this commnd /data/local/tmp/pushroot i m getting this error plz help
    mount opertion not permitted
    cp: can’t stat ‘/sbin/su’: permission denied
    cp: can’t stat ‘/sbin/busybox’: permission denied
    unable to chmod /sbin: read-onl file system
    mount: operation not permitted
    please help me i hve done everything right jst got stuck here

  13. I got a few questions during the process:

    1) I don’t have “ADB interface” in my device manager but when i run cmd and type “adb devices” then everything goes as it needs to. In this case is it important to hava “ABD interface” in my device manager and what I might have done wrong that i didn’t have it there?

    2) I placed the Rooting package in location C:\adb , witch I had to make new folder for.
    Now the place where i stuck was this: “and then you will have to make use of the change directory command so that the directory in which you have placed the rooting file can be accessed.” Didn’t really found out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

    • actually seems like i got the things that i mentioned before, working. But now there is another problem.
      At the very last step when i type in /data/local/tmp/pushroot and press enter it says :

      cp: can’t stat ‘/sbin/su’: permission denied
      cp: can’t stat ‘/sbin/busybox’: permission denied
      unable to chmod /sbin: read-only file system
      mount: operation not permitted

      I sow one of there was same question before but no answer, and i’m not sure how to fix this, tho I’ll try to google it. If enyone knows, please help.

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