How to Root Motorola Backflip – Tutorial

Motorola Backflip LogoFor all the users who want to update their Motorola Backflip, it’s very necessary that first up you will have to root your device so that the firmware update process can be enabled. So, before we proceed we would like to mention that rooting voids the warranty, though the warranty can be regained once you unroot the device which can be easily done with the help of Z4 Root which we will be seeing in the due course of the article. Make sure that you backup all your applications, messages and also all your songs, images, videos and contacts as in the process of rooting you may lose all of this information, though it’s an unlikely event that you lose everything. So, it’s highly recommended to either sync all your data or create the backup of all your data so that you can restore the same after rooting or after the firmware update.

Procedure to Root Motorola Backflip:

  • First of all you will have to download the application called z4root from here on your computer and then you will have to unzip the same to get the .apk file which can be then copied on your android phone easily. While unzipping the file if the password is prompted then you need to enter the password as “”.
  • z4Mod

  • Now, as soon as you copy the Z4Root’s apk file in your phone, you need to go to the application list and just need to tap on the same to install it on your Motorola Backflip.
  • Now, after the Z4 Root installation gets complete, you will have to tap on the Z4 Root application to open the same after which you will see that there are two options, one is the temporary root and another one will be the Permanent Root. From this, you will have to tap on the “Permanent Root” after which the device will be rooted in seconds. Do, note that while the process  is running don’t interrupt its processes or else you will have to repeat the rooting process, and also its not recommended to choose the temporary root as if you do the temporary root then the device will get un rooted just by a simple restart.
  • Z4 Rooting Process

Now that’s it as soon as the device is rebooted  is completed the rooting gets done, you will see that a new icon of “Superuser” will be created in the screen which will be in the shape of skull. This means your device has been successfully rooted and you are ready to customize the device the way you want it. Do, let us know if you face any problems while rooting your device.

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