How to Root Motorola Droid X – Tutorial

Droid X LogoFor all those who have Motorola’s Droid X and wish to root the same so that the device is ready for experiencing something which normal users can’t as you can unleash the potential and can unlock the potential of your Motorola Droid X. Though there are many ways with which you can root your Droid X, but the one which we will be looking out for will be simple yet effective unlike any other methods which are either temporary root or some even shows that it’s rooted but actually it isn’t. Please note that rooting voids the warranty and is only recommended to root your device if and only if you will be making use of the rooted device, if you are the one who will not install any root required apps then it’s not necessary for rooting as you can continue using your device without rooting as well. You can also backup your data as just in an unlikely event you may lose all the details in your phone.

Droid X

Procedure to Root Motorola Droid X:

  • First up you will have to download, unzip and install the Universal Androot on your Motorola Droid X (Password :

Enter Password

  • Next, after installing this application on your Droid X, you will have to tap on the Application Universal Androot and need to simply tap on the “Root” tab.

Preparing to Root

  • After you tap on “Root” option, you will see that a series of commands will be running on as shown in the below snapshot.

Rooting Process

  • Now, as soon as the process gets finished you will see that your device will be rooted in few seconds of time after which you will have to reboot your phone and congratulations there you go, you have successfully rooted your Droid X very easily.

So, by following the above procedure, you have successfully rooted your Droid X, make sure that if you haven’t successfully rooted then you need to just re follow the procedure to successfully root your phone.