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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace GT 5830 Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Ace LogoLast time we saw on how you can root your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT 5830 which is on the Stock firmware 2.2.1 and also recently we came up with an article covering on how you can easily upgrade the firmware of your Samsung Galaxy Ace GT 5830 to the latest XXKP9 2.3.3. We really apologize for bringing in the article to root this firmware as for all those who have followed the procedure to update the latest XXKP9 2.3.3 the root access was revoked as the firmware was new. So, not to worry as we will now see in the due course of this article on how you can easily root your Samsung Galaxy Ace, which is powered by latest XXKP9 2.3.3 Gingerbread version of firmware.

Please note that many users doesn’t know the benefit of rooting the device, for all those you can refer on what are the benefits of rooting Android device here and then can proceed to the rooting of the device. Please also note that rooting the device voids the warranty, though the warranty can be claimed back by un rooting the device. We will see on how to root the device but just in case if you wish to know how you can un root the device so that you can re claim the warranty which is voided because of rooting then all you need to do is to update your Galaxy Ace GT 5830 again with the XXKP9 2.3.3 from the above link and then the root access will be revoked and then the fresh firmware will be installed without the rooting access.

So, now let’s proceed and see on actually how you can root the device, it’s very important to follow the instructions which are mentioned below including the ones which are mentioned as the pre rooting instructions followed by the express procedure on how you can root Galaxy Ace GT 5830.


  1. hi my ace cant get into recovery mode. i have tried and it shows a page showing “SAMSUNG” and then the sansung site URL below it. this is positioned in the middle of the screen and at the top left hand of the screew there is another box. i am not sure but it is stuck there. what do i do?

  2. Dear Neal

    I have upgraded my Ace to GB 2.3.4 and also rooted. Super User Ikon is there in my application. How I can use it? I need a immediate reply. Can you do it

  3. guys i bought ths phone & i want 2 upgrade it 2 Gingerbread my PDA version is KC1…please help me with this

  4. hi , i followed the steps that you said & entered the recovery mode , however , i was not able to select the “apply sdcard:update.zip” may i know what should i do ?

    • i was able to select “apply sdcard: update.zip” now but it shows this :
      # MANUAL MODE#
      – Appling Muti-CSC– multicsc: src/system/csc/INU/system/.
      – Istall from sdcard…
      Finding update package…
      Opening update package…
      E: Can’t open/sdcard/update.zip (No suchfile or directory)
      Installation aborted.

      i renamed the file to update.zip but iit still dint work ! help !

    • kindly dont rename the file!

  5. hi there i was wondering if this works for 2.3.4 XXKPH as well?

  6. im sorry still cant get it.. can u explain me fully plzz ..:)

  7. hi.. i just wanted to knw wat is the use of rootin the phone..im new to androide phones so can u clear me..:)
    thnks..:)and also thanks for the 2.3.3 update man..the update went smoothly..:)

  8. neal i have got galaxy ace GT 5830!! but i cant find the swype keypad option!!! i was using it but suddenly it disappeared from there how do i get it back

  9. how do i know whether its rooted

  10. Hi Neal

    I have samsung galaxy ace gt5830 and it doesnt store data on the sd card directly..it stores it on my phone memory making it full.How do i change that?

    also my phone restarts automatically sometimes..or when i start browsing it vibrates and restarts the page..Do you think upgrading to gingerbread will resolve the issue?

  11. hey neal, 2 things, which i have soke to my mobile supplier about with no luck…..

    1. if i download a foto from internet/facebook etc or i save(to sd card) an mms foto, and i either switch off fonr or delete the original mms txt, the foto dissappears from the “downlaod” folder.

    2. this may not be the case but, if i use the facebook for android app(even downloaded from either apps store or facebook itself, and use the app, i lose the sync and all data that i got from google calendar.

    can u help?
    i have “factory reset” my galaxy ace a few times now to resolve this.

  12. Hey Neal, nice site you have here. I obtained a lot of information from your site. Thanks. Keep up the good job. I’m just curious does this rooting process applicable to 2.3.4 firmware?

    • thanks for the appreciation buddy!

    • Zorbyss,
      to my knowledge, nothing can root a samsung galaxy ace 2.3.4 on DDKQ3…. and i also think it is the case generally re 2.3.4 on samsung galaxy ace.
      i see a lot of videos about it, but they requires firmware upgrades…

  13. hello sir, i reboot and update from sd cord but no such file or path found

  14. hi buddy i have sga and upgraded the firmware to 2.3.3 gingerbread, yesterday i did a rooting and it was success. i am a new to android and i want to know what else i can do to my phone after it was rooted? can i transfer those installed apps on the internal memory to the sd card?

    Thanks buddy

  15. i put zip file in card but i cant open it.

  16. Hello Guys,

    I have successfully rooted my samsung galaxy. I installed adfree app and still nothing happens. but I have successfully used this tool though

  17. hi

    I tried rooting my phone. Just the way you explained. But it aint workin for me when u do apply sdcard:update.zip. The message i get is

    – Appling Muti-CSC– multicsc: src/system/csc/INU/system/.
    – Istall from sdcard…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    E: Can’t open/sdcard/update.zip (No suchfile or directory)
    Installation aborted.

    PLS HELP!!!

  18. hi guys! i jst wanna knw abut my Samsung galaxy ace..I tried to open recovery mode many times..
    But is only booting normally! Help pls..
    And pls post gingerbread S5830XXXKPE rom link..

  19. Neal, i just bought a Galaxy Ace S5830 and i have 2 basic problems with it! I know here you are writing stuff about rooting it but i am hoping that maybe you can help!

    1.When i have my phone switched off the alarm wont ring!..

    2.When i receive an sms it only shows the time i received it and not the time they sent it to me!…

    think you can understand my frustration!..is there anything i can do to fix this?…thank you

    • sure buddy we are always there to help you! Never hesitate clearing your doubts or asking questions, we are here to guide you and empower you!
      Ans 1 – Its a phone issue as its programmed that way!
      Ans 2- again its a firmware specific issue and since the “time stamp” doesn’t come by default with the phone you will have to manually install the apk to get that time!
      Ans 3- We have taken down your request, we hope to address you really soon in the 2nd case and in the first case we are sorry to say that in off state the Alarm can’t be activated as of now with your firmware!
      If any firmware comes in the future with the capability we will surely cover the same on androidadvices.com. Stay tuned! Do let us know for any more help on ANDROID!

  20. HI Neal..i already download AceGingerbread2.3.3Root.zip…then i transferred it into my SD Card..after that i off n on as Ur instruction..in recovery mode..i found this thing..
    >> LK(little kernal) ver Jan 19 2011..i been wait about 10 minutes..but nothing happen..pls help..

  21. Hi Neal.. I have firmware S5830XXXKPE on my ace.. My question is “Can I root my galaxy ace just following the above process? After rooting please help us to install/update custom Rom..

  22. i have tried this procedure 4-5 times but it says cannot find file in sd card.what shuld i do???plz help??

  23. Works fine, after root I can intall apps to SD using app exaple a2sd froyo.
    Ace has only 180 MB internal memory.

  24. Dude! Thanks for this great tutorial :)

    I’ve succefully rooted by Ace :D

  25. are there people who already have done this? What are the experiences? Is this going smoothly or are people experiencing problems?

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