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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S 2 i9100 – Tutorial

Galaxy S 2 LogoWith the launch of Samsung Galaxy S II which is also known as Samsung Galaxy S2 GT I9100, the firmware updates have started pouring in and the same we have covered it. If you just missed the last firmware update for Samsung Galaxy S2 then we saw on how to update Galaxy S2 with the latest firmware XWKDD.  Now, taking the Android experience to a whole new level, you will have to root your phone so as to open up Galaxy S 2 for new possibilities. Do, note that though rooting the device will void the warranty but un rooting the device will bring back the warranty. Also, we will be covering two different procedures under which you will be rooting the Galaxy S2 but it’s recommended to follow each and every single instruction carefully and if not followed the instructions carefully you may even brick your phone after that you can only use the same as an expensive paper weight.

Do, note that before we proceed to the procedure to root Samsung GALAXY S2 you will have to follow the pre root instructions First up you will have to ensure that you have upgraded your firmware to XWKDD from the above link and after that depending upon your convenience you need to choose any one of the two rooting methods which are mentioned below after following the list of pre root instructions.


  1. i followed every step and everything worked fine. but just getting a yellow exclamation mark sign in startup. is it normal? and how do i check if my device is rooted?

  2. If I already flashed the 2.3.4 leaked ROM do I still need to install the latest firmware of XWKDD? or should I skip that part?

    Thank you

  3. Did root my wife’s phone as well with the same good result as with mine.
    I am very happy!


  4. how ong does this take

  5. Hey, I have posted a video about how to root the latest 2.3.4 XXKG1 firmware on the SGSII! Its the easiest way to get it rooted! Check it out!

  6. Did work directly for me.
    Very happy as I did Freeze some SamSung application and battery life went up from 12-16h to 24-28 hours!
    That is without any other fine tuning. Everything is on except blueTooth that I just start when I need it.

  7. i have a S2 build XWKF1. Can i follow your guide to root my S2? Does this mean I will downgrade the firmware or there is a guide for this firmware? Do you have a guide to unroot? links for backup and restore? i just want to make sure i wont mess it up.

  8. i have updated the firmware and successfully rooted the device….but the problem is that it gets heated up fast….does any one face this problem…i am from india

  9. Is there any where I can take my phone to be rooted.
    You all talk as if we know how to do certain things with our computers.
    I tried this way but extracting odbin, extract from where?
    Surely you should just be able to get a program connect your phone to computer and let it do the rooting.
    Why so complicated, trying to learn of you lot is like trying to understand a gold fish.
    Come on help a novice out.

    • use your head retard, lazy ass who can’t be bothered with doing a little research and wants everything to be sooo easy. Your attitude confirms to me that you are obese and lacking in mental acuity and therefore should do us all a favor and hang yourself

  10. Whats the worst case scenario

  11. What’s the worst that can happen if there’s an issue with trying KE4?

  12. What’s the worst that can happen? Newbie to android.

  13. Hi, I have KE7 version. Can I root that?


  14. I tried this on my new S2, the Odin part workd fine but the super one click just says ‘waiting for device’ and never comes back, phone seems to work ok but do get the yellow triangle and i also keep getting a ‘driving mode’ activation message.

    It appears the phone has not been successfully rooted as I cant get the unlock codes using unlock app as it says phone is not rooted.

    Since I did this my phone also doesnt appear to be recognised in Win 7 or Kies.

    I did this to unlock it but it appears I have probably just violated my new warranty with no reward :-(

    Wishing I’d left it alone now.

    • have you cleared the cache?

      • Neal,

        no I didn’t, how do I do this?

      • Neal,

        I hadnt done this, however I now have but it has not made any difference.

      • I wonder if its something to do with drivers, Im running Win 7 64bit Pro and when I first plugged the phone in it installed some drivers but reported an error with the ‘Mass Storeage Device’.

        Ive managed to put the 2.3.3 onto the phone via your other thread and the yellow triangle has now gone but still not managed to unlock it which was my goal.


  15. Hy i have a problem with odin..i put my phone in download mode ..press start but it freez in setupconection

  16. yes I have the yellow exclamation mark on load up.
    but after the phone works fine
    would be nice to know how to get rid of it.
    what it’s for?
    and any other information you might have regarding this issue.
    Thank you

  17. I had the same problem as redshift
    I followed all the instructions exactly, but after flashing the kernel with Odin and XWKDD_insecure.tar, then the phone rebooted, it showed the yellow sign and then went on a loading loop (just keeps showing the samsung and carrier logo)
    It didn´t reboot back into its OS as it was supposed to.

    How do I fix this?

    I can turn it off and it shows the recharge icon (when recharging).

    I tried putting into download mode and that does not work, i get a screen saying:
    android system recovery (3e)
    with 4 options:
    reboot system now
    apply update from sd card
    wipe data/factory reset
    wipe cache partition

    Also has a warning
    # Manual Mode#

    e:falied to mount /preload (no such file or directory)
    e: install_application_for_customer: can´t mount/preload

  18. Hi i have rooted the s2 i am new to this as i was a iphone user.what. can i do with a rooted phone also how can i put non markets apps on. cheers

    • You dont need root to install non-market apps. You copy them to the sdcard, install a file manager (if you dont allready have one) and click the apk and install it.

  19. Thanks for the tut. works briliant, before that games were laging but now runs smooth.

  20. hi thanks for the tutorial on rooting, just got my tel. today, and have one small question..

    As soon as the device is rebooted you will have to use the “adb root” command

    what is the “adb root” command is that just adb root??? I mean do I put this into the tel. via the computer.?

    so i need a special program to run this command adb root.. can you please be more specific.. Sorry for the silly questions.. just dont want to brick my new tel.
    thanks for any help

  21. Samsung Galaxy S2 – After applying ‘XWKDD_insecure.tar’ using Odin and the the one click root (which all worked fine), I have the bios boot screen with a large yellow triangle, but the phone loads up just fine.

    Nothing was cleared from the phone… lost nothing.

    The only issue I’ve seen so far (thank fully) is the EA games no longer install, bit annoying but not the end of the world…

    Would be nice to remove that yellow triangle from the bios boot screen too… I’m guessing the phone has detected an unofficial recovery partition or something.

    Any ideas?

    • The yellow triangle iis easily removed using an USB JIG (a mico-usb conector with some resistors inside). Just turn off the phone, plug the USB JIG and voilá!

      You can find them cheap on ebay.co.uk (I also sell them there, just look for “usb jig” on ebay).


  22. Hi Neal Pradeep,

    I have a Galaxy GT i9000 which i have upgrade to 2.3.3. I want to ask you if whether I can upgrade my Samsung Galaxy S GT i9000 to Galaxy S II by using your latest firmware XWKDD Kernel. I am waitinf for your answer. Bye Parmeshwar

  23. great Tutorial

    great tutorial…..thanks..

  24. I had a problem when trying to root my phone. I followed all the instructions exactly, but after flashing the kernel with Odin and XWKDD_insecure.tar, when the phone rebooted, it showed a gray battery with the loading loop, and then started flashing the GS2 logo with a yellow exclamation sign underneath. After using Odin, is the phone suppose to reboot back into its OS?? Now my device is not being recognized by SuperOneClick, so the program just stalls at “Waiting for device…”. What do I do from here? If I turn my phone on, it just flashes the GS2 logo with the yellow exclamation sign, and I have to pull the battery out to turn it off. I can still start it in download mode though, but don’t seem to be able to get it to start in recovery mode. Please help.

  25. can i use super one click to root my galaxy ace which i have upgraded to 2.3.3?

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