How to Root Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000

samsung galaxy sThere are many ways with which you can root your device but most of the people have myth that by rooting device becomes a brick. There is a procedure with which you can root your devices; there are many advantages of rooting as you can install any application which requires root access. You can root your device easily, so let’s check out the procedure with which you can root your device, please note that it’s highly important to take the back up of all your data as data may get erased. Also, it’s very important to follow the procedure as mentioned below as not following the steps carefully may brick your phone in short your device will become unusable. Also, note that this rooting procedure is strictly for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 and not for any other mobile device.

Before we proceed to the rooting procedure, make sure that you download these files,CF-Root for DDJP6 and CF Root XXJPY. If you are on DDJP6, then download the corresponding file and if you are on 2.2.1 XXJPY then download the corresponding file.

Procedure to root Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000:

  • First, you will have to switch off your device by taking necessary backups and then you need to enter into the Download Mode which can be activated by pressing the down volume button + Menu button, continue holding both and then press the power button holding the other two buttons (volume down + Menu button).Open the ODIN 1.3 select this tar file in PDA don’t select any PIT file also don’t tick re-partition.
  • Now, connect your device to the computer and then after the yellow block on the screen then you need to press on the start button.
  • As soon as the device gets loaded with all the files, your phone will be restarted.
  • Now, to check that you phone got successfully updated or not, you need to first find the Super user which will be having Pirate Skull logo icon which will be shown in the in your menu.
  • Now, after seeing the Pirate skull logo you have now successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.

If anywhere the password is asked then you need to enter Do, let us know if you come across any problems.

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