How to Set Custom Alarm & Ringtones to Android Devices

Customize RingtonesMost of the Android smart phones come with their own customized ring tones which can be set as ring tones and other tones but now in this article let’s learn about something with which you can set the customized Alarm Ring tones to android devices very easily. So, let’s get started and watch out on how you can do this.

Procedure to customize alarm and ring tones to Android devices:

  • First of all you will have to connect your Android smart phone to your computer using the USB cable.
  • Now, when prompted by the device, you will have to first mount the SD card to your computer or the laptop.

Mount SD Card

  • Now, after this in the root access root of the SD card, create three (3) new folders: ring tones, alarms, and then choose the notifications.
  • After this you need to copy all the sounds and music which you wish to configure them as tunes from your computer and laptop to the SD Card of your Android phone.
  • Now, simply un mount the device’s SD card from the computer and then you can assign any of the ring tones or the notifications to your phone and need to click on the device’s Menu button, tap on Settings and select Sound. Select either Phone ring tone or Notification ring tone (depending on which you are assigning) and select the new sound from the list. To assign a new alarm sound, open the Clock app and select an alarm. Tap Ring tone and select your new sound from the list and then click the Done button.

It has been found that some of the Android smart phones randomly allow you to long-press on sound files and set them as ring tones, this can end up being quite a mess. This is because your sound files could be in a number of areas on the phone. By using the three directories named above, you can easily manage and backup your custom ring tones which you have added in your phone.

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