How to Simply Disable Android Market Software Update Notifications

android logoAre you tired of frequent updates for all your Apps installed on your Android device? Then it’s time to switch off the automatic notifications which becomes an irritant sometimes. Since many of the applications are either in beta stages or in Release candidate stages the updates are sure to know the doors of your phone. So let’s check out that how you can turn off this irritant by turning off the automatic updates for the apps in the Google’s Android Market Place. Generally the updates pop up in the status bar of your Android device.

Procedure to turn off the automatic updates in Android Market Place:

  • Firstly, you will need to open the Market Place application from your Android device.
  • After opening the Market Place, you need to tap on the Menu key which is generally the soft touch left button.
  • Now from the options, select Downloads just by tapping on it.
  • Now, after Downloads is selected, tap on the Menu key again and now you have to select the Notifications option.
  • In the Notifications option, select the option Do not notify me radio button by checking the option.


  • Finally, select the option and click on Ok, there you go you have successfully disabled the update notification.

So, finally just by following some simple steps mentioned above you have successfully disabled the automatic update notifications in your Android device.

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