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How to Sync an Android device with Lotus Notes?

Lotus Android LogoMobile Phones will not be termed as SMART unless and until it does something which we want our mobile phones to do. So, is your Android mobile capable of synchronizing the Lotus e mails, calendar items, Lotus notes and also the contacts? Yes, almost all android phones are capable of synchronizing the same, but just a few tweaks and you are done with the syncing part of all these very simply. Basically, there’s an application which is called as the Lotus Notes which gives access to the users. This solution is also termed as Lotus Notes traveler which includes Lotus Domino Messaging Client Access License and the Lotus Domino Enterprise Client Access License sometimes and also supports many other operating platforms like iOS, Symbian, Windows platform etc.

So, the Android users can download this software from the Passport Advantage and Partner World sites for installation onto their mobile devices for free and no other hidden charges. So, this Lotus Domino is currently optimized for only the users who are currently having android operating system as 2.0 and above. This Lotus notes traveler comes with a great set of functionalities like these have the ability to access Notes from multiple devices running on popular mobile platforms. Also, there is no charge for the customers along with that it also comes with the ability to remotely sync email (including attachments), calendar and contact data with email encryption and also you can easily remotely wipe when your mobile gets lost.

Procedure to install Lotus Notes traveler on your Android:

  • Firstly, you need to contact the domino server administrator for getting the Lotus Notes Android download link which is same as the address of the Corporate Lotus Traveler server. So, after identifying the location of the installation files, you need to follow the below steps to configure the same.
  • From your Android mobile Phone, navigate to the IBM Passport Advantage Online and need to login. After logging in, you need to select an appropriate version and need to download the software.
  • Enter your username, password and the Lotus Traveler server (i.e. you will be using; your corporate Lotus Domino Server administrator should be able to provide this information. Now, after this device gets registered with the server on its own and the server automatically gives the option to sync the data where you can select the data which you need to sync.

Users will also want to consider the risk of allowing confidential company information to be accessed by a mobile app that doesn’t have a remote wipe facility as it can lead to the misusing of the important data.



  1. tj

    April 2, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    I just changed my settings to 0 and I was getting an avg. of 1.0 down and 50 up Now I’m getting avg. .45 down and. 40 up. What should I set it to to return it to stock?

    • avs

      October 3, 2011 at 1:49 pm

      It syncs Notes calendar, contacts, tasks and notebook to Android via Google.

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