How to Sync Google Calendar with Android Calendar

Want to make the most out of your Google Account? So, let’s check out on how you can sync all your Google calendar entries with Android calendar automatically. Basically, Google’s calendar sync allows you to sync events between Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Procedure to setup Google Calendar Sync with Android:

  • First, you will have to make sure that you are having Microsoft Outlook versions 2003, 2007, 2010 (32-bit) and operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
  • So, after getting the requirements, you now need to download the latest version of Google Calendar Sync.
  • After selecting the above link, you will find a dialog box where in you will have to save the file as shown in the below screen shot.

Google Sync Installer

  • Now, click on Save File in the dialog box.

Google Sync Download

  • As soon as the file is downloaded, click to open the same. As soon as the installation is finished, you will see that in the screen shot below, you will be asked to enter login details like Email and password and also you will have to select the sync option out of 2 way or the 1 way. Choose the radio button of the corresponding option. Also, additionally, you will have to enter the sync interval for syncing to occur. Please note that 10 minutes is the minimum time of sync interval which is allowed and then just click on the Save button.

Google Account Settings

2 way Sync: In two way Sync, all the events in your primary Google Calendar and your default Microsoft Outlook calendar are synced together. Once you’ve selected this option, any changes you made in the events in either Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar account will be reflected in both the applications.

1 way Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook Calendar: In this type of sync, all events in your primary Google Calendar are added to your default Microsoft Outlook calendar.

1 way Microsoft Outlook Calendar to Google Calendar: In this type of sync, all events in your primary Microsoft Outlook calendar are added to your default Google Calendar.

  • Now, after that you will have to enter the desired profile name as shown below, preferably let it be Outlook as in some cases it won’t accept any other name.

Choose profile

  • After clicking on Ok, you will now find a Google Calendar Sync icon in the Windows System tray which is the bottom right portion of the screen as shown below.

System tray icon

  • Now, when you choose the option to Sync, you will see that the System tray icon will turn into a bidirectional one as shown in the below screen shot.

Sync ProcessNow, again when the syncing gets finished the icon will turn in active. So, in this way you can easily Sync all the Google calendar entries with the Android calendar effortlessly.

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