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Video Tutorial : How to Capture Screenshots in Galaxy S4 Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy S4 is here and for all those who wish to take screenshots on the same is simpler than ever and it all takes a simple swipe for capturing the screenshot. With host of new WoW features in Galaxy S4 like Air Gesture, S Translator, S Health, Dual Camera Shot, Group Play, Smart Scroll and Smart Pause, the list goes endless. So, let’s check out on what are the ways to take screenshots in Galaxy S4 smartphone. While there are many apps which claims to take screenshots at your convenience but it’s not required to install any of those just for the heck as without any apps, you can easily take the screenshots.

Method 1:
Before proceeding, head over to the path “Settings > My Device > Motion and Gestures” and enable the Palm Motion Feature.

To capture the screenshot in your Galaxy S4, touch and slide the Palm Motion Slider to turn it ON. If you get any notification, you need to tap on OK and turn ON the “Capture Screen” option.


Just sweep across your hand on the face of your phone and then the screen shot will be captured. The captured screenshot will be there in “Gallery”.

Method 2:
Alternatively, press both Home Button + Power Button in your Galaxy S4 smartphone simultaneously to capture the screenshot for around 1-2 seconds. The captured screen shot can be accessed in the Drop down or will be saved in the Gallery.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Screen capture

Watch the Video below for a better demo of the same :

Do let us know in the comments section just in case if you have any better way to capture the screenshot as we will be more than happy to listen from you on the same.

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