How to Tether Motorola Droid Internet to your PC

PDA Net LogoThe tool which will enable the tethering in the device is PdaNet which does not require root access or hacking of phone’s firmware in order to work. This app is a simple Android application which works on almost all Android phones. With tethering your device, you can enjoy the services like your phone can connect to the data service, Wi Fi, or even through VPN and PdaNet will share the connection with your computer. It’s even capable of handling download speed well above 35Mbps (35000kbps) over USB and this is the undoubted fastest tethering software available for Android. This software is free but once trial expires, you can continue using PdaNet for free. The only difference is that free edition blocks secure web sites.

So let’s proceed to enable tethering in the Motorola Droid mobile device but before that you will be needing to download and install some software tools which are listed below.

  • Tethering Software – [PDANet] Download (Full  version – 29 $)

Procedure to tether Motorola Droid:

  • After successfully installing the PDANet software on your desktop and also on your device from Android Market Place, system will automatically install the USB drivers for you and if it refuses to do so then you need to install them manually.
  • Now, make sure that you have USB Debugging enabled in the Motorola Droid device. After enabling the USB Debugging, connect the device with the USB and launch the PDANet software tool and simply click on Turn PdaNet On.
  • Once the Turn PDANet On option is turned on, you can now go to your PC and click on Connect which is there on the PDANet software on the task bar. Once you are done, you have successfully tethered the Motorola Droid device successfully. Now all you need to do is to just sit back and enjoy the High Speed Wireless Internet.
  • Optional (for Bluetooth): If you need to tether the droid using Bluetooth then you need to pair your device with the PC via blue tooth connection.
  • So, after finishing its time to create a Dial Up Networking connection (DUN). If it asks about which modem is being used then select the Bluetooth modem driver. You need to enter the appropriate Username and Password along with this you also have to enter the phone number to dial. You can enter 123 and that’s it you can now enjoy tethering via Bluetooth too.

So, by following the above procedure of as small as just 5 steps you have successfully tethered the Motorola Droid.




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