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How to Transfer contacts from your Blackberry to an Android phone – Tutorial

Blackberry to Android TransferIt’s not new to everyone that Android OS possess the largest market reach in the smart phone segment, thus the result is that more and more people are turning up to get their hands on an Android smart phone. And why should they not get an Android? Android platform offers a wide variety of application base which catches eyes of developers, professionals, techies, gamers, medical practitioners, health enthusiasts, etc and this doesn’t end here, the android phones architecture helps developers to design applications which offer compatibility and accessibility to the users. Various enterprise solutions are now available on Android phones as market biggies are developing android enterprise solutions.

For Blackberry users who bought an Android phone can now be at ease as the contacts in blackberry phone can now be instantly synced to their android phone. Yes that is true thanks to Google, you do not need to connect your Blackberry phone to a computer and transfer contacts using Blackberry desktop manager to make sure of a back up or transfer contacts by removing SIM card each time. This Google app developed for Blackberry keeps your contacts synced with the Google server, all you need is a google account. There is no need of downloading any application on your Android phone as an Android phone comes with a sync function by default. Google sync app can be used with any phone with syncML support. Once your contacts are on Google server you can download all your contacts in vCard or CSV format as and when required.

Option 1:
Direct you Blackberry mobile phone browser to and simply click the button which says ‘Install Now’.

Option 2:
Direct your computer web browser to and then click the link under Blackberry title on the right side of your screen. Check out the image below.

Once you click the link you will be asked for your mobile number, you can enter your mobile number in the box supplied and make sure that you select right country. Once you enter all the details simply click the button which says ‘Send a text message to your phone’. When you complete this procedure you will receive a link on your Blackberry phone via SMS and now you can simply click open the link to download and install Google sync as explained in the option 1. Make sure that you approve the download.

Once the Google sync app is installed on your Blackberry phone simply start the application from your applications list, now when the application starts simply enter your Google account details in the given space. Your Gmail id, Google docs id, Google reader id, etc is your Google id thus this id and password is your Google account login details. If in case you access your Google account using a different web domain still you will be able to use the Google sync app using these login credentials. For example: If you access Google account using id as ‘’, go ahead you can use this detail. If you do not have a Google id or a Gmail id you can create one for free at

Now that you have completed the set-up, after login you will get to a welcome screen with a button namely ‘Sync’, click this button and the synchronization of your contacts will begin. The synchronization time depends on the density of the contacts on your Blackberry phone, the average time is 1 – 2 minutes or less. When synchronization ends, this means that your Blackberry contacts are now on the Google server. The best way to verify the synchronization is by login on to with same Google account login details that you used on your Blackberry phone.

On your Android phone from your home screen go to ‘settings’ then select ‘accounts and sync’, here you will find your Google account sync settings. Enable the sync by selecting the sync icon for that account and make sure the contacts option is ticked in the window which appears after selecting the sync icon for Google account. Keep the auto sync option ticked for automatic contacts synchronization. Once the sync on your Android phone is complete you will be able to see your Blackberry contacts on your Android phone. Now that you have your contacts synchronized with Google, you will never lose your contacts even if you brick your phone or the phone is lost as your contacts are safe and sound on the Google server and all for free.



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  17. Juan Carlos

    May 24, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    Early I made this procedure. When I had BB am fully syncronize with the phone. The point is that the transfer to Android phone is not exactly as Android Contact Library accept. Manually I had to reorder the information above. I don´t know if other guys feel the same

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    March 17, 2012 at 7:56 pm

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