How to Transfer Songs to your Android Device?

transfer songs into Android deviceAndroid, one of the fastest growing Mobile operating system packed with a feature rich content which completely differentiated the user experience to a whole new level. As this Google kid is growing up, its learning new and new features. For some earlier versions since sync support is not there, quite a few people may find it difficult to transfer the music from your PC or laptop to your Android phones but not to worry it’s not that difficult that it will be requiring some research r something like that, just follow a simple procedure and you are done to transfer all your favorite music into your Android device.

First of all let’s quickly check out the formats which Android has learnt till now and supports the various music formats. The list of format includes AMR, MP3, AAC, AAC+, enhanced AAC+, Ogg Vorbis and also PCM/WAVE. For a detailed list, you can check out here. If any other file formats you wish to transfer then you need to convert those in any of the formats which Google’s Android has learnt till now.

So coming to the transferring of music into your Android device, all you need to start with is to connect your Android device to the PC or laptop with the data cable provided, once you have done that you will see on bottom right side of your PC or on your laptop screen that a USB icon will be popping up saying, “A new device has been found”. So, it means that your device is now connected to the PC or laptop. Now, when you click on the bubble which says “A new device has been found” a dialog box will be opened, now all you need to do is to select “Mount” option which will transfer all the files from the computer or laptop to the memory card of Android device.

Now, create a folder in your PC or laptop and add the songs in it wherein you wish to transfer all your music to listen on your Android device. After loading the folder with all music you wish to transfer, right click on “start” menu from the home screen and click on explore. Now, you will be finding your device on the left hand side of the pane, select it, go to memory card and drag the folder which you have created to transfer the music to your Android device. This process will take some time depending upon the file size which is to be transferred.

After finishing the transfer, come to home screen and right click on “USB mass storage” option and select “Safely remove hardware” icon and select “stop” after which your device will be disconnected from the computer or laptop. Kindly, don’t forget to wait for the message “Your device has now been disconnected” as it shut downs the link between PC and your device which saves your device from damage.

So, you have successfully transferred all your favorite music successfully in to the memory card of your android mobile device

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