How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S 5670 to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Improvements in the latest Gingerbread XEKPG 2.3.4:

  • There are whole lot of improvements which have been updated in this version, though it will not be possible to list here all of them but
  • The think free office version is now updated to the 2.0 version
  • Camera fix has been done and also the GPS issue is now resolved which most of the users reported,
  • Sleep issue for the sensor disconnection too has been resolved in this update.
  • Previously when there were two contacts with the same last two digits like (11 and 111) were equal then the contact was not successfully added, but now after this update the problem has resolved,
  • Samsung apps are now updated with the latest version of UNA 2.0.7
  • Previously whenever one used to open the high resolution images, it used to prompt for the force closing of the application, but now after applying this update you no longer will have to face the force close issues as this solves the issue completely. This problem was mainly with the high quality GIF images.
  • One can now add the space in the view message detail
  • Along with all this, you will get to see a whole new user interface which is being updated with the latest 2.3.4 version of Gingerbread.
  • The battery life has been substantially increased and also additionally, the wait for the Google Maps 5.1 3D is over as with an all new update of 2.3.4, you will now be able to access the Google Maps of 5.1 version in 3D and also not only this you will now be able to enjoy their improved version of Google Books as well as Voice search 2.1.1 version which has the capability to detect the voice actions more accurately.
  • Many users also reported an issue of frequent force closes in their gallery application which is now been fixed with this update of 2.3.4. By the way if you want to have an all new Gallery for Android then too you can enjoy it as it provides the iPhone like view of all the photos which are there in the Gallery with host of other added benefits and features.
  • Wi Fi and the 3G icons both of them indicate that they are active and also the strange behavior of the phone’s status bar has now been fixed.  Battery life has been substantially optimized for providing longer battery life but it doesn’t seem to be longer enough to match the expectations of most of the users. GPS Location as well as the navigation has now been improved with which location problems will be solved leading to the showcase of accurate location.
  • Some of the users reported that the Android Market Place encounters some of the stability issues and doesn’t respond when many applications are used simultaneously or when the Internet speed is less, this issue now has been fixed successfully with the help of this update of 2.3.4.

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