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How To Update Samsung Galaxy FIT S 5670 to Gingerbread 2.3.4 Firmware

Galaxy FIT 2.3.4 LogoFor all those who are owning the handset called Samsung GALAXY Fit, it really can’t better than this as till now even Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 which was the flagship model for the year 2010 didn’t get the proper Gingerbread 2.3.3 version all across the World but here comes the bummer as the Samsung GALAXY Fit which costs less than half as that of the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 has an update which is dubbed as the latest Gingerbread 2.3.4 for Galaxy Fit. So, let’s check out on what are the things which are the new features or the things which have been added in this version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 for Samsung Galaxy Fit.

Please note that this update is the beta update and is not the official version, but it’s an official leak from the Samsung which is currently under testing and most of the bugs are fixed and also many functions have been fixed in this version of Gingerbread 2.3.4. So, before we proceed on what are the things which are new in this version and also how you can update your Galaxy Fit with the latest 2.3.4 you will also have to go through the list of pre requisites so as to facilitate the smoother firmware update to 2.3.4 Gingerbread release. This update of Gingerbread 2.3.4 is dubbed as XEKPG. Please note that by updating with this firmware will not void your phone’s warranty in any manner as this is not the rooting process and updating with this firmware won’t mean that you have rooted your phone.

Note : You will have to reconfigure the APN settings after updating the firmware to access the data services and the Internet services as all the Internet APN settings will be reset. You will have to contact your Service provider to get more info on the APN Settings. Not to forget also configure the MMS Settings. Also, we hold no responsibility if any thing goes wrong which is an unlikely event if anything goes wrong.


  1. does this update support Arabic lang. ??????????????


  3. how to change the language to english..please tell

  4. successfully upgraded but android 2.3 comsumes a lot of ram plz help & also now it cannot automatically load gprs settings plz solve this issue

  5. android themes

    It takes time to download because of my internet connection is crap but it works!! Thanks so much for this. now I won’t have to put gingerbread themes on my phone because I am on 2.3. sweet! :)

  6. i’m not be to get that download page what shall i do please help

  7. Yogesh Kumbhar

    Excellent worked for me.
    and Thanks vvvveeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy much.

  8. Hey i updated my Samsung Galaxy Fit following the above procedure…. Although it was successful… I have got a major problem with his

    I can not connect the phone using USB. Although its charging all right i cant access the memorycard from PC in USB mode . I used it in version 2.2.1 and it was all right. Plz help!

  9. Dear All,
    I got success to upgrade it but plz help me for language. Beacuse it is in Russian and I don’t know how to change it.
    Plz Help Me…
    Urgently I can’t use my mobile.

  10. is there any problem any of you is facing , some people are saying there are problems while connecting to internet and what are the majorchanges you guys noticed , and how much has the UI changed ? Thanks for help

  11. it changes phn language how to change its language to english plz tell me

    • go to the settings menu (cog), scroll down to white square with an a on, first option on that screen, then just scroll dowm till ou see english

  12. It worked!!! got android 2.3 on my phone. but don’t know how to put my phone in recovery mode…plz help

  13. why still cant install adobe flash player 10.3 and other apps that require 2.3 android?

  14. Thanks for the Post!

    Works smooth! Although I am loosing a great feature of automatic APN detection. Keep us posted on the new releases of firmwares as well.


  15. Hi all
    well i flashed the last 2.3.3 firmware to my galaxy a couple a weeks ago loved how quick it had be come but the only thing was i lost all my apps + launch theme could some one enlighten me on how to save all the apps ,
    also i have the sd pro but it will not move all the apps to the sd card like it supposed to.

    I would appreciate if some one would help me so a can upgrade to the 2.3.4


  16. how to update 2.3 samsung galaxy fit s5670

  17. WHAT happends when update process is interupted due to electricity failure

  18. Have anyone flashed this firmware ???? How is it ???Is Google maps working properly ?? (I mean is your location detected ?? )I have Galaxy fit and Galaxy 5,I flashed my galaxy 5 with a firmware of other country and it stopped detecting my location in google maps.And I think if we install any other firmware it is very hard to get the default firmware for India

    • yes its working perfectly alright! no you can easily get back to Indian version, juz let me know about your current version!

      • The details shown in my phone are :
        Model No : GT-S5670
        Android Version : 2.2.1
        Baseband Version : S5670DDKA6
        Kernel Version :
        root@SE-S605 #1
        Build number : FROYO.DDKA7
        Can you elaborate how and where to get the default firmware ( Indian )

  19. getting cannot open seral port code 5

  20. what about samsung galaxy ace

  21. Wowwwww I did that.. Awesome!

    Can you help me with ‘you will have to go in the recovery mode wherein you will have to delete the cache memory so that all unwanted files are removed if there are any left in the phone.’


  22. Please guide If i will face a problem how to rollback android 2.2 .

    How to read all bengali news paper on android phone .

  23. I’m going to try now. . . . I hope it will work….

  24. Can I use the same update to upgrade samsung galaxy 7 tab???

  25. thanks a lot for this one ……

    • @ashish do leave a feedback on the same! :)

      • this helped me a lot and now i am happily running Gingerbread in samsung galaxy fit……… !!! its amazing yaaaar

      • cannot open usb serial port. code 5 – please help.

      • hey i am having a problem…. i installed the os successfully and then after sometime, my phone became very slow and and every application force closes… i am not ablw to do anything on my phone now…. and also telll me how do i go into the recovery mode of the mobile…

      • hi,im new person among u,i just wanna help ,i update my phone (fit) to gingerbread but my music player wont work
        help me

      • [ plz confirm if OFFICIAL gingerbread FRAME WIRE available for galaxy fitS5670 ]

        two days ago, while connecting through kies….got a frame wire update option , and yes it was…GINGERBREAD, but showed error while downloading …tried several time but couldn’t…though one of my friend was successful …i visited Samsung Service center next day, and they told me ” we have no official information about it”…..but the sad part is …….few are getting it via KIES and few are not so fortunate. is there any other way to get “OFFICIAL” GINGERBREAD on my samsung fit???

      • hey Neal can recover from cm7 to gingerbread is then how…???

        id the way for clockworkmode then plz give me address and procedure to install it

    • Hari Prasad Das

      Thanks a lot i have update my phone and its working fine…
      only i got shocked after reboot cause language was changed to german.. any way i have changed the language to US english… its
      cool dude…

      • Hai buddy, I want to ask that how u changed your language. I am also facing same problem. plz tell me the procedure.

      • i also face the same language problem and that time i think … hey what happens if i cant change lang…. or if this beta version does support other language … but this is very cool. But i am looking for something more in this version for my device……….. did u find something spl in this version….. if you pls tell…

    • i upgrade my galaxy fit to ginger bread,the problem is i cant connect to internet using telecom 3g.

    • can u plz tell me how u did tat??

    • Hi I am unable to update 2.3.4 it gives the message
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      StartThread Detected : 0
      — cannot open the usb serial port. code: 32

      Any Help on this?

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