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How To Update Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to Gingerbread XXJVO 2.3.3 Firmware

Galaxy S 2.3.3 LogoGoogle has told that it will be rolling out the official Gingerbread 2.3.3 update for all the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 phones around the world starting from mid of May and we are also soon expecting the arrival of the latest Android 2.3.4 update for Samsung Galaxy S. There are several ROMs which claim that 2.3.4 update has arrived for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 too but there is no point in installing the buggy firmware or say not so ready firmware with worst ever battery power. So, as soon as 2.3.4 update comes out we will for sure cover an article on that.

Recently many users have said that 2.3.3 Gingerbread update is having lesser battery life compared to other firmwares and the same can be fixed in 2.3.4 update. But this new update which is dubbed as XXJVO just slightly improves the battery life marginally. Also, this version of the Gingerbread 2.3.3 version is the KIES leak as some of the users have received this update and is a stable one of all the recent. The reason being so many updates is that all the firmware issues are being addressed slowly in every version and is sent out for testing.


  1. Would just like to thank you a million times, for some reason this has taken me forever to do, and it never worked, and now I come across this and I’ve done it in a matter of minutes… I love you, If I could give you a bacon sandwich made by the missus (which are amazing i may add) I would, and also a beer and a high five… Cheers bro

  2. Hi Neal

    I recently got Galaxy S and want to know which compatible firmware/rom would you recommend to upgrade to? Obviously, for better performance and functionality.

    My phone details are as below:

    Model Number: GTI9000
    Firmware Version: 2.3.3
    Baseband: I9000xxjvo
    Build number: Gingerbread.XWJVH


  3. hi, does it work with the GT i9003 as well?

  4. the odin3. part did not work for me! i typed in the code things and clicked start and NOTHING happened! what do i do as i need to update my phone ASAP as it is running on version 2.2.1 FROYO…….HELP!!!!!

  5. Hi,

    I have a virmin mobile sgs on 2.2.1 xxjpw which cannot be updated to 2.3.3 offically.
    pda: xxjpw. phone: xxjpw. csc:xajpw
    I want to update to xxjvo but don’t want to loose the 3g settings,
    If i just update the PDA will that give me 2.3.3 gingerbread and keep my settings ?


  6. Hi, i tried to connect my phone while the odin is running but i couldnt see the yellow bar :( help please

  7. i ve got the jvr 2.3.3 for now cause its the last one
    i still have problems with data app(internet)
    ive got a samsung galaxy s1 just in case it helps
    and also let me know when the 2.3.4 comes on the market if u woukd know please tx

  8. hi since the update ive got nothing but problems with my samsung
    1- keeps shutting down whenever it feels like once or twice a day
    2-my data connection barely and i mean barely works …ive got to switch off and on my phone in order the data to be on so i can acces facebook or other pages and thats the internrt that i pay for (orange).
    3-my touchscreen is less responsive now after the update…
    the update came with kies so should’ve been alright
    what i could do is to repeat the update and see if there are any changes
    mind u i would still need a piece of advice from u neal

  9. I changed from JVK to JVO and this is what i’ve seen so far:
    - slower then JVK ( imoving trough windows and aplications is not faster then jvk )
    - definetly more stable then JVK ( i can feel that the phone is more stable and handles better with apps )
    - battely live increased.

    Not updating yet to 2.3.4 until a stable version of it.

  10. when i want to extract files it asks for password an i type it but it says “error- wrong password”can someone help m?

  11. Hello! I am completely clueless when it comes to technology… so appolgies in advance if i sound dumb!
    I have a samsung galaxy s I9000, This morning I completed an update via Kies. Now i have no internet!
    I tried fixing all the vpn etc, which i thought was working, cos the little “H” with the arrows appeared up the top menu bar thing. but nope no internet! When i click on facebook for instance it says the webpage is not available.
    Also I am with Virgin, and there is optus signs and stuff all over my phone, is that normal??
    ohh and i think it was in settings somewhere i went to select provider (or something like that?) and the only options were optus, vodafone, and telstra. im with virgin!?

  12. Hi Pradeep

    There is one constant issue I have been facing since the day I updated this new version. All the things work fine except for the call logs. It crashes constantly when ever I try accessing them. It works only after I restart my phone. I try to clear the Memory (since it is low at 45 MB) using advance task manager, and all I get is some 65 MB, then the logs appear for some time. I have got 4 email clients installed which check for emails in hourly schedule, but this shouldnt be a reason for not having enuff memory. I am not sure if 40 MB is not enuff to display call logs for 500 entries ? This didnt occur in froyo version earlier, but ofcourse it had the worst battery life :)

    • Its not a known issue but developer has been informed bout the same. U can expect an update patch for this soon.

      • Hi Pradeep

        Any idea when the patch may be available from the developer ?
        The messages as well as the call logs applications (android standard) close abruptly due to low memory. This happens when I use the phone for more than 2 days and it is asking for a restart …

  13. Sorry, i’m,a major technophobe but your instructions seem pretty easy to follow. But I wanted to knpw why samsung can’t let you get gingerbread 2.3 by going into settings>about phone>system update?
    nd also is this frowned upon or nything?

  14. Robenildo de Oliveira

    I wonder when will be available new firmware Gingerbread.xxvjo
    2.3.4 update for the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000.

    My Samsung = Galaxy S GT-I9000
    Baseband Version = I9000XXJVO
    Firmware Version = 2.3.3
    Build Number = Gingerbread.xxvjo
    Current firmware version: PDA:JVO / PHONE:JVO / CSC:JVO (CPW)

    Best Regards.

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