How To Update Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to Gingerbread XXJVO 2.3.3 Firmware

Galaxy S 2.3.3 LogoGoogle has told that it will be rolling out the official Gingerbread 2.3.3 update for all the Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 phones around the world starting from mid of May and we are also soon expecting the arrival of the latest Android 2.3.4 update for Samsung Galaxy S. There are several ROMs which claim that 2.3.4 update has arrived for Samsung Galaxy S GT I9000 too but there is no point in installing the buggy firmware or say not so ready firmware with worst ever battery power. So, as soon as 2.3.4 update comes out we will for sure cover an article on that.

Recently many users have said that 2.3.3 Gingerbread update is having lesser battery life compared to other firmwares and the same can be fixed in 2.3.4 update. But this new update which is dubbed as XXJVO just slightly improves the battery life marginally. Also, this version of the Gingerbread 2.3.3 version is the KIES leak as some of the users have received this update and is a stable one of all the recent. The reason being so many updates is that all the firmware issues are being addressed slowly in every version and is sent out for testing.


  1. Would just like to thank you a million times, for some reason this has taken me forever to do, and it never worked, and now I come across this and I’ve done it in a matter of minutes… I love you, If I could give you a bacon sandwich made by the missus (which are amazing i may add) I would, and also a beer and a high five… Cheers bro

  2. Hi Neal

    I recently got Galaxy S and want to know which compatible firmware/rom would you recommend to upgrade to? Obviously, for better performance and functionality.

    My phone details are as below:

    Model Number: GTI9000
    Firmware Version: 2.3.3
    Baseband: I9000xxjvo
    Build number: Gingerbread.XWJVH


  3. hi, does it work with the GT i9003 as well?

  4. the odin3. part did not work for me! i typed in the code things and clicked start and NOTHING happened! what do i do as i need to update my phone ASAP as it is running on version 2.2.1 FROYO…….HELP!!!!!

  5. Hi,

    I have a virmin mobile sgs on 2.2.1 xxjpw which cannot be updated to 2.3.3 offically.
    pda: xxjpw. phone: xxjpw. csc:xajpw
    I want to update to xxjvo but don’t want to loose the 3g settings,
    If i just update the PDA will that give me 2.3.3 gingerbread and keep my settings ?


  6. Hi, i tried to connect my phone while the odin is running but i couldnt see the yellow bar :( help please

  7. i ve got the jvr 2.3.3 for now cause its the last one
    i still have problems with data app(internet)
    ive got a samsung galaxy s1 just in case it helps
    and also let me know when the 2.3.4 comes on the market if u woukd know please tx

  8. hi since the update ive got nothing but problems with my samsung
    1- keeps shutting down whenever it feels like once or twice a day
    2-my data connection barely and i mean barely works …ive got to switch off and on my phone in order the data to be on so i can acces facebook or other pages and thats the internrt that i pay for (orange).
    3-my touchscreen is less responsive now after the update…
    the update came with kies so should’ve been alright
    what i could do is to repeat the update and see if there are any changes
    mind u i would still need a piece of advice from u neal

  9. I changed from JVK to JVO and this is what i’ve seen so far:
    - slower then JVK ( imoving trough windows and aplications is not faster then jvk )
    - definetly more stable then JVK ( i can feel that the phone is more stable and handles better with apps )
    - battely live increased.

    Not updating yet to 2.3.4 until a stable version of it.

  10. when i want to extract files it asks for password an i type it but it says “error- wrong password”can someone help m?

  11. Hello! I am completely clueless when it comes to technology… so appolgies in advance if i sound dumb!
    I have a samsung galaxy s I9000, This morning I completed an update via Kies. Now i have no internet!
    I tried fixing all the vpn etc, which i thought was working, cos the little “H” with the arrows appeared up the top menu bar thing. but nope no internet! When i click on facebook for instance it says the webpage is not available.
    Also I am with Virgin, and there is optus signs and stuff all over my phone, is that normal??
    ohh and i think it was in settings somewhere i went to select provider (or something like that?) and the only options were optus, vodafone, and telstra. im with virgin!?

  12. Hi Pradeep

    There is one constant issue I have been facing since the day I updated this new version. All the things work fine except for the call logs. It crashes constantly when ever I try accessing them. It works only after I restart my phone. I try to clear the Memory (since it is low at 45 MB) using advance task manager, and all I get is some 65 MB, then the logs appear for some time. I have got 4 email clients installed which check for emails in hourly schedule, but this shouldnt be a reason for not having enuff memory. I am not sure if 40 MB is not enuff to display call logs for 500 entries ? This didnt occur in froyo version earlier, but ofcourse it had the worst battery life :)

    • Its not a known issue but developer has been informed bout the same. U can expect an update patch for this soon.

      • Hi Pradeep

        Any idea when the patch may be available from the developer ?
        The messages as well as the call logs applications (android standard) close abruptly due to low memory. This happens when I use the phone for more than 2 days and it is asking for a restart …

  13. Sorry, i’m,a major technophobe but your instructions seem pretty easy to follow. But I wanted to knpw why samsung can’t let you get gingerbread 2.3 by going into settings>about phone>system update?
    nd also is this frowned upon or nything?

  14. Robenildo de Oliveira

    I wonder when will be available new firmware Gingerbread.xxvjo
    2.3.4 update for the Samsung Galaxy S GT-i9000.

    My Samsung = Galaxy S GT-I9000
    Baseband Version = I9000XXJVO
    Firmware Version = 2.3.3
    Build Number = Gingerbread.xxvjo
    Current firmware version: PDA:JVO / PHONE:JVO / CSC:JVO (CPW)

    Best Regards.

  15. hi,

    3g not working on my mobile, I will not get on the internet.

    how do you get a Swedish keyboard?


  16. Please i am a novice. How can i update my os? safely. …..

  17. hi there…

    i am tryng to upgrade my 2.2 version to 2.3 through kies..
    frst of all…

    sum error comes which says “m-obex/security/privacylock
    invalid body size”.

    and then by pressing ok..d process continues…
    n during downloading…suddenly an error comes whch says process timed out or smthng lyk dat..

    ive tried it more than 10 times..n d downloading is stops in between
    what to do..??
    can anyone pls help in dat..


  18. Neal, I read that samsung makes updates for each country separately, this version has been made for what country?
    And Also what does mean this letters -> XXJVO?

  19. Neal, what is the latest version, which supports Chinese?

  20. can some one help i tried updating my galaxy s followed instructions but it comes up fail on the mfc first box and now wont let me turn my fone on some one please help

  21. Where can I find a list of the languages the various versions cater for? I am looking for the Gingerbread 2.3.4 that caters for Hebrew! Is the XXJVO containing Hebrew?

  22. Hi Neal,

    I have updated my Galaxy S to XXJVO and its working fine. The only problem i got that all the applications installed got removed after that. So now is there any way to get them or i can move to the earlier version Froyo ?

    Moreover now 2.3.3 is also available with samsung kies. Is that a better one ?

  23. Thanks after about 5 goes of the install and 5 goes of the clear cache it worked!! Really good instructions just not for my muppet arms!!

  24. hi,

    should i need to check/thick re-partition as what i did on my galaxy tab with the galaxy s upgrade???

  25. Hey! I have troubles with my galaxy s, I can’t make a backup via samsung kies.. Idk what the problem is, I downloaded the latest version and I connect my phone according the procedure but all I get is the advice to contact costumer service(and idk what costumer service either..) I dont dare updating it without a backup! Anyone tips? Thanks in advance! Sam

  26. Does this version of android has a better BATTERY LIFE

  27. Ok so I’ve updates my samsung galaxy S to 2.3.3
    So what does this mean? I’m a technophobe therefore it means nothing
    Can anyone list what this update has done for my phone (other than make the battery and signal icons change colour in the top corner).
    On a more important note, if Samsung can make updates to my phone then why can’t they sort the AWFULL microphone sensitivity on the phone which is far to sensitive and clearly has the gain at 100% with no obvious way of reducing it… I can’t record one single concert that I play at, yet all my friends with the iphone get great quality picture like me but with quality sound for a phone device?/?

  28. Mate will this method work for me even though the my firmware currently is 2.2 vodafone edition- i.e my phone is a network phone but not locked.


    • Never Mind my earlier question- it worked a charm!

      Thank you very much mate, you,ve got at least one friend in Australia

      Have a good one mate

  29. Mate my mobile is from vodafone and they are taking too long to release the 2.3 version- will this work method work on any galaxy S regardless of the the fact that my current firmware is 2.2 vodafone version?


  30. Dear Neal
    Thanks for the instructions, my phone is now updated, and works fine, but I’m not able to do several actions in some applications. How can I root this version?

    Thanks in advance! :)

  31. Hi Folks/Saviours,

    I tried this and the update got “FAILED” :(( . Could someone please help me with this. I need to recover my phone to the older Froyo atleast. Please please please please please help.

    All I see now is a Phone…!…PC Icon on my phone when I start it… I am not able to get into the download menu or a normal startup

  32. Hi,
    I just flash my i9000 to 2.3.3 XXJV5. the performance is quite good, except the quality of phone part, my friend always complaint above the quality of conversation is too bad. Can i just flash JVO on phone part only in order to improve the phone performance.? Thank


  33. Hy…

    I’m using XXJVO for almost a month now and i am very pleased with it…
    the speed is great, battery lasts longer… untill today…

    my battery drained in like 12h with low usage when beafore it lasted for 4 days…

    in battery usage it usually said Android OS 3% … now its 64% ….

    anyone has similiar problems???

    How to fix it???

    • rajesh babu shrestha

      i used to have this prob….. solution: restart your device and kill software update and sns process from menu>application…. most of the time just restarting works…..

  34. Hi Neal,
    i upgraded my samsung to gingerbread 2.3.3, version I9000XXJVO, and this what i got:
    extremely bad quality camera photos, grainy and not clear. also it takes seconds to take a photo while it was instantly with Froyo and Eclair…
    the gallery is sooo laggy and slow, simply horrible, and the photos are sorted in a very weird way (new and old completely mixed together)…
    As i noticed the battery life is better, in general i’m very disappointed…
    Do you have any advice? the 2.3.4 can solve the probems mentioned above?
    Note that cash was cleared and the phone was hard reset as well…

    Thank you.

  35. Hey thanks for the update, works awesome!
    Just one thing, I cant find Whatsapp Messenger on the android market sins the update and it wont install from the storage card… any idea why!?

  36. Yesterday my Galaxy9000i finally upgrades to 2.3.3. Gingerbread. And now….

    Say goodbye to your crisp & bright colors, it’s all yellowish now
    Say goodbye to reading your mobile in bright daylight, apparently the maximum brightness is lower than it used to be
    Say goodbye to the Daily brief app….

  37. Hi Folks,
    I just upgrade my Samsung GT-I9000 to gingerbread 2.3.3, version I9000XXJVO
    Kernel version root@DELL101 #2
    Compliation Number GINGERBREAD.XWJVH
    It works cool, but Mobile AP functions disappeared from the wireless connections menu?
    Do anybody help me to find it again? or is it impossible to use the wireless router function like previous Androids versions does?

    Many Thanks

  38. i got stuck to the “within 5 mins..” it has been running for 15 mins and it is still in param.lfs
    i tried samsung kies. still failed.


  39. what is the best gingerbread 2.3.3 firmware as of now?

    thank you man!

  40. Hi. After updating my Samsung Galaxy S I-9000 to Gingerbread XXJVO 2.3.3 Firmware, I had a problem with connecting to my VPN. For me, to able to use Android Market, I have to go to Flight mode, and then connect to a VPN (L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN for me). But whenever I do that, my smartphone crashes and reboots! And that happens every time I try to connect to the VPN.

    Your quick response would be most appreciated.

  41. After upgrading 2.3.3. xwjvo, I have a problem with battery. After 48 hours of up time, my Galaxy consumes three time faster than before 48 hours of up time. Then I must to up time more often to avoid the fast consumption.

  42. Hi Neal
    first of all please disregard my previous comment regarding the installation of the rom 23/5
    since i am going now to download the arabic version of gb 2.3.3 called jpjv6
    I thank you for this version and if i encounter any problem i will let you know
    Again thank you and keep on this excellent job

  43. Hi Neal,

    After I installed XXJVO to my Galaxy S, I noticed that my battery was draining fast not like the XXJPY..
    I thought that XXJVO is better than XXJPY if regards on battery life..

    here is my battery use %
    Display 24%
    Android OS 18%
    Maps 14%
    Music 9%
    Android sys. 7%
    Cell Standby 5%
    Wi-fi 4%
    Gallery, phone Idle & voice call 2%
    dialer 1%

    is this normal for XXJVO firmware?

    Thanks in advance

  44. Hi Neal
    it seems that we have to wait some time till the arrival of the arabic version for gb 2.3.3
    in the meantime i went through the internet and to be frank with you i found a rom
    called ROM 23/5- 7 LINUX rom v.3.2 (2.3.3 xwjvh) full arabic -odin version(from xda- developers)
    but unfortunately when i downloaded this rom i couldnt extract the pda file.
    my question is if it is possible that you look into it and tell me if it is safe and how we can install this rom

    Thank you

  45. Works like a charm ..

  46. Hey, I want to ask a question;

    I’m currently on Darky’s Resurrection Edition 10.1. Is it possible to go back to stock XXJVO following the procedure here? I probably need to disable lagfix first, right?

  47. Neal, is it ok to update the firmware 2.3.3 if i’m not disable the voodoo lag fix?


    more power

  48. just have a small doubt…

    my android version is froyo 2.2 and build version is froyo.jpjpa…can i update to the 2.3.3??
    and also what is the difference between the XWJVB 2.3.3 Firmware and the XXJVO 2.3.3 Firmware



  49. Hi Neal, .. i am currently on 2.3.2 XWJV1 where Swype and 3G does not work.. can you please let me know the most latest stable version of android WHERE BOTH Swype and 3G works with excellent battery and the link to upgrade on thanks a lot

  50. Neal, i installed 2.3.2 in the morning today. But found that swype is no longer working.. will 2.3.3 make swype working? has 2.3.4 come already.. is 2.3.4 better than 2.3.3

  51. after the Fw update my phone reboots and it asks to confirm password ? ?
    wht is the problem ?

  52. Hi Neal

    I got a Asian versian of I9000DXJPA, can i update to the latest u mention?

  53. I tried updating and it got half way through the factoryfs and the phone screen went to orange and didnt do anything…. what should i do?

  54. Hi Neal!

    I successfully installed this firmware (XXJVO) to my Galaxy S . .
    Thanks to you guys . . .

    one question, do I need to flash again the voodoo lag fix? because my quadrant score is lower than the previous firmware (XXJPY)

    Thanks again for your great work!!

  55. Hi Neal!

    I successfully installed this firmware to my galaxy s . .
    Thanks to you . . .

    one question, do I need to flash again the voodoo lag fix? because my quadrant score is lower than the previous firmware (XXJPY)

    Thanks again for your great work!!

  56. i got itfinall,i have to set my USB to debbuging state plz if u are also having problem of not been able to access yourphone for upgrade after downloading the ROM plz set ur USB connection to deburging

  57. neil pls help me i hav error connectin to the internet after getin connected via wifi if i use android market or internet its says “a network error has occured ”
    pls help pls do.

  58. THaaaaaaaank you worked greatly … hope that soon you can provide a way of rooting it thanx

  59. 10x for the fix man

  60. Thanks Neal for your tutorial.
    At first I updated my galaxy s to xwjvh fowling your instruction. everything was fine, but when I visited your site again and saw that there is another update available called xxjvo and you say this is better firmware available among 2.3.3 firmwares. and I updated again, but when my phone booted and restarted, there were lots of pop ups saying force close this app, force close that app…. I was using go luncher before, and when phone is restarted accidently I press default for go luncher, which was forcing to close already, then after I couldn’t open my home screen. then again I updated to jvh,
    Now I can’t make video calls as front facing camera doesn’t tun on while calling.
    Can I make video call in JVO, via 3g or yahoo msgn?
    and can I update to JVO again? how can I avoid the problems I mentioned above if I upgrade to JVO again?
    and at last… Is hindi font available in any firmware released till date for galaxy s?
    Thanks once again Neal.

  61. Thanks Neal for your tutorial. At first I updated my

  62. I’ve follow the steps and it’s quite successful until the “Wipe data/factory reset” steps, the phone auto on again but it will stuck at the intro of the “Galaxy S” and keep on restart again and again. and it cant even go to the main page? how?

  63. Currently following the guide, I’m at hte part that says it shouldn’t take longer then 5mins, and it’s been around 15mins now….. getting a little nervous…. going from 2.1….

  64. Hi Neal, i have i have successfully Update Samsung Galaxy S I9000 to Gingerbread XXJVO 2.3.3 Firmware
    on my Galaxy s I9000 by use Odin3 but unfortunately i got the problem now i can not call through my mobile when i try to call its says “Mobile Network not Available” and also its not showing mobile network tower on my mobile. I am from Saudi Arabia and using sawa sim at my phone,now i am afraid please can u help me….what to do now?

  65. Hi Neal after flashing to XXJVO from XWJVH ive noticed a decline in my battery performance.
    If I want to flash back to XWJVH can I flash directly from XXJVO or do I need to flash back to XWJVB first.

  66. Dear Neal

    IS this firmware support Arabic?



  67. Hi Neal !
    successfully installed this firmware to my galaxy s . .
    Many thanks to you . . .
    now can you please provide me the link to tutorial so i can root my device again . .
    waiting for yewr reply , Bye

  68. Hi Pradeep,

    I just tried to update the firmware to 2.3 gingerbread as instructed by you. My phone is currently running on 2.1(Eclair). After downloading and once the phone rebooted it started installing and it failed by giving a message saying installation aborted. It also referred to some cache. What should i do now? I am not able to turn on my phone!!!:( :(

    Please help me asap

  69. Hey Neal,

    After several failed attempts on Kies, I came across this site for a manual update.

    Being a total novice, I was a little reluctant to perform this update but going the steps you’ve given, it was just too easy – thanks a ton for this walk-through!

    Cheers mate.

  70. hi Neal thank you for update,
    I’ve updated my galaxy s GT-I9000 to 2.3.3 XWJVh, I just want to know which of the firmware is better and stable, XXJVh, XXJVO, XXJVB or any other, also can I change to XXJVO,XXJVB or any other better firmware.

  71. hi Neal thank you alot,
    I’ve just updated my galaxy s GT-I9000 to 2.3.3 XXJVh, I just want to know which of the firmware is better, XWJVh, XWJVO, XXJVB or any other, also can I change to XXJVO,XWJVB or any other better firmware.

  72. all i can say is wow..followed the procedure and ping there it is ugrade done……keep up the good work. even my apn settings where ok no faults found at all…thank you sooooo much…hurray!!!

  73. Hey Neal,

    Thanks alot for the update. I followed all the instructions and eveything went well except for the last part. After the first reboot im not able to go into recovery mode. Infact the first time i did it, it worked but never after tht. Is tht a JVO issue?


    • no @aaron its not an issue in JVO! You should be able to get into the recovery mode!

      • Hey Neal,

        I tried a couple of times but did’nt work, thts ok I’ll figure tht out later. I have another question, I recently came across three more firmwares after the XXJVO, which are DDJV6, ZSJV5 and ZWJV4. Should I move onto these? and how does this work are these later and better firmwares of Gingerbread 2.3.3? Thanks for the help again.

  74. Hi Neal,

    I have successfully updated my i9000 to Gingerbread XXJVO 2.3.3, however I found that I cannot send SMS in Chinese, all the other function is OK, including Web-browsing. I then flash the Asia version I9000ZSJPJ by using the odin, and it can successfully flashed, and I can select the Chinese interface, but I found that it cannot connect to internet even though I have set the APN correctly. And I found that the firmware version as follow:
    PDA: I9000ZSJPJ
    CSC: I9000ZSJPG

    As flashing the JVO version is different from flashing JPJ (since JPJ has only one file), will there any tactic for flashing the stock rom so that I can resume the Asia version that can resume the internet browsing. Or any solution that I can use JVO version that can send Chinese SMS. Viewing Chinese in JVO is no problem.

    Many thanks for your help.




    • @gideon is it Galaxy S GT I9000 you are trying to update or some other phone?

      • yes galaxy s i9000,if i connect the phone it brings out some options like
        connect to kies
        connect to mass storage
        pc internet.and yet it will not recognise whenever put my phone to download mode to there any problem somewhere somehow?

  76. i have downloaded the xxjvo firmware and even the kies,but when ever i wanted to upgrade from kernel to gingerbread using odins,my system does recognise my phone.but den i usually use this phone i9000 to browse n even playing some of my songs.also if i turn to use kies it does tell me that no device was connected,why pls im currious and worry to begin enjoying like others.will love to no more even through my mail;,

  77. Hi Neal..,

    what a relief to know that there is complete guidance for those in help just like myself.. I’m so impressed.. you did a very good job..

    Just to brief you shortly.. I’m currently using the Samsung Galaxy S i900 version 2.1 Eclair and I’m lame in all this gadget things.

    I’d problem with the phone before which was lagging so badly… I’ve overcome the problem by rooted and use the OCLF application.. and it was okey and the Quadrant Standard always shows 2000-2200.., but lately my phone was always blinking and hang.. even after I cleared the cache.. I don’t know what to do.. till I found this website and eagerly decided to upgrade my Firmware to XXJVO.

    I”ve downloaded the XXJVO Firmware Package and followed the instruction given step by step. but unfortunately it just couldn’t be done.. the problem is after I put my phone to the download mode and start connect to the laptop it was stated that it couldn’t find the driver.. and it’s start maze me up.. the Odin doesn’t start automatically.. I”d try to open the Odin file manually which is extracted from the XXJVO Firmware Package and key in the password given, it can be opened but just in blank format and not as what it suppose to be.. has any body was face the same situation..? please help me..!

    Should I put the KIES CD driver and install it first to my computer..?

    I just keep wondering when you said this firmware is not recommended for all those whose phones are network locked. What does it means.., and how to check either my phone is network locked or not?

    I really need some help here.. Thanks a lot for your attention..!

    • @Ridzuan hi..if you are able to use any sim cards then its not network locked.
      Just follow the procedure which is mentioned above and you can easily update your device!

  78. Hi Neal,

    I am facing an issue with wireless connection after the upgrade. I am not able to connect to internet. Please help me out.


    • same here first i had problem of getin connected to wifi after getin connected wen use the android market or internet it says” a network error has occured”.i fell like i had ruined my phone after upgradin to this 2.3.3
      pls help .

  79. can anybody root this firmware?

  80. Hello Neal,

    I recently updated this firmware(JVO) which is good but I have noticed few issues.
    Firstly I am unable to see the individual message in Inbox just like the way I used to see in my previous firmware (XWJS5). When I touch a particular Msg in a conversation, it used to open on a black background. But in this new firmware (JVO) I cannot see it.
    Secondly, the online quadrant score used to be 1250 in XWJS5 update (after updating Vodoo lag fix)
    now in this JVO I only get a score of around 750.

    Please share your thoughts on this..


  81. Thanks a lot for easy and to the point steps. I have successfully upgraded to Gingerbread……..!

  82. An unexpected thing happend today.. Before I went to sleep i normaly used exchange email, facebook, tweeter, nimbuzz application and then i checked my battery level is 56%. But in the morning today when I woke up, I checked my mobile it not responding.. I pushed the lock button to unlock it but no result. Not even backlight showing in display. I thought might be the hole battery charge is gone.. And then i started charging my fone, but no display or still unlock function not working. Only the sound told me my fone is set into the charging mode. After sometime i again tryed to unlock but no Luck.. :(

    Then I pulled the SIM, SD Card and Battery out and wait for some time and again hook the battery with my fone and start it.. This time my Luck works.. My fone starts normaly with booting animation and sound. And the interesting thing is my battery level is only 29% left. Over a night around 7 Hours in power saving mode the battery drains upto 17%. Im using Advance Task Killer and it autometically kill unused/unexpected applications every half an hour. So i think there is no valid reason to loss my battery over a night..

    I just updated my fw of SGS I9000 to XXJVO and after that it happend. Is that a firmware problem or what ? Should I roolback to my previous firmware XXJVK which was working fine ? Can anyone help me out ???

  83. Hi Pradeep

    I have installed this version and things are working as expected except for the bluetooth.

    It seems I just cannot find the bluetooth stereo headphones even though first time it did find the device. Later after repeated search still the device is not found. So is there any way of making it work ?

  84. thanks to Neal and….gingerbread 2.3.3 works great on my SGS i 9000

  85. Hi neel..
    I just updated this fw over xxjvk. seems like this one is better than before. but im experiencing lower ring tone problem i guess. In earlier version my ringtone was louder i think. im using same ringtone with same sound level like before. does anyone have the same problem?

    one more thing is the back light of my edit and back botton is now dim when im not in power saver mode. back light is only activate when i touch them? is it a bug or not, plz reply..

  86. Is it stable?

  87. hello Neal,
    Just finished doing this firmware update.. First time when i tried, after selecting all the files
    in odin and I clicked start, the process just dint go further, I waited for almost 20 mins but nothing happened and my phone turned off from download mode!! God was so worried!
    Then i tried the process again.. it went on smoothly.. phone is working better..
    just need to check the battery and other stuffs :)

    thanks a ton Neal.. Your doing a great job :-)

  88. Thank for the new update this but why until now not supporting Arabic language and more than thousand of Samsung devices using by who need Arabic language at least for received sms and sending .

    thanks & regards .

  89. Hi Pradeep

    Thanks for the info you provided in the website and helping one and all. I used to do this for Nokia devices. I am new to android but will pickup soon.

    I have installed 2.3.3 update XXJVO and found everything works great including the battery. My phone can now go on for 24 hrs without a recharge.

    The only issue I face now is bluetooth. It somehow doesnt detect my nokia stereo headphones (It detected the headphones only once first time but could not PAIR it). The older 2.2 Froyo version did PAIR the headphones and I used to enjoy the music. But this Gingerbread version seems to have a rare bug and I am caught admist. Is there any way to make this work ? I tried to pair this with other bluetooth phones and it is able to identify them. Should I try 2.3.3 XXJVH version which may work with bluetooth ?

  90. Hi,

    I have just updated my Galaxy S to XXJVO but when I now connect it via Kies the firmware details shown end with (KOR) which is Korea I believe.

    Is there a separate file for the UK, or at least for Europe please?

  91. Neal.What is the best way to back up my applications/games.I really dont want to download all the apps again after updating to each firmware version.Please Help

  92. Just installed XXJVO.. Hope it will be better then XXJVK.. Thx for the tutorial and above useful comments

  93. which one is better….JVH or JVO?

  94. dear pradeep,

    my galaxy s is very slow. Atleast that is what i feal. I am new to android and is currently using fryo. Going to upgrade as per ur directions. thanks for everything. But what i want to know is why is my phone slower than a simple low cost nokia. I installed about 40 applications. The browsing in 3g is also consuming a hell lot of battery. is it normal. please clarify.

  95. Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..
    Enter CS for MD5..
    Leave CS..


    Can you help me out? Odin3 isn’t doing anything and when I try it again it keeps giving this instruction,
    I can’t click on Start on Reset or frankly anything

  96. Hey all i thought i would ask like all of you guys have already done so before me, but one thing i like to make sure is that i am sure 100% before attempting anything like this.

    So after hours and hours of carefully reading the questions and replies not just from on here but other sites too is that one thing that would make this all easier to do is if it were clearer more about what is the zone of the updates themselves ie, UK/Europe, USA, Asia etc; because frankly i’m still none the wiser lol

    All i seem to read is everyone has different firmware to mine and with them all stating errors of some sort i am still a little apprehensive in going through with it. So all i ask is which firmware do i use to upgrade with regards to my own UK Model which is as follows PDA: I9000BVJS4
    PHONE: I9000BVJP4
    CSC: I9000ORAJS4
    BUILD: 2011.02
    Kernel root@DELL104#1
    So i await patiently for any help that comes my way..big props to this site too…absolute God send!
    Tnx Lee

    • @Lee Roberts hey glad that you have put and rolled everything in just one question itself. I would like to day that its a Global version and anyone can update with the same and its not any region specific. So go ahead and flash! ;) Do let us know for further help!

  97. Hey all i thought i would ask like all of you guys have already done so before me, but one thing i like to make sure is that i am sure 100% before attempting anything like this.

    So after hours and hours of carefully reading the questions and replies not just from on here but other sites too is that one thing that would make this all easier to do is if it were clearer more about what is the zone of the updates themselves ie, UK/Europe, USA, Asia etc; because frankly i’m still none the wiser lol

    All i seem to read is everyone has different firmware to mine and with them all stating errors of some sort i am still a little apprehensive in going through with it. So all i ask is which firm-ware do i use to upgrade with regards to my own UK Model which is as follows :

    PDA: I9000BVJS4
    PHONE: I9000BVJP4
    CSC: I9000ORAJS4
    BUILD: 2011.02
    Kernel root@DELL104#1

    So i await patiently for any help that comes my way..big props to this site too…ansolute God send!

    Kind Regards,


  98. hey bro
    i installed this new fw, everything is fine but im not able to use my internet from mobile service provider, plz help, what to do now. #help
    please give proper info on that.

    • Hey guys, I really need some help….alll went well but I can’t pick up any network operators right now….therefore I have zero service….called my service provider (Sasktel) and he told me he had no idea…ran through all the APN stuff so that should be A-ok once I’m able to find a network provider.

      At the very least could someone please advise me as to how I could revert to an earlier version that Kies would support?

    • ring costumer care.. and ask them for setting .. i did the same go to SET UP AND DO IT MANUALLY

    • reconfigure your APN setting.

  99. hey bro
    i installed this new fw, everything is fine but im not able to use my internet from mobile service provider, plz help, what to do now. #help
    please give proper info on that


    • For this you will have to first turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now after which your Galaxy S will be rebooting and again you will have to set up your Google accounts etc. Doing this will not only optimize the battery but will also remove all the data flux from your phone.

      Neal Do not be mad that I have answered

    • For this you will have to first turn off your device, long press the volume up key, press Menu as holding both the buttons press the power button to start. You can see that after device gets switched ON, you will find options like clear cache data. You can clear that by selecting options Wipe data/factory reset and also you need to select Wipe Cache partition after which you need to reboot your device by selecting reboot system now after which your Galaxy S will be rebooting and again you will have to set up your Google accounts etc. Doing this will not only optimize the battery but will also remove all the data flux from your phone.

  101. hey man how are you. as mentioned before the BATTERY LIFE has improved like anything but the only thing worrying is the MARKET crashes, gives me the message


    Is this a bug or anything else?

    Thanks .

  102. Bhumir Jhaveri


    When can we expect gingerbread stable rom for GT i9003?
    As no. of users for that, are also growing….
    Any work or anything has started?

    Any tentative duration around which we can expect stable rom for i9003?

    Please let us know your feedback.

  103. How can I backup the installed apps?
    Don’t know how to do it on kies.
    I always write on a paper all them installed apps then download again on the market place after I cleared the cache and restored it on factory default.
    Thanks in advance.
    Also when will 2.3.4 be released?
    I’m holding back on installing all my apps, you know what I mean guys.

  104. When will the 2.3.4 be released?
    I’ve updated my phone with this xxjvo fw and battery life is great.
    Thanks Neal from odessa tx, kuwait usa.

  105. hy… just wanna reply and say that JVO is great so far…

    today i used my phone for playing music( 1h), games download through wifi (about 1gb download), camera (0,5h), playing games(1h) and the phone has used only 40% of battery…

    it’s just amazing…

    i recomend it to everyone…

    and thx neal and for the tutorial…


  106. any news???? about rooting, OR EVEN UPDATE??? cant wait …other phones already running 2.3.4 :( PLS LET ME KNOW

  107. yo geezers. could you empower me with a little knowledge.
    After updating my phone from Froyo to GBXWJVB then JVH (using your Odin) i could not find certain apps on the market which i had before installed on my I9000. I found them on the market on the PC but it wont download them to my phone, says, “not available in your country” HELLO………i had them before! Whats going on here? Would they download if i had updated via Kies?
    Iv’e noticed other people asking a similar question to this but not seen any replies for it.

    • @peejay all apps which you see in the market place will work 100% for you! kindly check with the same and may i know with which application you are facing issue?

  108. Hi,
    I am in process of upgrading my galaxy and i have connected my movile for more then 15 min but still the same i cann’t see any changes on upgradation in Odin window. what should i have to do. I have done all the things as per your website instruction only.

  109. ANY NEWS??? about rooting.. or UPDATE????? .. CANT WAIT.. ! :(

  110. hi,
    my question maybe irrelevant here.
    i am new to android.
    do i lose my apps when i update using kies. all my apps are inastalled on phone. what about the data in internal memory(16gb) of the phone. thanks in advance for your reply. Waiting eagerly for response as my kies is showing me that update is available.

    • hey @hite never fear of asking at, we are here to guide you and empower you with just everything which is related to Android. So, never term questions as irrelevant!

      Actually there are two methods of updating your phone, one is the kies version which is the official version and is automatic way of loading firmware while the Odin method which we generally cover is the manual way of pushing the update to the phone.

      In both the ways there s a possibility of either data corruption or the data lost issue! So, its better to backup and then proceed to update!

  111. when i installed xwjvb i lost my language (Slovenian – Slovenščina),

    is there any way getting it back or do i have to install different fw to get slovenian language..

    before i had JP7…

  112. battry life slightly improve..Can’t wait for the rooting.

  113. Let me tell you man, the battery life on this firmware has drastically improved. its amazing.

    Thanks Neal

  114. @Neal Pradeep

    Can I check on Re-partition?


  115. I’m running the NEE version of JVH. If I install XXJVO can I change my CSC to XEU? (i’m in the UK) How do I do it??

  116. searching some firmware with android 2.3.4 rooted, with clockwork mode.. feel stupid to install any of them.. is there any easy flashing firmware like i really want… LOve the MIUI rom :(

  117. Does this version support Arabic or still not yet we don’t have a Gingerbread version for Arabic ?


  118. just a note to those unable to connect galaxy s to kies. I’m sure you’ve all done it but it may be worth re-checking that any previous pims software is uninstalled as it may be blocking the ports that kies uses to connect to your phone. In my case i had to kill palm hotsync manager, and kies connected like a dream. However, I would still say that as a piece of software, Kies stinks.

  119. how i entered download mode in galaxy s i9000 16gb

  120. using this for 2 days…installed 19th when posted….. I can say battery life improved !

    thanks Neil…

  121. how do you enable a clear/transparent background in the applications page/menu?
    one rom i downloaded had this in it how do i go about getting it back on this firmware?

  122. does this fw also have battery issues?

    i’m curcurently on JVB and the pohne dies in like 6hour at low usage -.-

    • JVH and JVO are the same in terms of batteries that are better than JVB’s but I think it’s better than this JVH sada.Ja JVO now use the batteries overnight spends about 3%. When you light up a wireless network can handle about 7 hours

      • and something else. I did this so I was perhaps a good battery. battery to 100%. shut the phone and charging another 30 min. while still on the charger push the arrow up, menu and buton for start and clear wipe chach.restart.

      • @sasa77ar JVO is better in 2.3.3 as of now compared to all the versions!

  123. Im using jvb, plz tell me is this fw better then jvb

  124. Neal what is the improvement this version over jvh. currently im on jvh.

  125. @NEAL. what are the improvements of this version over the XWJVB and XWJVH

    • my battery ran for 10 hours while i install all my apps and also got the livewallpaper cpu, i think,
      which hapen to consume tons of juice from your battery.
      compare that to the old version.

      does anybody knows when will the 2.3.4 be released?

  126. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHEN THE UPDATE WILL COME? HOPE IT WILL COME WITH ( HOW TO ROOT IT) btw, does anyone know how to install clockwork mode??? using this firmware XXJVO

  127. Shabbir Poonawala

    Is this upgrade also applicable to GT-I9003?

  128. No, no. This version still has battery issues and Android-OS issues.

    I wish Samsung would fix this. :/

  129. I wish I could update… but if I plug my usb cable into the computer, it doesn’t recognize the phone.. 90% of the time, the computer doesn’t react when I plug in the phone. the other 9.9% of the time, it says “usb malfunction. usb device not recognized” The cable feels very loose in the USB jack on the i9000.. I don’t know if the actual charger port is semi-broken, or if its something else with the phone.. I can charge the phone fine, but it won’t make a data connection..


      • do you really think I HAVEN’T tried that yet? I’ve installed, uninstalled, reinstalled, reuninstalled.. I’ve done everything I can think of on every forum I find suggestions on.. The only thing I haven’t tried yet is buying a replacement charging port and replacing it myself…

        • Did you try plugging the phone into other laptop/desktop?
          Maybe it’s the computer USB port damage, not the phone’s… :/

        • I’ve tried on a few of my computers: 2 Windows XP/7 laptops, 1 Macbook Pro, 1 desktop running Ubuntu 10.04.1, and one netbook running Fedora 15 Beta. NONE of them work. I have sent it to Immix Wireless to have it warranty repaired as the Samsung Phone support person couldn’t get it working as I was following their steps and it bricked my phone…

        • Sorry to hear that..
          it made you’ve no choice, all available approaches need a normal USB connection.
          Hope you get it back soon.

        • I had this same problem and all i did was turn my phone off and back on while still connected through USB and Kies recognised my phone…….. hope this helps

      • I have this same problem. After updating to Gingerbread 2.3.3, i can’t get my phone to connect to the PC. My PC doesn’t recognize the phone. It always states, “USB device not recognized”. tried reinstalling, nothing works. Does anyone knows what else to do??

    • plsw try aqnd activate USB DEBUGIN FROM YOUR PHONE SETTINGS

  130. Is there any difference between this 2.3.3 update and the version with P1000XXJPZ?

  131. Hi,

    I have just downloaded the above file “XXJVO Firmware Package” (for which I thank you!) but when I try to unzip it I am advised that password you supplied, namely ‘’ is not the correct one.

    Can you help please?

    • Hi,

      Sorry about that, but when I copied & pasted it, it worked OK… strange!

    • @David Rolfe, How you Downloaded XXJVO Firmware Package , because i am not finding any option for that .

  132. Has the battery life improved from XXJVK? I have read a lot about how JVK has had the best battery life so far.. If this battery life is better, then it would definitely be to everyone’s benefit..

  133. why the 3g doesnt work??? I was lucky i rank my meteor (IRELAND) they sent me set up.. but would be glad if next update (coming soon) would incude 3g network, im on billpay so i really need it (FACEBOOK :) ) IM CHECKING THIS WEB SITE EVERY DAY.. BUT DONT KNOW HOW TO CHECK IF THE NEW UPDATE HAS COME ALREADY.. ( how to check it ) THANX ( sorry for my engl. Im originally from CZECH )

  134. Thank you, once again, for the clear and precise instructions. For some weird reason, my Galaxy S wasn’t connecting with KIES. So, this is the best method of updating my firmware! :D

  135. I have recently successfully updated my Galaxy SI9000 to Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread). Is it possible for me to update to Android 2.3.4

  136. how to root this XXJVO 2.3.3 Firmware pls let me know