How To Update Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 to Gingerbread XWKE2 2.3.3 Firmware

  • Automatic brightness was an issue as the brightness used to change automatically without any intervention by its own,
  • The previous firmware was bit difficult to root and hence not many of the users successfully could root their Galaxy S2 phone but now Samsung has made it easier which will eventually enable to root your phone in a much simpler manner. So, soon you can expect the third party applications as well as software with which you can root your Galaxy S2.
  • Some of the users reported the connectivity issues with connecting other devices via Wi Fi, USB and also with the Bluetooth. But not to worry any more as with an update this issue too is now stands solved.
  • Many users reported the issue of Swype being not responsive and crisp and also the version was bit older, now with the below mentioned update the Swype is now updated to the better version and the newer stable version for Galaxy S2,
  • Overall responsiveness of the phone too is now solved with the update,
  • Last but not the least some of the users reported unusually lower battery life after full charge, this problem was faced due to unwanted running of many unwanted system applications in the background which couldn’t be closed in the previous version but now these system applications doesn’t run and which eventually saves the battery life.

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