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How To Update Samsung Galaxy Tab to stable Gingerbread 2.3.3 Firmware

Galaxy Tab LogoIt has been found that most of the users of Samsung Galaxy Tab owners faced many severe issues when they followed the last tutorial so as to update with the latest Gingerbread version of 2.3.3 in their SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab, we really extend apologies for the same and inconvenience caused to it. The main reason of the devices not getting updated with the help of Odin was the Bootloader as most of the devices that are the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tabs are locked with the bootloader which was the cause for the devices getting blank screen after the update. But since we have now found out the way, we will see on how you can easily update your Samsung Galaxy Tab with the latest 2.3.3 Gingerbread.

There are many forums which demonstrated the CF Rooting kernels which made this procedure successful as without these it would have been really difficult to proceed with this procedure to update which we will be looking at the due course of this article.  Also, very soon the SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab will receive the latest version of Gingerbread 2.3.4 release and while most of the tablets are shipping with the Honeycomb 3.0 release, it’s evident that the curiosity within us would like to know on when it will arrive for Galaxy Tab.


  1. does the job
    thank you

    R T F M

  2. Dude! It worked pretty well..Thanks a tonn! I struggled lot with Kies before takng this risk ;-)

  3. after the last bit of the upgrade my tab reboots and i see these Errors,E:mbr checksum error.Internal mmc checksum verify failed.i do aWipe data/factory reset and Wipe Cache partition and my tab reboots to the samsung screen only.how do i fix this ? many thanks gazza

  4. cant enter into the recovery mode after upgrade everything went ok in the upgrade other than that.please help !!!

  5. Can you please specify what version of the Tab this is for? Since there are so many (and you don’t include a source link for your information), it would probably help your readers to mention if there are any compatibility issues. The file “gt-p1000_mr.pit” suggests this is for the GSM Tab. I have the CDMA (VZW) SCH-I800. Will this work?

  6. So which version of the Tab is this for? Since there are so many, perhaps you should mention specifically if there are any (or no) limitations based on model. The file named “gt-p1000_mr.pit” suggests it’s for the GSM version, but I have the CDMA (VZW) version, SCH-I800. Will it work?

  7. @Braden,

    I had similar problem like yours along with videos not playing. I got around the problem by using the bootloader version of the ROM above, anyway that is the recommended version in this guide. Mine went into automatic recovery mode once i flashed it with the bootloader firmware, very happy with the update now and i cant stop grinning.
    In my previous post the youtube link which i had provided seems to be changed. Anyway the problem has been taken care of……….. hence it does not matter

  8. Hello,
    I have followed all of the instructions above. After completion I have tried multiple times to load into recovery and I am not able to. When I try to restart my device it just sits on the Samsung Screen (First Screen, Black background with Samsung in center). I am not sure where to go from here? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  9. I’m mac user. Use Wine to open odin but I am unable to connect the device via the data cable. Any solution? thx

  10. Hi Neal,
    Thank you for such a great guide.
    I have updated my galaxy tab using the above guide, however i have the following problems,
    Please see this video http://www.youtube.com/advicesmedia

    The tab has started showing those funny lines since the update, also when i try to play any video it comes up with the same lines and i cant see the video. Eventhough my tab goes into the download mode, it is failing to go into the recovery mode. Hence i have not been able to clean the cache or reset the device as you said in the guide.

    Is it common for the tablet to do that, go into one mode and not into another?
    Please advise how do i get out of this mess

  11. Missing “dbdata.tar” but easy to find it at other web site.

    The instructions is good, I installed it successfully. Thanks

    After installed, it keeps most of the application I installed.

    Gmail and Yahoo mail needs to set up again.

    Most of the applications installed has to be uninstalled and reinstall again.

  12. Thanks a lot. I have successfully updated my tab and enjoying the new firmware.

  13. great work people! i have successfully updated my Galaxy tab

  14. Worked perfectly :D

  15. Hey
    I just updated and now i can’t connect it to the computer, please help

  16. This isn’t working for me. I have a Sprint Galaxy Tab. I’ve gone through the process several dozen times.

    When I go into the recovery options (Vol UP + Power), it tells me it can’t mount /efs. When I select “Wipe Cache”, I get the android icon with the symbol.

    Anyone else had these issues?

    • I got the same. i was hitting the Menu button, not the Home button. The Home button is the Enter button for that screen. See if that helps. i have finished this process for the first time and it is NOT booting back up, though everything went exactly as written…just not working…

  17. By googling for “Galaxy Tab root files.zip”, you can find the missing files.

  18. When I do this and try to wipe the cache, it fails. Says it can’t mount /efs or something?

    Has anyone flashed this successfully? I followed the steps several times and it appears Odin completes successfully. (It hasn’t always; sometimes, it does fail… Seems completely random.)

    When I try to wipe the cache or reset the device in the boot loader screen, it goes to the Android icon with an explamation point/warning/error.

    I have a Sprint Galaxy Tab, if that helps…

  19. Dear,

    The tested version works for P1000L / N?


  20. There are still some references to the Galaxy “S”, which I think should be replaced by “Tab”.

  21. i have done this update before…it works superb improves the tab a lot and less hangs than 2.2 … and also improves the performance of the tab… by the way thnx for the guide…. it will help others…

  22. I downloaded the bootloader with rom but i couldn’t find a dbdata.tar inside

  23. what languages ​​it support?

  24. I would like to know if this upgrade will NOT WORK ON A Samsung Galaxy Tab GT – P1010?

    If this works with a Galaxy GT – P1000, why would it not work on a Galaxy GT – P1010????


  25. Have downloaded and unpacked the files, but there are no dbdata.tar there.

    • By googling for “Galaxy Tab root files.zip” you can reach missing files.

      • Here’s the link for people who want to do this in the future:


        • how to update samsung galaxy tab gt-p1000t

        • Im about to upgrade my SGT from Froyo to Gingerbread. I have followed the first basic steps but im stuck caz i cant seem to find the dbdata.tar file. Instead i got dbdata.rfs file. Will this do? Please help/assist caz im a newb n dont want to brick my SGT on my first attempt otherwise nobody will be able to fix it in my location – East Africa. Thanks.

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