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How to Upload Multiple Photos to Picasa Web Service from Android Device

Question by Rajiv Malhotra : I am looking for a tool by which I can upload multiple photos together at once to my Picasa Account from my Samsung Galaxy Ace smartphone that I have. I guess the answer looks to be pretty easy but I can’t figure it out. Could Android Advices can help me providing solution to this.

Android Advices Team Answer: Talking about Picasa, its really a good tie up by Google with the free photo storage cloud services. Over the time Picasa has evolved and provided better services to the customers who owns a Google Account.

Thanks Rajiv for your question on Picasa and thanks for putting it up on Android Answers. Since there are many users (most of the them are new to Android), we just came up with a simple article in helping you out with this. Picasa Tool is an Android application which helps you to manage your Google Photos and the Picasa Web Album with powerful user interface. Picasa Tool is specially designed tool for the Android smartphones and tablets.

Upload Multiple Photos to Picasa Web Album

Here is the procedure how you do it.

  • I am sure you would have heard the name of the Picasa Tool Android App which is widely used by a number of users around the world for their need of Photo album sync with your mobile phone particularly Android powered smartphones.
  • Click on the top middle icon to load images on your PC.Picasa App App home
  • Now select the images that you want to upload. This is directly multiple selections so you can select as many images as you want.Picasa App Home
  • When you select images, click on Upload, it will then ask you to provide the location which folder do you want to upload.Picasa App File Path
  • When you are done press OK.
  • The photos will be uploaded one by one. It’s clearly visible on your notification bar as well.Picasa App upload
  • You will also receive a notification when the upload of all the photos are done.Picasa App Uploaded Done
  • When you visit the Picasa Tool Albums tabs you will find the photos just been uploaded to your album.Picasa App photos uploaded done
  • That’s it. No magic as simple and easy it can get.

Picasa Tool have more option than just mass pictures upload and these are the advantages –

  • You can access the Picasa uploaded photos with offline web albums
  • Easy picasa web album management
  • This provides you with photo editor effects like redeye, contrast, draw tool
  • Photo uploader
  • Multiple Google Accounts login

Picasa Tool Android App Download

Picasa Tool Android Application can be easily downloaded from Android Apps Labs for free. To download it directly on to your mobile phone, you need to visit the Android Apps Labs page listing of Picasa Tool and then click on the install button to proceed with the installation of the Picasa Tool app.

Alternatively you can download it directly using the bar code scanner app on your mobile phone and pointing it to the following square code.

Picasa Qr code

Android Advices Application Rating – 4.75 / 5

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