HTC M7 4.7″ 1080p Android Phone to be Announced at CES Specs & Features

HTC is planning to come out with a device which would be a successor to the high end successful device of the company, the HTC One X. It is codenamed HTC M7 and would be coming with a 4.7 inch touchscreen, and a 1080p display and this makes it clear that no brand is going to stop its efforts in coming up with the full HD displays. The unveiling for sure isn’t going to be any soon because we would see something around the Mobile World Congress, which happens in the last week of February.

After the success of HTC One X, the company has planned some amazing specs to be included in the phone and one of the best would be the display, while the camera too is being upgraded, from the 8 megapixel one in the One X to the 13 megapixel CCD lens with a f/2.0 lens, along with a new sensor called Cinesensor which would produce a better image quality and better features such as the slo-mo video capture which is right now something available in the Galaxy Camera from Samsung.

HTC M7 Android Phone

HTC isn’t limiting the upgrades to just the camera and display, but even the sound has been improved with the inclusion of Beats-designed amplifier in the M7, along with a feature called Clear Words which would increase the quality of the voice during calls. The stereo speakers are meant to put out a better sound output quality. The M7 is going to have a 1.7GHz quad core processor, while there would be a 2GB RAM to support the multitasking and we would be seeing the newer version of the HTC Sense, i.e. the Sense 5.0 in the device.

The Wi-Fi capability extends to 802.11ac which is supposed to be three times faster than the standard Wi-Fi speeds of the 802.11n networking, and the M7 is going to support the 4G LTE connectivity. In the US countries, the HTC M7 would be coming with at least two carriers, Verizon and Sprint, but there is an expectation that the device could come with the top 4 network carriers in the US.

htc m7

We expect to see the device at the MWC, and there is no possibility for it get unveiled during the CES. Keep checking for the updates, and a comparison with the One X with the coming successor.

Source: UnwiredView