HTC Officially Unlocks HTC Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, and T-Mobile G2

HTC has been recently unlocking their phones which were with the various carriers, and we got the news that there are 6 devices that are added to the list of the officially unlocked phones – HTC Desire Z, ChaCha, Aria, DROID Incredible, Status, and T-Mobile G2. Although these all phones could be unlocked using one or the other tricks in the Android community around but the official unlocking process would keep the users away from any hassle that may be occurring later on if they had tried the unofficial tricks. There is a simple process of unlocking the bootloader through HTC officially, and that is a lot easier and even safer now.

HTC recommends the users to think before they take the risk of unlocking, although they take you through a 5-step process which is very much understandable. The ones who could be hit hard with this process, if unlucky, are the phones which are not covered under any warranty. You need to go to HTCDev to start with the bootloader unlocking process.

HTC Bootloader

The HTC official developer portal ‘HTCDev‘ did tweet this.

Earlier this month, Desire HD and now these devices fives devices have been officially been unlocked by HTC. The use of unlocking the bootloader in HTC phones will enable to use various custom ROMs do more optimization for what Android is made for. Earlier Samsung has provided this to the users, they have loved it and maybe that is one contributing reason why users opt for Samsung phones over Sony or HTC phones.