HTC One Mini banned in UK for Infringing Nokia’s Patents, HTC One could follow

The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC has got a big blow yet again after seeing its sales getting low already, as a London Court has ordered to ban the sales of the HTC One Mini smartphone in the UK markets. According to the court, the HTC One Mini and the HTC One were infringing Nokia’s European Patent number 0998024. The court decided against HTC’s wish of getting an injunction and the ruling with financial damages to pay Nokia.

The court has ordered HTC to stop the sales of the HTC One Mini (we wonder whether that would really matter with the pitiful number of sales this device is making) in the UK but it hasn’t decided about the HTC One already, and thus the sales would be allowed until the result of the appeal from HTC comes out.

HTC One Mini

The judgement from the UK court Judge, said:

“In my judgement, in the case of One, the balance comes down in favour of granting a stay. The potential harm to HTC outweighs that of Nokia, the One has been on the market for some time and the impact of HTC’s apparent lack of contingency planning is less significant. In the case of the One Mini, the balance comes down in the favour of refusing a stay. In this case the potential harm is more evenly weighted, but importantly the phone was launched much more recently and HTC designed and launched it at a time when HTC knew it was facing a claim for infringement of the patent and apparently without making any contingency plans,”

The reason why the result was more inclined towards the HTC One Mini was this:
HTC launched its One Mini phone in August 2013. This phone contains a Qualcomm WTR1605L chip and a Broadcom BCM4334 chip. HTC has revealed that the decision to include the Broadcom BCM-4334 chip in this phone was taken on 2 January 2013 (i.e. about eight months after Nokia started the German proceedings).

For the HTC One Mini users who already purchased one in the UK will be still be able to get the service from the HTC service centers, but the sales are going to stop from December 6th. The HTC One sales too would follow very soon.

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