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Best HTC One S Cases and Covers

The HTC One S is the small brother of One X smart phone and this smart phone comes with amazing display and features included inside. Its true that you can use your phone for a longer period of time. The life and the looks of your smart phone can be easily extended if you protect if from normal wear and tears, scratches. This is why cases and covers of HTC One S smart phone will protect the external part of your phone from any damages and it will keep the outside body as it is just like when you have purchase the new ones.

In this article we will provide the best cases and the covers for the One S smart phone that you have and it should perfectly fir your smart phone. Go through the list below and choose the best one.

Diztronic Matte Back Flexible Case
Diztronic Matte Back Flexible Case

This matte finish back cover for the HTC One S smart phone is made from the flexible thermoplastic polyurethane material by the Diztronic in United States. Flexible TPU ensures that your back cover is durable and holds the flexibility and it prevents the fingerprints. The case is so precise with cutouts that it gives full access to all the physical buttons of your smart phone like the power button, volume rocker keys, dedicated camera button and the space for mics. So this means that you don’t need to cut anything to insert your smart phone on this case. If you purchase this case then you get free screen protector included in the package.


  • This case perfect suits your One S smart phone
  • Light weight, weighs less with 3/4 ounce and ultra thin
  • Matte back prevents fingerprints
  • Highly durable, flexible with TPU material

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Cimo S Line Back Flexible TPU Case

The Cimo S Line Back flexible case allows you to keep your HTC One S Smart phone safer. This is with perfect clean and modern design made up of plastic and silicone hybrid material. This case is bendable, flexible and it will always retain its original shape, shipped with Cimo retail packaging.
Cimo S Line Back Flexible TPU CaseFeatures

  • Made up of silicon and plastic hybrid material
  • Available in Black Blue, Red, Pink, Clear, Purple and White colors
  • Anti slippary gives you more grip on surfaces
  • Front raised edges to protect it when it faces down
  • Less weight and very thin

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Incipio HT 265 Feather Shine Carrying Case

Incipio HT 265 feather shine carrying case for the HTC One S smart phone protects One S smart phone from normal wear and tears or any scratches. This is made up of 1 mm hard shell case with radio transparent brushed aluminum finish. The unique shine finish will add sleek and sexy look to your device. This case is so closely cut that it has precise cutting for all the ports and buttons.
Incipio HT 265 Feather Shine Carrying CaseFeatures

  • Made up of radio-transparent brushed aluminum finish
  • Unique shine finish provides sexy look to the case
  • Exact cutting to all the buttons of One S, no adjustments required

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Ballistic Soft Gel Case

Ballistic Soft Gel Case for HTC One S is with silicone Jelly Skin material. This protects from the normal scratches and other wears and tears. This case cover provides fashionable looks and provides access to all the functions via the physical keys.
Ballistic Soft Gel CaseFeatures

  • Provided with hard plastic at the near edges
  • Made from the silicon jelly skin material
  • Gives fashionable looks
  • Allow access to all the functions via physical keys

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Clear Cruzerlite Androidified A2 Case

Cruzerlite produces high standards of cases for various smart phone and One S is no exceptional. They bring the gel case for One S smart phone made from the shock absorbent and scratch resistant thermoplastic polyurethane material. This is designed to be slim but its flexible and durable enough. The case is so designed to be raise on the front side so that if the phone falls on the front facing side down, there are no more scratches. What describes Cruzerlite is that it produces flexible, easy to apply, easy to remove, affordable case available in various colors so that you choose the right case for your needs. This is available in various styles including Urban Butterfly, Valentine Hearts, Aquamarine Spin-Art, Flower Wave, Hawaiian Turtles, Butterflies, Rosebud, Butterfly Nexus, Tropical Garden, Hearts & Daisies, Sacred Heart and Purple Lotus.
Clear Cruzerlite Androidified A2 CaseFeatures

  • Available in various color & style variants
  • Made from TPU material protecting against shock absorbent
  • Shock absorbent, shatterproof, and anti-scratch
  • With high degree of transparency

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JKase Strealine TPU Case Cover

JKase Strealine TPU Case is made of high quality Polyurethan TPU rubber material available for HTC One S. While protecting it from minor accidents this case provide your phone with customized looks.
JKase Strealine TPU Case CoverFeatures

  • Made from high quality TPU material
  • Durable and has soft comfortable grip
  • Gives phone a customized look
  • Easy access to all the physical buttons

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OtterBox HTC4 Commuter Hybrid Case

The Otter Box turns to be the a wonderful designed case for smart phones. This comes with two pirces of polycarbonater and silicone. Silicon sheet act as the jacket for the polycarbonate sheet, both protecting your smart phone outer body.

OtterBox HTC4 Commuter Hybrid CaseFeatures

  • Made from high impact Poly carbonate material
  • Impact absorbing silicone material
  • Includes port and button covers
  • Built in screen protectors

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GreatShield Guardian S Slim-Fit Case

GreatShield Guardian S Slim-Fit CaseGreatShield Guardian S Slim-Fit Case keeps your One S smart phone of HTC Corporation safe and protected with this accessory. This constructed from smooth, rubber material which resist dirt and stains as well. The unique design is so well crafted that you have exact cutting for the physical buttons.

  • Made from high TPU material
  • Constructed from smooth rubber material
  • Protects from scratches

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HTC One S is the costly phone and losing it would be rather disappointing for you. This is why we recommend you to go with the following accessories which includes screen protectors to protect screen from any scratches and keep the original shape of your phone and to extend batteries we have extended batteries as well available in the market.

HTC One S Screen Protectors | HTC One S Extended Batteries

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