`` HTC Rezound Vigor - First Android SmartPhone with Wireless Charging Back Cover

HTC Rezound Vigor – First Android SmartPhone with Wireless Charging Back Cover

As Android is a powerful OS it consume more battery as the updates of various things goes in the background all the time. If you optimize your Android phone you can runs it for extensive longer period as mentioned by your OEM manufacturer.

The launch of HTC Rezound Vigor phone mayn’t be in a very short time but we have the news that it would be the first device on Android platform which will have the wireless charging back cover an alternative to the standard charger.

HTC RezoundThe HTC Rezound Vigor will include an option of wireless charging back cover and this device get the FCC approval. Infact we came to know of this news when the reports of FCC approval were declared. The wireless charging and it working doesn’t have any impact and it was given FCC approval.

Also we have the news that HTC Corporation will announce HTC Rezound in the coming month of November. It would be released in US through Verizon and would soon expect to be launched around the world. This phone would also be the first device to feature the Beats audio technology.


  1. it works via induction charging. ZENS charging pad will be compatible with the HTC Rezound. Just place it on the pad and it will start charging

  2. wow, that’s really cool, great idea, but how will the charging take place? microwaves or something?

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