HTC to cut-down component orders upto 30% due to lower than expected sales of One M9

One of the HTC’s supply chain companies in Taiwan claimed the orders of One M9 component are to be cut by nearly 30%. The cut-down process was not due to the lack of supply of components, but to lower than expected demand for the One M9 in the market. The above said sources explain because the lesser sales are due to many similarities between the One M9 and its predecessor. HTC declined to comment on these market reports.


The Hardware of the device is also just comparable to the flagship devices from other manufacturers. HTC also faces stiff competition from Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, ZTE, Lenovo and Coolpad for the entry-level and mid-range smartphones.

But for now HTC’s shares on Taiwan Stock Exchange dropped by NT$ 1.50 (US$ 0.05) to close at NT$ 103.5 (US$ 3.4) on 20 May, this is the lowest prices for HTC in the last 10 years. Even though the launch of One M9 is in April, HTC had seen the worst April in the last six years, where the revenues falling to 33% from March 2015 and 39% when compared to April 2014.

There are other versions of One M9 like One M9+ and One E9+ which have better specifications than the original M9. The One E9+ is the plastic variant of the One M9+. Though we cannot 100% believe the information from supply chains is to be accurate, the sales and share prices indicating it to be true. At least from now on HTC have to make a lot of revamps in its design and the line-up of devices.


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