Huawei could be the first to launch foldable smartphone late 2018

According to a few market analysis and other industry sources, the smartphone maker Huawei is making a functional foldable smartphone with a flexible display. A lot of effort has been put in by the company to manufacture the first foldable smartphone before the South Korean Giant. We all very well know that Samsung has been working the foldable Galaxy smartphone from quite a time now and it has planned to unveil the device in the first quarter of 2019 and Huawei is making effort to launch by 2018 end to be first.

Samsungs Galaxy foldable smartphone is expected to come into the market with limited stock and it will be a similar case with Huawei. Both these smartphone are also going to be priced very high as the Galaxy foldable device is already rumored to be priced at $1500 or more. Well, we are not sure who is going to come in the market first but we would like to see some healthy competition between them.

Both the companies will initially launch limited handsets and look how the market response would be before proceeding with the further production of these foldable smartphones. We have been seeing many improvements in the smartphone segments from the past few years and recently the dual rear cameras came into existence. Currently, Vivo Nex and Oppo Find X come with a new camera concept to minimize the bezel size of the smartphone.

According to sources, these premium smartphones will be using a flexible organic light emitting diode displays manufactured by key homegrown panel supplier BOE Technology Group. There are plenty of rumors about these foldable smartphones are we need to wait a few more months to see the actual device which is going to come into the market. What are your views on foldable smartphones? Comment in the section below and stay tuned to Android Advices for more.

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